GIVEAWAY CLOSED Babycakes Donut Maker & A Coffee And Donut Prize Pack Giveaway From Babycakes

While I don’t exactly enjoy Monday mornings, donuts certainly make them a bit more tolerable.  I can’t have donuts and not share, so I think you should have some as well.   How about another great giveaway from Babycakes – their Babycakes Donut Maker, Doughnut Mix and a sample of the new Babycakes Dessert Coffee.

The Babycakes Donut Maker allows you to make donuts at home, in less time than it takes to go to the donut shop –  you can bake up six donuts in four minutes – can’t beat that!

I have had such positive experiences with all of the Babycakes products, and the donut maker is no exception.    Babycakes recently introduced a line of baking mixes for doughnuts, cake pops, whoopie pies and cupcakes, and not only are they delicious, but SO easy (a big plus when my eyes are still half shut and a child is anxiously awaiting those donuts mom promised).   All that needed to be added to their Vanilla Doughnut Mix was an an egg, milk and butter.

After adding butter, milk and and egg to the mix, and mixing well (but not over mixing – a no-no with doughnuts), I put my doughnut batter into a large Ziploc bag so that I could “pipe” it into the donut maker.

I had a VERY anxious child waiting for a donut, so I got a bit sidetracked and didn’t get photos the donuts cooking, but you can get a bit of an idea from this photo from Babycakes…

It takes about four minutes to bake up six fluffy and delicious donuts.   I think they taste every bit as good as what you get in the donut shop, but the really great thing is that they are baked, not fried.   And see that nice wire cooling rack they are on?  That’s included!  :)

The Babycakes Vanilla Doughnut Mix included a cinnamon and sugar topping that we decided to add to some of our donuts.  With a bit of melted butter and good roll or shake in the cinnamon and sugar mixer, you have delicious cinnamon and sugar donuts…

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

My daughter felt it was very important that you saw the inside of these donuts.   And that she got to take that bite.

The Babycakes Donut Maker is a really fun addition to my kitchen.   Would you like to have one in your kitchen?   Babycakes is giving one of my readers at Coffee And Donut Prize Pack including the Donut Maker, one Doughnut Mix and a sample of their Babycakes Dessert Coffee!   Yay!  Free donuts and coffee!     So how do you win???

1.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  That’s it – nothing to buy, nothing else to do.   This is a sweepstakes, and the winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, November 22nd.

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For all SIX entries, you will be leaving SIX comments here.   :)

Thanks for entering, good luck and a big thank you to Babycakes for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. Michelle Vandergrift says

    Ooooh, donuts! One of my greatest weaknesses!! I remember my sister and I getting our parents a donut maker for Christmas way back when. We thought we were pretty clever!

  2. Courtney Wise says

    I have been looking for one of these but they are sold out everywhere! I would love to win. Can’t wait to bake some donuts with my little man!

  3. Jen Kim says

    I would love one of these~ Homemade baked donuts beats buying it from the donut shop all the time~ A whole lot cheaper too~ =P

  4. says

    This is an awesome giveaway.. I am already addicted to the pie pops! I made pumpkin with whipped cream and it was uh-mazing! Thanks so much for introducing me to my first love… I hope this can be my second love! <3 Julie

  5. Christy says

    Not only do I WANT to win this but I NEED to win it….Doing the one EYE thing in the morning just doesn’t get it…LOL…It would help greatly in the mornings especially when I am rushed for time…This would also be great to have to use for snacks, dessert and I would love to try some of your recipes you have put out for use with this!! Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY!! =0)~

  6. Leah K. says

    Aww, cute little donuts! I love that you can have them fresh and warm, and that you don’t have to get up and go to the bakery to get them!

  7. Linnea Lange says

    oh god, I want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life! We hardly even have donuts where I live, I need this!! Pick me!

  8. Leslie R says

    These are adorable! It reminds me of when I was a girl (Now I’m a Nana), and
    my grandma would make donuts for us as an after school snack.I’d like to make some sweet memories with my grandkids with The Babycakes Donut Maker!

  9. says

    Mmm looks good. I love that it makes only 6, because if I have a donut craving and it’s just me that is eating them, I don’t need 4084 donuts tempting me to fatness!

  10. Robyn Nylander says

    Found your blog off pinterest. I’m enjoying all your fun recipies. Loved the Hello Kitty Oreo Cookie Pops.

  11. Monica N. says

    This is great! I love donuts but try not to eat them too often because they’re fried. This definitely seems like a much healthier alternative and a fun one since you can decorate them yourself.

  12. Kate Hatagan says

    I am soooooo in love with the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker…..I just now found out that they have a donut maker as well… daughter is going to pester me now until I buy one…..sure would be nice to win one though 😉

  13. Erin Kokinda says

    I would love that. I follow you on Facebook, and follow love from the oven on Facebook and follow select brands on Facebook.

  14. Alice Ree says

    I would love this to use with my baking club, Rutgers Student Bakers. We bake and have bake sales. All our proceeds go towards helping the hungry. This would be a fun way to change our bake sale up.

  15. Claire says

    I follow you on Facebook. I would love to have the Babycakes donut maker so make Christmas treats for the kids at church!

  16. Jennifer says

    I would love the Babycakes donut maker! They would taste great in the middle of the night while we feed our twins!

  17. Barbara says

    I’ve been wanting to bake doughnuts for a while now. I was thinking of buying a doughnut pan, but this sounds better 😉

  18. says

    Once again you have come up with some very cute ideas from very simple things. I can think of so many ways to use this in my classroom and make subject themed treats….i like to end a study unit with a party and treats that connect and YOU have made my job soooooo much easier! Thanks you for the giveaway! arlene Marie Pitts

  19. says

    Yummy donuts for anytime! I also like the Babycakes products because they are fun for adults and a safer way to bake with my kiddos. The possibilities are endless!!☺

  20. Kristy says

    I’ve never made donuts at home because I’m too nervous about deep frying, but winning this would be the coolest way to finally start making my family the treats they’ve been asking for!

  21. Sue says

    Love this! This is a great! My daughter made some with her Babycakes and they were so good! I’d love to win one for myself!

  22. Melissa Barbacow says

    I would love one of these makes the reindeer and snowmen are rather cute.. I also love the 6 donuts in 4 minutes. My boys would love that too.

  23. Dorraine Coulter says

    I also follow you on Facebook. My little one (6) saw me looking at this and got so excited about those beautiful yummy looking baby donuts!

    Would love to win!

  24. Jan says

    How totally awesome and creative! You make me want to bake ALL DAY! I would love to do this with my kids for their classmates! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Bettie says

    I would LOVE to win this babycakes doughnut maker. I looked at one last night and have added it to my wish list for Santa! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Carolina Lopez says

    I just wanna to say I just found your page and I love, love, love, love it! I a full-time student but I love baking (more than cooking) and I’m so glad I found your website!

  27. Darci Wills says

    These lil donuts are too cute. Would love to win the Babycakes Donut Maker. Thanks for sharing with us and for the opportunity to win!

  28. Love Is In The Details says

    Those donuts look so incredibly good! After my Cakepop maker this is the Babycakes machine I want the most, I would be over the moon to win such a great prize pack. Thank you! Andrea

  29. Jennifer Stevens says

    Love these! Was just looking up how to make doughnuts. This looks so much easier and fun to do with the kids too. Fingers crossed :)

  30. Ally says

    I already have the Babycakes Cupcake Maker and because of this post I have decided that I absolutely MUST HAVE this donut maker!! I’m sure it will be a huge hit with all the kids I bake for! :)