12 Days Of Holiday Baking – Blogger Spotlight – A Guest Post By Sweet SugarBelle

I am SO excited to have this guest post to share with you.   Many of you know of the amazingly talented Sweet Sugar Belle from her website The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.   It’s hard to call Callye a baker, because she is truly an artist.  Her cookies blow me away every time I see them.  I can’t even begin to pick just a few to share with you, because everything she does is phenomenal.   I mean look at these cookies, they are works of art!

You know how I get all excited to show you my sprinkle stash?   Well, let me show you Callye’s cookie cutter stash

I might have just fainted for a moment.  WOW.   Oh how I want Callye to come out and go shopping with me over at ABC Cake Decorating Supplies, though it’s quite possible she has more cookie cutters than they do!    Anyways, because she truly is “sweet”, she agreed to write up a guest for me to share with you!   So here she is, the uber talented Callye of The Sweet Adventures Of SugarBelle

Hi, I am SweetSugarBelle, and I have spent the Christmas season spreading Christmas cookie cheer.  I’m stopping in today to share my decorated Santa leg cookies.  I love these cookies for several reasons.  First of all, they are simple to make, they don’t take many colors of icing, and they can stand alone OR be part of a larger cookie picture, which I’ll show you in just a bit.

To make these cookies you will need:  

  • red flood and piping icing
  • black flood and piping icing icing
  • white flood and piping icing
  • gold lustre dust

For the base, I used a trimmed onesie cookie like I did for my leggy little witch cookies which you can see HERE.

To begin, outline the cookie. Start with the white fur, let it dry a bit, then do the red and black.  I made two versions.  The one with fur on top is the stand alone cookie.  I used a #2 tip for the red and black outlining, and a #3 for the white fur.

After the outlining has dried, fill the cookie.  You’ll have to do it in alternating sections with a bit of drying time in between so that the colors don’t bleed.  I use a fan to decrease drying time AND bleeding as you can see HERE.

At this point let the cookie dry overnight.  The next day, add the details.  Use a #1 or #1.5 tip to add a swirly pattern to the fur.  Then use a #3 tip to pipe a buckle onto Santa’s shoe.   I happened to used light yellow icing, but white will work fine.  After the buckle is dry, mix lustre dust with vodka or lemon extract and carefully paint the buckle gold.

Of course, if you don’t have lustre dust, you can just use a gold icing color for the buckle instead.  If you need help with this, I have a helpful printable color chart HERE.  Let the detail work dry and you’ll have simple yet adorable Santa leg cookies.

Remember I said these can be stand alone cookies, or part of a bigger cookie picture?  Well, here’s the bigger picture…

The only thing cuter than these cookies is a whole Santa set!  Check out In Katrina’s Kitchen for my Santa-face cookie tutorial, then head on over to Life’s a Batch for Santa’s BELL-y Cookies.  Put them altogether, and you have one big old happy Santa!

If you really dig the 3-piece cookies sets, you can head on over to my blog, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle to check out the Elf version of this idea!

Thank you very much for having me today!

Thank YOU Callye!   Head over to The Sweet Adventures Of SugarBelle to find the most beautiful cookies and tutorials on the web.   Here is a great one on using royal icing.  She has a great post on shipping cookies that might be pretty helpful right about now.

If you love to decorate cookies like SugarBelle, make sure you’ve entered our great giveaways with ABC Cake Decorating Supplies.   Head here to enter to win one of three gift certificates and head here to enter to win one of two great baking supply baskets (oh heck, enter both!).    Then you can do some shopping for Lustre Dust, cookie cutters and decorating supplies!  Now if only I could pick up some of SugarBelle’s amazing talent at the store!



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