Peeps Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Peeps Week

peeps with pretzels

Salt + Sugar = Yummy.   At least in my opinion.  I make chocolate covered pretzels often, as I get quite a few requests from my friends and family for the salty, sugary, sweet treats.   So why not throw some Peeps into the mix?   Works for me!     For a more detailed tutorial on how to make […]

Peep Ideas – Bite From Other Blogs

Peeps Banner

While I wait for today’s Peeps treats to finish, I thought I’d share some of the other Peeps ideas I have seen around the web. ADORABLE Peeps bunting from Made.   Love love love! Peeps centerpiece sweetness. Another cute Peeps centerpiece. Peep Garland. Peeps Wreath. Tuxedo Peeps. Peeps In A Jar. Peeps Dress.  Not quite my […]

Pretty Peeps Cupcakes for Peeps Week

cupcakes with peeps

Simple.  Sweet.  Classic.  Cupcakes!   With all the fun Peeps treats this week, today’s treat is keeping it simple.  Pretty Peeps Cupcakes.   Whip up your favorite cake mix or batter, color the batter or not, make some frosting or pop up a a can of frosting, and then have fun decorating. And speaking of decorating, in […]

Cupcake Push Pop Peeps


A few weeks ago I stumbled across Cupkate’s Event Designs blog and her darling Push Pop Cupcakes.   I didn’t even have to think twice, I put my order in for the push pop containers immediately from her Etsy store.     I mean hello, these are ADORABLE.   Cupcake shooters, push pop cupcakes, cupcake push pops, push cakes, […]

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats For Peeps Week

rice krispy treat peeps pops

I have to admit, I’m really having a fun time creating different treats for Peeps Week.   Today’s treat is Peeps Rice Krispies Treats.    These are super quick and easy, and a great treat to let the kids help with.   Here’s what you need… You could certainly make your own Rice Krispies treats, but I went […]

Peeps Week Starting With Peeps Pops – Peeps Recipes and Peeps Ideas

recipes with peeps

I love Peeps.   For as long as I can remember, they’ve been a part of Easter for me.  They were my daughter’s very first taste of candy when she received her first Peeps in her Easter basket.   They are bright, sweet, chewy and covered in sugar.  What’s not to like?   I like them so much, […]

Cupcake Pops Using My Little Cupcake Cake Pop Mold

cake pops bakerella

For over a year, I wanted to make Bakerella’s cupcake cake pops.   I’d look at them online, read about them, think about them, but frankly – I was intimidated by them.   Finally a few weeks ago I gave them a try.  One word.  FAIL.   I’m not sure what I did wrong, but they were just […]

Cooking, Baking & Recipe Apps For The iPad

big oven for ipad app

For Valentine’s Day this year, my husband hit it out of the ballpark.  An iPad.  I have had an iPhone for years, and if it’s not in my hand, it’s close by.   I’ve been longing for the iPad since Apple first announced it, but just couldn’t justify the price.  My husband had the bright idea […]

White Chocolate Magic Cookie Bars / Seven Layer Bars

white chocolate seven layer bars

Magic cookie bars.  Seven Layer Bars.  Whatever you call them – I love them.  I usually only make them for Christmas, and they are hands down the treat I look forward to the most.   An added plus for me is that a lot of people seem to be a bit turned off by coconut and […]

Chocolate Covered S’mores Pops

deluxe smores

I don’t spend much time around campfires, and I do not have a fireplace, so smores are a treat that I do not get to enjoy often enough.   They are such a winning flavor combination – ooey gooey creamy marshmallows, crunchy graham crackers and of course the delicious melty chocolate.   So if this girl wants […]