12 Days Of Holiday Baking – Free Printables – Day 2

The sweet free printables I used in today’s recipe were created by Chickabug and are available at How Does She?   You have to sign up for their email list to download them, but trust me, it’s well worth it!   This is one AMAZING free kit – it includes 27 pages of great graphics!

This kit contains so much more than just gift tags. Check out the banners you can create!  WOW!

That is one pretty cool kit, isn’t it???   And Chickabug has a second great free holiday printable on How Dose She?

I adore Chickabug and her designs.   You might have seen her amazing free Breast Cancer Awareness kit

Chickabug has an entire collection of free printables by Chickabug at How Does She?

Thank you to Chickabug for sharing her talent and creativity with everyone!

Make sure to check out all of the great free printables I’ve found for The 12 Days Of Holiday Baking!


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