Mini Kitchen Makeover – Cute Baking Related Decor Ideas

For a few months now I’ve been dreaming about re-doing my kitchen.    There’s the type or re-do I’d love to do (that whole cabinets, counter tops, floors, take it out of the 70’s tract home look type of thing), and there’s the reality re-do, which is more like paint and some accessories.   My kitchen has been a lovely deep dark shade of red (Raspberry Truffle from Benjamin Moore to be exact – which really was the perfect red for us) for the past seven years.   The upside to having such a deep dark color is that simply painting the kitchen should give it a whole new look and feel.

I’ve been obsessing about paint choices online, trying to find the perfect color.   I think we are set to go with Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore.   It’s a blue, green, grey, aqua type of color that is nice and calming (can’t really say dark red had that affect).   Pictures such as this, this and this make me swoon – it’s so pretty.   But there are also lovely colors such as Sherwin Williams Rainwashed, Sherwin Williams Tidewater or Sherwin Williams Waterscape.   Have a few swatches up on the walls and hope to pick one this week.

Since I don’t have the budget to change much, I’ve been looking for fun decor ideas.   I also have a very small kitchen, so space and storage is at a premium.   How ridiculously cute is it to put your cupcake liners into a glass jar???   I love it!  Cute display and storage all in one.

Baking Pretties From Torie Jayne

Cupcake Liners From Glorious Treats

DIY Cupcake Cup Holder From Sprinkles & Sequins

Cupcake Liner Gift Jar From Just Make Stuff

The next idea I came across was so simple yet completely darling – putting your sprinkles into spice jars.   Cute, colorful, functional.   Sprinkles make me happy, so I might as well look at them regularly.

Custom Colored Sprinkles From Such Pretty Things

Organized Sprinkles From Everyday Beauty

The Sprinkles Rack From Beneath The Rowan Tree

Color Coded Sprinkles From Saint Cupcake Deluxe

Great use of an Ikea picture ledge to create a spice (and possibly sprinkle) rack from Love & Lace

This sprinkle/spice rack from Beantown Baker may be the coolest thing ever, and it’s about the amount of space I’d need if I was to display all of my sprinkles.   Maybe a modified version displaying my favorites would work…

This Sign From William Dohman on Etsy = Adorable.

Great Cookie Cutter Storage From Annie’s Eats

Baking Utensil Storage From A Time For Everything

I love the idea of squeezing some sort of utility shelf / hooks under a cabinet.  Pottery Barn has a cute idea (that I’m guessing I could replicate via Ikea).

Here is amazing pantry inspiration from The House Of Smith.  ADORE this.  Though I will keep my expectations simple, like possibly having a pantry where I don’t cringe every time the door is opened (and hope that nobody gets a concussion from what my fall out of the pantry).

Love the idea of some chalkboard paint, or chalkboard paper, on the pantry door from Teal & Lime

My teeny tiny laundry room is open right off my kitchen, and if I carried the color into there maybe I could pull off a super cute laundry room like Kevin & Amanda have.  It would totally make me want to do laundry.  For at least a week.

Or I could just say to heck with painting and all that work and just plop down a Susan G. Komen Raspberry Ice KitchenAid Mixer on my countertop and call the kitchen remodeled.   That’s $349 instant kitchen remodel in my book.

You can see more of my kitchen ideas and inspiration, as well as baking ideas, on my Pinterest!


  1. Lisa says

    Oh my, you have held off on that raspberry mixer for a LONG time now! Very nice self control. :)) That aqua paint is very pretty, good choice for a kitchen.

  2. says

    I’ve seen some of these ideas on your pinterest board but it’s so nice to see them all in one place (plus I accidentally found out that pottery barn ships to the UK which could be dangerous…)

  3. says

    I love the cupcake liners and sprinkles! So many cute ideas! I like the KitchenAid mixer. I have been wanting to get one in red, but that’s a very cute color, the raspberry hot pink! awesome ideas!

  4. says

    Thanks for featuring my chalkboard vinyl door. These ideas are all fantastic. I now must have a spice rack filled with sprinkles!!! Off to buy a lot more sprinkles to fill it!

  5. says

    These baking related decor ideas are so great. I do love baking so this will work pretty well for me. The use of cupcake liners and sprinklers is so effective in adding more color to the kitchen. Thank you for sharing all these ideas. These are indeed very helpful.


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