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I am so amazed by all the fabulous people who take time to read and comment on my blog, and some who even share their photos with me (which I love love LOVE!).  I love baking, and I really love being able to share it with others.  Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!!!

To say thank you, and to celebrate a very important birthday in our house this week, I’d like to give away a pure silver personalized cupcake necklace.   Making jewelry is my day job, and of course I’ve found a way to sneak baking into it!

Since this is my baking blog, I do not want to promote my business here.   But I will share one little fun fact – celebrity chef Devin Alexander wore her cupcake necklace on the Today Show and Good Morning America.

The necklace will be personalized with the name or word of your choice.  It’s made of pure (.999) recycled silver and is attached to a sterling silver (.925) chain.

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post.   For extra chances to win, share our giveaway on your Facebook page or Twitter, and then come back here and add a comment that you did.   That gives you three chances to win, one for commenting, one for sharing on FB and commenting and one for sharing on Twitter and commenting (please make them three separate comments so each will be counted in the drawing).

Love From The Oven on FB:

Love From The Oven on Twitter:!/LoveFromTheOven

I will pick a winner on Thursday, when my sweet baby turns ONE!  Certainly will be a day of celebration in our home.  And yes, there will be cupcakes.  :)



  1. melissa says

    Love from the Oven is a great blog! I love baking too and you always have great ideas and good recipes!

  2. Jennifer Wawszkiewicz says

    How fun! New to your blog, but I adore it! Thank you. Can’t wait to make the Peep rice krispie treats!

  3. Lori N. says

    I “like” you on Facebook and shared this link. I also “like” Sentimental Silver! HA! Found ya! ♥

  4. Stacey says

    I just LOVE this necklace! It is adorable and I would love to win it for my daughter. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Kathy Stephenson says

    That is very sweet and generous of you! We are the ones that get to indulge every day on your blog! Happy Birthday to your baby!

  6. Deea says

    Whoa Baby! You had me at cupcake but you make jewelry too!?! Umm…Will you marry me? LOL! I can just SEE my name on that adorable necklace! :)

  7. Patty S says

    My sweet daughter turned me on to your wonderful site and I love it!!! She is a special one in my life, so I know how special it is to celebrate that first birthday! Happy birthday to your sweet baby – enjoy – they grow up too quickly. And keep these sweets and treats coming our way! I would LOVE to give my daughter a piece of your cool jewelry! Pick me!!

  8. Laura E says

    O my… Love your peep posts…. I just went out in purchased supplies to make the peep pops (crispy treats) with my daughter.

  9. Trisha says

    LOVE the sweet and creative treats on your blog! I am addicted!! Hope your sweet baby has a beautiful birthday. Mine turns 3 on Sunday!

  10. Kendra says

    Lovefromtheoven is a great blog! I’m suddenly obsessed with peeps (thanks for that) and I havea million ideas to try! Congrats on your baby girl’s birthday- I can’t wait to hear about her cake(s?)!

  11. Erica says

    I love youre creativity and so does my daughter. this is a beautiful necklace, thank you for giving your fans the chance to win.

  12. Laurel says

    I started reading a few weeks ago. I LOVE to bake and am definitely trying out some of your recipes. Adorable necklace!

  13. Leah Simmers says

    Ooh so sweet and adorable!! Love this for me but with a little girl on the way after 3 boys I’d love to win it for her!

  14. Vanessa Webb says

    I know you don’t want to promote your business, but I so want one of these! Where would I order one if by chance I am not the lucky winner? Could you email me info? :o)

  15. Amy says

    I came across your site this past weekend and am in LOVE with it! I’ve always loved to bake…but not cook…and can’t wait to try out many of your recipes. You do amazing work, thanks for sharing it with those of us who also like to share “love from the oven!” :o)

  16. janelle says

    LOVE IT! this would be perfect for my brother-in-laws girlfriend (hopefully soon to be sister-in-law)! She is the craftiest cupcake baker I know.

  17. Charlene Williams says

    Oh- too, too cute! I simply love this sweet little silver creation! Thanks for the opportunity to win such cuteness :)

  18. says

    I love your love from the oven :o) I’m a baker and am addicted to recipes! Glad I came across your blog last week. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway!

  19. Sarah Seaton says

    Such a great site! Just found it and I’m loving all the detail of the pictures! :) Keep up the great work!

  20. Karen S says

    SCREAM!!! That is the most adorable looking pendant/necklace! That is a true fat “free”, calorie “free” cupcake! Ooooo, I hope I win!

  21. Karen Letonoff says

    I just found your page and LOVE it! My daughter started baking cupcakes on her own about a year ago and she will be 14 the first week of May. Up until then we did it together :) I still linger in the kitchen and stare in amazement that she is old enough to do this herself. The time passes too quickly. Anyway I would really like to give her one of your cupcake necklaces for her birthday. I know it would mean the world to her. Please let me know how to purchase on from you, your website, email, something. I am an artist too but do not make jewelry. I do however, share your love for really cool, yummy cupcakes! Enjoy your daughters birthday and take lots of pictures!

  22. Mecca says

    New to your blog. Found it through a friend of mine on FB. Love your ideas. Hope you have a great birthday celebration for your little one. Enjoy it. They grow way to fast. My baby girls are 26, 12, & 9.

  23. Stacy Angeletti says

    I am a new fan of Love From The Oven! I am so excited for a chance to win this necklace for my ‘lil cupcake’, Sophia! She LOVES cupcakes and has one of those little Girl Gourmet cupcake makers (that makes one at a time) and wants to make one EVERY day after school 😉

  24. says

    oh my goodness, that is the cutest necklace ever! Even if I don’t win, I will certainly being leaving hints for some people to buy me one :)

  25. Stacy Angeletti says

    Posted your giveaway on my facebook page and am a fan as well! I am really enjoying your site!

  26. Christine Aiello says

    I love it! I love all things cupcake! This is such an adorable necklace!! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  27. says

    I love love love this necklace. I fancy myself a cupcake queen. Always making fun, new creations for my friends. This would be a great way to show my love for everything cupcakes!

  28. Crystal says

    I just shared this awesome giveaway and also told my friends what a fantastic blog you have with lots of great ideas. Thanks! :)

  29. says

    I love the necklace but I love the website even more. Thank you for the inspiration and joy you bring with this site.


  30. says

    Hi Christi….

    already shared your fun giveaway cupcake necklace, i really love your creation and creativity :) hope i can win 1 of the necklaces too for my little girl.

    take care!

  31. says

    Love the Cupcake Necklace and would love to win it.
    My little summer camp is called “Camp Cupcake” so you know it would be special !
    Adore your website—can’t wait to make my pushpop cupcakes as soon as containers arrive. Thanks for the inspiration.

  32. Chelsea says

    Love love love your blog and have shared with many friends! Even made some of your delicious cake pops! Have fun celebrating your little ones birthday tomorrow!

  33. Alicia Starnes says

    Love the cupcake necklace! I am doing research to purchase a bakery and this would be so cute for mynpartner and I. Is there a way I can buy one?

  34. Kim says

    You have an amazing and inspirational website! I can’t wait to make some goodies for my kindergarten class next week!

  35. Marti says

    Absolutely lo- lo- love the cupcake necklace! You can enjoy the treat without the guilt! Happy Birthday to your little cupcake too.

  36. Natalia says

    I love your blog and check it every day for new posts and I absolutely LOVE this necklace! So cute!! Followed and RT on twitter!!!

  37. Jodi Keller says

    Just love love love your blog…you have so many creative ideas & I love to bake as well, so seeing new ideas that I can try is just awesome! I’d love to also find out more about your Jewerly Makins’ =D You must share now that you spilt the frosting! LOL

  38. Jodi Keller says

    And last but not least, I tweeted as well! Can’t wait to see whom the winner is! Good luck everyone!

  39. Cesilie says

    Awww this is so cute! I love your blog & I love cupcakes, so much I’m having them for my wedding!

  40. says

    I posted & shared this link on my facebook. You are quite the “ARTIST”! All of your stuff is “ADORABLE” and I wish your little one a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!
    I Love the necklace & also love to bake cupcakes! Love your Blog! :)

  41. Rebecca says

    LOVE your blog and LOVIN’ the sweet little cupcake necklace! I have a crazy love affair with cupcakes!! :o) Thanks for sharing your talents!! Be blessed!

  42. Gwendolyn says

    That is so very sweet! I love it- and would love to see more of your jewelry- it puts me in mind of the cupcakes I need to bake for a bridal shower this weekend! Thanks for having such a sweet contest!

  43. Rebecca says

    Posted, shared AND commented on the link!! (this will be my second time posting here)!!! I am SO excited!! =) YAY!! for cupcakes!!!

  44. Lisa molina says

    I think your site is beautiful. The colors are great!! You gave me the idea and inspiration to make green velvet st pattys day cupcakes. They turned out sooooo yummy and of course a very envious shade of green! Just stunning. Thank you again for the stories, photos and great onspiration. Please dont stop!
    A new loyal follower from NC.
    Lisa Molina. :)

  45. Tracie says

    I really enjoyed reviewing your blog and I love the necklace. It is too cute and I love how simple it is.

  46. SandyN says

    I’d love to give this to my daughter for her 12th birthday this month!! :) Love your blog!! Your daughter is beautiful!! Happy birthday to your 1 year old! :)

  47. Shanno says

    Just recently came across your Facebook page and have enjoyed all your Peeps treats. I pass by the Peep store at National Harbor on my way home from work and you’ve given me some fun ideas…a Peep necklace would be fun! :~)

  48. Whitnie says

    Oh how cute! And I really like all of your jewelry…I hope to win plus I’d like to know if you have any with a bird on it as that is my nickname!

  49. Deborah says

    Cupcakes are so perfect in portion and so easy to decorate and EAT! Love your blog and recipes, keep up the good work!

  50. Sandra Luna says


    Just found your website and Love it! My daughter is an aspiring baker and I was hoping to get her a necklace like the one from your giveaway, but I cannot find your jewerly website from here. Please help, I know she would love one.

  51. Sandra says

    I love the website. would love to win for my daughter.
    where can i go to find the jewerly???

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