Pretty Peeps Cupcakes for Peeps Week

Simple.  Sweet.  Classic.  Cupcakes!   With all the fun Peeps treats this week, today’s treat is keeping it simple.  Pretty Peeps Cupcakes.   Whip up your favorite cake mix or batter, color the batter or not, make some frosting or pop up a a can of frosting, and then have fun decorating.

And speaking of decorating, in the past week I’ve noticed that Target, Walmart and Hobby Lobby all have a great selection of pretty spring sprinkles.   Target had them in the Easter section and dollar section, Walmart had them in the Easter section (with the toys, not the candy isle at mine) and Hobby Lobby had some in both the Easter section and baking section.

A few simple how to’s.   If you like a LOT of sprinkles, as I do, I found it work best to attach my Peeps to the frosting, than sort of spoon on the sprinkles and pat them down so they would stay.

We also made some with coconut “grass” on top…

First we colored our coconut as we did with the Rice Krispies Treats Peeps.   Next, we frosted the cupcakes and then dipped them into the coconut to cover them…

I added a bit of frosting to the bottom of each Peep before putting it on the cupcake…

Quick and simple!   You can also add some jelly beans or other decorations (my daughter wasn’t content with JUST a Peep on her cupcakes).

Three more fun Peeps posts to come this week, one including a little giveaway.  And I will wrap up the week, literally and figuratively, with a post on packaging your Peeps treats.

Have a great day!


  1. chenda says

    So glad I found your blog! Such great ideas and just in time since I was searching for an Easter theme party for my daughter’s birthday. I really love these cupcakes, can’t wait to make them.

  2. says

    Love it! And so easy!! Just want you to know…I bought some peeps to make the rice krispie treats and the ants got them!! And the package was still sealed up! Oh how I loathe ants! I’m waiting till closer to Easter to get more……. :)

  3. says

    I love your blog! Everything on here is so freakin’ cute, and looks amazing! You made another fan…i’m totally going to try a lot of these at home =)

  4. Stephanie says

    Can you tell me where you get your sprinkles/nonpareils from? I can buy from my gocery stoe but I love to bake and need bulk. Thanks so much for all your great ideas.


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