Chocolate, Coconut & Caramel Covered Samoa Pretzels

Love From The Oven Coconut Caramel Pretzels

After putting together the Samoa Recipe Collection, I was craving a chocolate, caramel & coconut concoction (to say the least).    I wanted to come up with something simple, and pretzels are my go to ingredient for simple.   The result was chocolate, coconut & caramel covered samoa inspired pretzels. These came together very easily, and tasted […]

Cheesecake Recipe Collection – Bites From Other Blogs

July2011 103whatsinit

While putting together all of these fun recipe collections, I keep coming across the most amazing looking cheesecake recipes.   For some reason cheesecake intimidates me.  I hear terms like “water bath” and shut down.   Some days I can barely get my kids bathed, so getting a bath for a cheesecake seems like an unobtainable goal […]