12 Days Of Holiday Baking Blogger Spotlight – Sweetopia

I still have a few more great blogs that I have to share with you – and one of those is Sweetopia.   When I think of Sweetopia one of the first words that comes to mind is pretty.  Everything Marian does is amazingly pretty.   Look at this gingerbread house?   Gorgeousness!

Absolute beauty!  And there are others…

It’s like Candy Land.  I kind of want to live in her blog.  Just amazing!   She has so many great tutorials, tips, tricks, advice and even videos – Sweetopia is a gem of a resource for bakers and especially those who enjoy cookie decorating.    Sweetopia is always inspiring and Marian makes everything look so simple and approachable, that it just may motivate you to try some new techniques.  And did I mention how pretty it is?   And as a little bonus to the beautiful site with amazing advice, tutorials and recipes, she’s giving away TWO KitchenAid Stand Mixers right now.  :)     On to some of my favorite recipes and posts on Sweetopia…

A perfect topic for this time of year – How To Stay Organized While Decorating Cookies.

Now that you are organized here are 10 Keys To Cookie Decorating Success (or 10 Mistakes To Avoid).

How To Make Cookie Pops.   This is a great tutorial, with a video, to show you step by step how to make Cookie Pops.  I think this is such a fun twist on sugar cookies!

Something I get quite a few questions about – freezing cookies.  Check out Marian’s Tips For Freezing Decorated Cookies.

Need a gluten free cookie recipe?   Marian has one for you!

Have problems with your cookies spreading?   Check out Marian’s Top 8 Tips On Preventing Cookies From Spreading.

And after you’ve made your beautiful cookies, you might need to ship them.  Check out How To Ship Decorated Cookies.

Sweetopia is full of so much great information and advice.  If you are looking to take your cookie decorating up a notch or figure out some of the aspects of cookie baking and decorating that challenge you, Sweetopia is a great resource.  It’s also wonderful if you just want to gaze at gorgeous cookies and creations.  :)


  1. says

    I must admit I have never thought of doing a gingerbread house, because of all the little details, and the possibility of it resembling more a halloween hunted house instead of a winter wonderland, lol,but she has such talent! I’m in love with those houses!

  2. says

    They are beautiful!! I love Sweetopia.. I follow on facebook as well!
    My daughter and I did our gingerbread cookies yesterday.. they aren’t as beautiful as these though. :)

  3. says

    Those look absolutely gorgeous! I love to bake, but my creations usually rank higher in taste than beauty. I’m just not that artistic:) I have tried the gingerbread house kits, which turn out pretty well, but nothing like these.


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