Peeps Packaging

Now that you’ve made enough Peep treats to feed the entire neighborhood, school or PMS binge, it’s time to package them up.   I usually keep my packaging really simple.   I always keep cellophane bags in a variety of sizes on hand, along with some ribbon, and find you can package almost anything with these.

Easter Peeps Cookies

While there are a lot of cute printed bags available, I stick with clear, making it work for any season or occasion.   I stock up on ribbon when Michaels or Hobby Lobby has it on sale, and keep it, along with my cellophane bags, in the same cupboard I keep my sprinkles.

Peeps Pops

Peeps Pretzels

For the pretzels, my bags were just a bit too tall.   A quick snip with the scissors fixes that.

Peeps Pretzels

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats

Peeps Cupcakes

Sometimes I skip the ribbon, and use a seal or sticker to close the bag.  I simply fold the bag over and add my sticker.   This is a quicker option, and also works well if your bag isn’t quite tall enough to tie shut.

Peeps Cookies

There are also a lot of really cute bag toppers, many that you can use with your Ziplock bags.   I found these bags and toppers at Hobby Lobby, and on sale they were less then $2 for 20 bags/toppers.  The topper is a very heavy stock, certainly worth the price.

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats

Hobby Lobby also had some very cute take out style containers that were less then a dollar.

If I’m hosting a party or family gathering at home, I will often skip the packaging, and instead do something like this.  You could put styrofoam in the bucket, but I used dried beans, and then stuck my cookie pops in.

Peeps Sugar Cookies

Here are some other great packaging options I’ve found online that are free to download…

From the awesome Eighteen25

Cupcake topper from Skip To My Lou

These Easter Gift Tags would be darling attached to any of the bags.

Adorable bright Easter printables by Autumn Leah Designs at  Catch My Party.

Love the polka dot Easter printables by Peace Love Cupcakes.

Etsy has a ton of adorable Easter printables if you want to spend a few dollars.   If you are like me, you may have a stock of unused scrapbooking supplies (that could end you up on Hoarders), and you can make super cute little bag toppers or hang tags using those supplies.   Let the kids decorate some small pieces of card stock, punch a hole in them (the card stock, not the kids, just to clarify) and turn those in to tags to attach to your treat bags.    It really doesn’t take much to print, find or create cute little tags or toppers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Peeps Week!  It’s certainly been fun creating all the Peeps treats, finding new ones and sharing all of it with you!


  1. Roma says

    I am so glad I found your site. I have had more fun looking at all your peep ideas. Easter is going to be so much fun – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says

    LOVE (as in L-O-V-E) all of your fabulous treats! New to your blog 😉 What a great Easter collection, nice to have so many great ideas in one spot. I’ll be stalking you on the regular now 😉

  3. says

    Hello! I wanted to share with you that I am so happy I have found your site! I love the treats you have made with peeps! I was wrecking my brain trying to come up with an easy idea for sending Easter treats to my daughter’s class! I made the cutest snowman for Christmas, and cake pop for Vday but those are too much work and since I’ve posted my pics of those on facebook it seems like they are catching on. I like to be more unique. So now for me to decide between the rice krispy treats and the peeps in chocolate???? Hmmmm will you be posting any other good Easter ideas? And how about end of the school year treats??? Oh and how much ahead of time do you suggest these will last, make them the night before or a few days will it last? Wow I have a lot of questions….!!!

  4. says

    I have now posted to facebook. I will be most loved Grandma at the baby shower with all kinds of surprises with all of these wonderful foods and decorations with the help of Love From The Oven. I will be baking and making till wee hours and enjoying every moment of it. I cant tell you all how grateful I am with all the suggestions, pics, you see, I am 73 and always had goodies after school, but all are grown now, so I get to do it all over again, only better with this time. This baby shower is for the father of the baby, wow, will we have a barrel of fun. Thank you all again and God Bless. Reva April 6,2011

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