Halloween Treats & Sweets Part Two – Bites From Other Blogs


As promised, here is a second Halloween recipe round up.    If you haven’t seen the first Halloween recipe round up, it is here, and you can also check out the candy corn and pumpkin recipes.    If you are looking for cute ideas on how to display your Halloween goodies, check out these amazing Halloween […]

Bites From Other Blogs – Recipe Collection Index


I spent some time last night putting together a page which lists all of the Bites From Other Blogs Recipe Collections.   If there is a topic or type of food you would like to see a recipe collection for, let me know – I love to hunt down amazing recipes and discover great bloggers in […]

Babycakes Cupcake Maker & Cookbook Winner


We have a winner for the second Babycakes Cupcake Maker & Cookbook from Select Brands… Congrats to Nicole H!   Thank you to all who entered, I truly appreciate your taking the time to visit Love From The Oven!  

Cinnamon Rolls – Bites From Other Blogs

Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Roll Recipe

While looking for great fall recipes to share, I realized that there are more than enough cinnamon roll recipes out there to justify an entire collection of cinnamon roll recipes.   I love cinnamon rolls (who doesn’t) and I have fond memories of my great grandmother kneading dough and making her famous cinnamon rolls when I […]

Favorite Fall Flavors – Bites From Other Blogs


Since I don’t want to completely turn this blog into Halloween Central, well, at least not yet, I figured I would focus more on fall in general today.   There is no time of the year that I enjoy baking more than I do in the fall.   Apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, sweet potatoes, caramel, pies, breads…   […]

Candy Corn Cupcake Cones

candy corn cupcake cones 2

So all of the amazing candy corn and candy corn inspired recipes had me itching to come up with one myself.   I figured I would combine candy corn and the Babycakes Cupcake Maker, since tomorrow I will be giving away another fabulous Babycakes Cupcake Maker & Cupcake Cookbook from Select Brands.  If you haven’t entered, […]

Candy Corn Treats – Bites From Other Blogs


I’ve seen some cute candy corn recipes popping up recently and decided to look around and see what else I could find.  Check out these sweets and treats from bakers and bloggers that are made with or inspired by candy corn. Candy Corn Bark From Love From The Oven Candy Corn Whoopie Pies From Brooke […]

Caramel & Chocolate Chip Brownies With Pretzel Crust

caramel chocolate chip pretzel brownies

So after the crazy delicious brownie recipe round up, I pretty much had no choice but to make brownies.   After seeing all the amazing recipes, I knew I wanted to include caramel and pretzels, as well as keep it simple.   Mission SO accomplished…   Caramel And Chocolate Chip Brownies With A Pretzel Crust.  Yum, yum and […]

The Best Brownie Recipes – Bites From Other Blogs

The Best Brownie Recipes

Brownie Recipes!  Brownies are a thing of beauty in my book.   They are without a doubt the dessert that disappears the most quickly in my home.   It’s rare that a pan of brownies lasts more than 24 hours around here, and I am completely content eating them straight from the pan – just give […]

Halloween Dessert Table Ideas – Bites From Other Blogs

dessert table close

While looking for fun Halloween recipes to share, I keep coming across the most amazing dessert tables and ideas that are too cute not to share.   Spooky eats and sweet treats?   Yes please!   If it was socially acceptable I’d have my home decorated for Halloween year round!  Heck, I may even be secretly hoping that […]