12 Days Of Holiday Baking – Blogger Spotlight – Picky Palate

One of my very favorite blogs of all time is Jenny Flake’s Picky Palate.  It was probably the first food related blog I started following, and whenever I’m stumped on what to make for dinner, I always headed over to Picky Palate.

Jenny’s creativity and fun ideas are so refreshing, you never know what she’s going to come up with next.   From her Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (yeah, she’s the one who came up with those amazing cookies that have become all the rage!) to her delicious re-creations of some of my very favorite Disneyland Treats (oh how I LOVE that Pooh’s Corner bakery!), she is always whipping up recipes that make me want to run into the kitchen and bake.  Well, truth be told I’d like to just run to Jenny’s table, but that might be a bit crazy stalker-ish, so I’ll stick with making her recipes at home.

While I could go on and on all day about her amazing recipes, let me share a few that I think would make great edible gifts this holiday season…

Simple Cinna Bun-Butter Cakes In A Jar.  How cute are these jars?  And you can’t go wrong with a treat that says butter right on the front of it!

I love the idea of Chocolate Gingersnap Cookies.   What a fun combo of flavors, and a fun twist on gingersnaps.

Brownie Covered Oreos.   It is ideas like this that make Picky Palate so fun and such a go to website.  A whole new twist on Oreos and Brownies.

Chocolate Mint Truffle Kissed Biscotti.   These would make such a great gift to go with a coffee related present, a coffee mug or Starbucks gift card.

How fun would it be to serve Jenny’s Hot Chocolate Cupcakes With Mint Kissed Centers at your holiday party?

And if you were wanting to make something for me (hey, I can try!), I don’t think you could beat Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches from Disneyland.  Um, yes please!

I will apologize now, because once you start looking around Picky Palate, you might end up spending your entire day drooling over all of her delicious recipes (though it’d make me feel better to know I’m not the only one who does that!).   From breakfast to a dessert, Picky Palate is packed full of amazing recipes.

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      Thanks Kristan! Can’t wait to do yours. Though wow I had a TOUGH time narrowing it down to a few favorites out of your recipes. I’d like them all please! :)

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