Love From The Toaster Oven

I was super excited this morning to receive a KitchenAid toaster oven from my hubby and girls.  I’ve been wanting to buy a toaster oven for quite a while, especially with the Arizona summer heat that makes me want to cry when I turn on my oven.    I would love to hear how others use their toaster oven, and if you have any recipes, cookbooks or great websites to share, please do!   Thanks!!!



  1. Tracey says

    We use our toaster oven daily in the summertime. We cook frozen pizza’s..cut in half to fit (our toaster oven is quite small). We bake cinnamon rolls and almost anything you’d put in a regular oven.

  2. says

    My favorite toaster oven snack from childhood till now is pizza bagels. They’re super easy, just bagels, tomato sauce (I use the Hunts one with spices already in it) and cheese. I don’t even really bake it. I just put it on toast and make sure all the cheese is melted. :) They made the BEST after school snack.

  3. says

    I would not be able to live without my toaster oven. Ok, I exaggerate, but I much prefer that to my microwave. Our microwave is more like a kitchen decoration. I don’t usually “bake” in my toaster as it’s a smaller one, but it is so versatile.
    Yours is gorgeous, congratulations!

  4. says

    I LOVED my toaster oven and used it daily – so was very sad when the top heating unit went out earlier this year….but SO very happy to have one of my Mother’s Day gifts be a new toaster oven that I got to pick out myself! My old oven ‘bowed’ out on the back to accommodate the several pans it came with – one being a 13″ diameter vented ‘pizza pan’ that I used most often – baking pizza rolls, chicken strips, reheating various items etc. Because of the oven’s internal size I was also to bake items in loaf pans and even larger ceramic bakers. It had dial controls as the one pictured above seems to have. These are great because they take all the guess work out of time and temperature selection. My oven was – and yours will be – simple to use and I know you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Unfortunately the only oven I could find to replace my broken one )that will accommodate the pans from my last oven), has digital controls and so far has been more of a pain than a joy to use – but I haven’t given up on it yet LOL 😉 I’ll be waiting to hear how you like your toaster oven! I bet you will adore it!! Enjoy! :-)


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