In The Kitchen With The iPad & iCookbook

I was recently asked if I would like to review a cooking app for the iPad called “iCookbook“.   I wasn’t sure at first – a lot of apps do not impress me or I just do not find them to be user friendly.  I have a few cooking apps, but they have all been free.    I am really picky about apps that I have to pay for.    Publications, International was happy to let me try iCookbook for free, but I knew I’d have to be pretty impressed if I was going to recommend a pay app to my readers.  So I checked it out in the app store, and was very intrigued.   I liked the idea that it had a number of name brand recipes – you know the recipes you find on the side of the can or the back of the bag or in those little magazine style cookbooks for sale by the register at the grocery store.  It also had voice control, which I thought was a great idea.  When I use my iPad in the kitchen I’m always slowed down by washing my hands as to not cover the screen in flour or butter or the cookie dough I’m licking off of my fingers.   So I decided that I would give it a go.

I’m happy to report that I LOVE this app.   There are SO many great recipes.    There are a wide variety of recipes from brands like Campbell’s, Hellmann’s, Hershey’s, KitchenAid, Libby’s, Nestle, Quaker (just to name a few).     My husband and I both grew up on the “back of the box” type of recipes.  If my mom made cookies, the recipe came from the back of the Nestle bag.

In addition to all of the recipes that come with the app, each month they add new recipes for free.  I just downloaded the “June” pack of recipes and a “Father’s Day” pack of recipes.    I even found one of our favorite cookie recipes, that my daughter and I make for Christmas each year, the Mini Chip Snowball Cookies from Nestle.   It has other great features such as a built in shopping list and kitchen tools such as timers, substitution lists and conversion charts.

I am a bit sentimental when it comes to cookbooks.  I like my books, I like my worn pages, folds, notes in the margins and the little splatters that come my kitchen mishaps.    That said, I have slowly been moving towards more of my recipes being in electronic format.  As much as I love my old fashion cookbooks, the reality is that I have very little space for them.   It’s great to be able to add so many recipes to my collection without taking up any space, to be able to easily search for them and to have a photo for every recipe (I really need a photo – a recipe without a photo just doesn’t work for me).

If you have an iPad and love to cook, this is definitely an app to check out.   iCookbook is on sale through this weekend in the Apple App Store for $2.99.

I have to share one other iPad recommendation…  I am in LOVE with my new Roo Case.   I originally ordered an Otterbox for the iPad 2, but unfortunately was disappointed that the quality seemed to decrease from the iPad 1 version of the case.  After way too much time spent researching and comparing, I ordered the Roo Case, and it’s awesome.  It’s a bit of a case inside a case – the case that holds the iPad velcros into the folio.  At home I can use it without bulk, but I can also throw it into my giant disorganized purse and know that it’s safe when it’s in the folio.   And it’s a pretty pink.   Hey, I’m at least I’m honest – the color is a factor!

One last iPad in the kitchen tip to share – if you want to protect your iPad while using it in the kitchen, slip it in a large Ziploc.   Easy and cheap.

I’d love to hear how others are using their iPad when it comes to cooking and baking!




  1. Becky says

    Oooh Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always reluctant with buying cooking apps on the Ipad because sometimes its just a waste of money. I have an app called Cupcake Recipes and I believe it’s $1.99 but I got it when it was free. You get about 60 cupcakes recipes and so far I haven’t found a recipe I didn’t like. I’m a nut allergy kid so I haven’t tested those recipes yet. However, the cupcakes I have made have been a hit, and even if you tweak some of them like I did, it’s great for a base to their more fancy cupcakes!

  2. says

    Wowowowo, thanx for the info , I just got an ipad and was looking through all the cooking apps an I too am really picky if I have to pay for it , so thanx I am gonna download it .

  3. says

    I SO want an iPad and I LOVE that the app. is voice controlled! What a fantastic idea.
    Hmmm…have fathers started giving presents to mothers on Father’s Day because they wouldn’t be a father if it weren’t for their wife or significant other. I think that tradition should start this year with my husband. And my gift…an iPad. 😉

  4. Andrea says

    Thanks for the tip! I just downloaded the app and have a bunch of new recipes to try. Deciding between “Cocoa Spiced Beef Stir-Fry” and “Chicken Athena” for tonight!

  5. Lilly says

    Hmm…I”m still deciding which tablet to get. This helps a little. I still want to be able to get my old, family receipes organized somehow and easily stored and used via my tablet. Saves more room in small kitchens, instead of using a giant cookbook, but is the IPad for me? Any suggestions of apps and better ways to get personal recipes stored and easily accessible on a tablet? Thank you!


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