Oreo Brownie Trifle

oreo brownie trifle

Since I didn’t want the leftover brownies from the super delicious cookies & cream Oreo brownies to go to waste (well, I really don’t want them to go to waist either), tonight my daughter and I whipped up some quick and easy individual Oreo brownie trifles. We used the leftover brownies, Oreo crumbs, Oreo pudding, click to read more

Oreo Brownies With Buttercream Frosting

Cookies And Cream Brownies By Love From The Oven

Let me just say this now… these are to die for.    My mom made these a few years ago, called them Cookies and Cream Brownies, and they instantly became my favorite brownie ever.   I know people have been putting chocolate frosting on brownies for years, but as much as I love chocolate,  the vanilla buttercream click to read more

Chocolate Covered Oreos… With Hello Kitty


In April our youngest daughter will be turning one, and I guess it’s time to start thinking about her first birthday party.  I think every first birthday is super special (heck, every birthday for that matter – I mean I’m always up for cake!), but Grace’s feels a bit more so.   Grace came to our click to read more

Baking Ideas – Yummy Bites From Other Blogs

chocolate chip cookie pie

Happy Friday!   I had planned to make my favorite pumpkin muffins today for the blog, but after three stores and not a single can of pumpkin to be found, that off until next week.  Note to stores, if you are only going to carry one pumpkin product, please make it actual PUMPKIN, not pumpkin pie click to read more

Packaging Your Baked Goods

packaging cookies

One of the main reasons I bake is to share it with others.   I love to give baked goods as gifts, and find they are almost always very well received.    I bake for holidays, birthdays, special days at school, special events and for no reason at all. In a time where money is tight for click to read more

Valentine Treats

valentines day rice krispy treat

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This morning my daughter went to school with plenty of Valentine’s treats in hand.  Unfortunately here in AZ the kids can not take ANYTHING homemade to school to share (such a bummer when you have a mom who LOVES to bake!!!).   Though I guess as a mom of a child with food click to read more

Cake Pops

what you need to make cake pops

I’m not Bakerella (Queen of the Cake Pops), but I whipped up some cake pops at my daughter’s request for her birthday. I have to be honest, I think I prefer Oreo truffle pops a bit more, but my daughter was mighty happy with these, and she is the birthday girl.  Here’s how to make click to read more

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows & Rice Krispy Treats

valentine rice krispy treat

Let’s dip more things in chocolate!   Today it’s chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered rice krispy treats.  YUM! This morning I started making cake pops for my daughter to take to her dance studio to celebrate her birthday, and one of her friends happens to have a gluten allergy.  So I needed a gluten free click to read more

Amazing Valentine’s Day Cake

Amazing heart cake

This may be one of the most amazing cakes I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, I’m in awe!   Gorgeous (and it looks super moist and yummy as well).    It’s a challenge I may have to try, though not so sure I’ll get to it before this Valentine’s Day.