12 Days Of Holiday Baking Blogger Spotlight – Cookies & Cups and Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen

I’m running a bit behind on my Blogger Spotlights.  I blame my kids, they seem to expect things like meals, transportation and help with homework.   Crazy children.   In order to get caught up, I’m going to be sharing two great bloggers with you today, which actually works out well because they are good friends and even have a great new website together.    They also happen to both be amazing bakers and hysterically funny, so it’s like a witty sparkly baker package deal.

On the rare chance that you don’t know them, let me introduce you to Shelly of Cookies & Cups and Kristan of Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen, and together they make up That’s What She We Said.

The hardest part about sharing their blogs with you is narrowing down what recipes to share.   These girls know how to create amazing desserts.   It’s entirely possible that one may gain weight just from reading this post, so you’ve been warned.  Let’s just jump in and start sharing, shall we…

Shelly has taken one of my favorite foods of all time, Magic Cookie Bars, and turned them into fudge.   Clearly she’s a genius.

And speaking of my favorite things, Kristan put three of the greatest things ever into a bar.    Well hello there Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars

And yes, all the recipes are this good.  Let’s continue. 

Shelly has some salty sweet Pretzel Rolo Blondie Bites for you.

Kristan has some Butterfinger Blizzard Cookies for you.

Shelly’s Chubby Hubby Bars.   Chubby never looked so good.

Kristan makes homemade Goo Goo clusters.  I kind of want to go live at her home.

If you have more willpower than I do, and have Milky Ways from Halloween still sitting around, I suggest you make Shelly’s Deep Dish Milky Way Cookies with them.

German Chocolate Brownie Bites from Kristan.  I’m pretty sure if my husband sees these, he will beat me to moving in with Kristan and her family.   German chocolate and brownies are pretty much his favorite things.  I made him a German Chocolate cake on his 21st birthday, and then asked me out.   I should add that I lied about making the cake (my mom did) and he was really late for our date and really REALLY drunk (hey, I said it was his 21st birthday).   Somehow we are still together based on that questionable drunken dishonest beginning.   I probably should have just told you that he really likes German chocolate cake and left it at that.  Anyways… Brownie Bites!

Look, Shelly made insanely cute Santa Hat Party Mix!

Obviously Kristan is going to have a great holiday treat to go with that Santa Party Mix.   It’s North Pole Cupcakes!

Shelly has some more holiday cheer, in the form of a Krispie Treat Christmas Tree

And Kristan has another must make Christmas treat.  Peppermint Bon Bon Cookies.  Yes please.

I could keep posting ALL DAY.   The amount of delicious recipes these two ladies have makes my head spin.    Go spend some time, like 48-72 hours, on their sites and you’ll see.  :)

Oh, and I did mention that they have a cool new website…  That’s What She We Said!  It’s full of great things that I love. Things like reality tv recaps, sparkly eyeshadow and pretty girly things. They have recaps of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recaps.  Sadly this is pretty much the only thing I watch on tv, and I love the fact that I can get some RHOBH snark somewhere other than Television Without Pity.    They let you take a look inside their purses, as well as other blogger’s bags.

They have great gift guides and share what they are loving now, which thankfully is usually sparkly and pretty.  Yay!  Outside of baking, they pretty much cover everything else that I find interesting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this teeny tiny look at these two wonderful baking blogger extraordinaires!   Cookies & Cups and Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen are truly two of the best baking blogs out there.    Love them!


  1. says

    i follow both of their blogs and love them so much!! They always have such neat, new ideas with easy ingredients that you pretty much always have conveniently laying around. :)

  2. says

    I haven’t tried any of the recipes but they all look so scrumptious it is hard to decide what I’d like to make, perhaps EVERYTHING.YUM
    I really like Krispie treat Christmas tree.


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