Donut Pops – Chocolate Covered Doughnuts On A Stick

make donut pops

Donuts = Good.  Chocolate = Good.  Food On A Stick = Good.   Basically you can’t go wrong when you put those all together.  I’ve always wondered why I have never seen donut pops.  I’ve seen donut hole pops, but never an actual donut pop.   I think I figured out why – they aren’t the […]

Chocolate Covered Caramel Brownie Pretzel Pops

chocolate pretzel brownie pops

Finally – it’s my long overdue post for the delicious brownie pretzel pops!   The switch over to Mac has been rougher then I expected, and I’ve had to switch to all new software (and do crazy things like read directions to learn how to use it!), but I think I’m finally getting the swing of […]

How To Make Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

cupcake ice cream sundae

I have been professing my love the past week over the amazing ice cream sundae cupcakes that I saw on Living Locurto for Teacher Appreciation week.  They were beyond adorable, and I had to try making them myself.   Well luck have it, they were pretty simple to make and ridiculously cute.   They appeared to be […]

Free Printable Labels For Ice Cream Cups From Sur La Table

cups to make cupcake sundaes

Tomorrow I will FINALLY be making the amazing ice cream sundae cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Week (for whatever reason, our school is a week later then everyone).   The ice cream cups from Sur La Table are ADORABLE!   I whipped up some printable tags to match both the pastel and bright cups.   While I often create […]

Cupcake Ice Cream Sundae Cups

cups to make cupcake sundaes

I am SOOOOO anxious to make the adorable cupcake ice cream sundae teacher appreciation gifts from Living Locuturo.    They are so stinking cute I can hardly stand it.   So what am I waiting for????   These adorable ice cream cups I ordered from Sur La Table…. I’m stalking the UPS driver hoping to see these at […]

Teacher Appreciation Ideas


Sorry for being a neglectful blogger the past week – between a sick baby, an IRS audit, dance competitions and other craziness, it’s been pretty hectic!   But even with all that, teacher appreciation week is coming up, and there’s no letting that slip by!   Teachers are some of the most amazing people in the world, […]