Enter to win A Valentine’s Day Peeps Prize Pack & Make Your Own Quick & Easy Heart Pops

These Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Valentine’s Day Heart Pops are probably the quickest and easiest treat I’ve ever put together. Using the New Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Heart Peeps, you can whip up these no bake treats in no time.  Add on some cute free Valentine’s Day printables by The Tomkat Studio for Parenting Magazine and you will have super sweet ready to give treats.

Check out how to make these right here.

Would you like to make your own?   You will need some of these…

And you can win them!  The folks at Peeps & Company have set me up with a variety of Valentine’s Day Peeps Treats, including these great new Peeps Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Flavored Marshmallows.    I am giving one lucky reader a prize pack full of a variety of Valentine’s Day Peeps Treats! 

You’ll also want to have some cute gift tags, and everyone can get these for free thanks to this super cute free Valentine’s Day Printable set designed by The Tomkat Studio for Parenting Magazine.

And then you are set to put together some of these yummy no bake treats.

Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win.   You only need to leave a comment to this post to be entered to win, all other forms of entry are optional.  This sweepstakes is open to US Residents only.   Official rules for our sweepstakes can be found here. A winner will be selected at random on February 1st.  Good luck!

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  1. Tanya Belongia says

    I would love to win this! PEEPS always remind me of one of my best friends, she absolutely hated PEEPS. I love them. There were long-standing jokes about PEEPS. I lost her a few years ago, and every time I see PEEPS, they always make me think of her and smile!!!

  2. Brenda says

    Thanks Love From The Oven for offering this give away. I would love to win this for a benefit that I am doing. I am making some cupcakes for them to have for there Coaches against Cancer Dinner that they are having in Feb. I would love to get to do some of these for them to sell to make money. This is a great give away for who ever wins. Thanks


  3. Becky Geiger says

    These are so cute and would be a fun treat for the kids to make for their classmates! Thanks for the great idea!!

  4. Mary Miller says

    How cute! Great and easy idea to make for my granddaughter’s and the caregivers at my dad’s nursing home!

  5. Jen says

    Ooh I love peeps…and they keep coming out with all of these fun varieties! I love the idea of making a treat on a stick without having to do all of the baking and dipping!

  6. Lori Tierney says

    omg this is wonderful! My cake pop hearts aren’t cooperating this year. this peeps is a much better idea! thanks!

  7. Tricia Smith says

    I love peeps! They were such a big part of my childhood and my mom makes sure they are still a part now!! Thanks for posting so many great ideas on how to use them!

  8. Cindy Vasquez says

    These would b perfect for my sisters wedding, she wasn’t having any favors but if I win these would b perfect & would really love them, since she’s a fan of marshmallows & chocolate :-)

  9. fannie h. sabourin says

    I’m Crazy About Deserts. I Don’t Mind Spending Alot Of Time In The Kitchen, It’s Almost My Favorite Room In The House!

  10. Nancy says

    Love Peeps! I feel like a kid again when I pop a Peeps into my mouth! Chocolate covered peeps are like Paradise on planet earth!

  11. Tali says

    I might not use this for valentines day, but this has given me a brilliant idea for treats for my baby shower. We have nicknamed the baby “little peep” since we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Putting a regular peep on a stick with the tags would be perfect little favors for the guests

  12. PBnJFam says

    Peeps Make me Happy :0) Who could look at a peep and not smile?? You don’t even have to like to eat them… just look at how dang cute they are!! (especially all the cute little animals)… This is a great giveaway! I would LOVE to win!!!

  13. Sue says

    My whole family loves Peeps. These are really cool ideas for Valentines, I’ll definetely have to make these for my kids.

  14. Tiffany Crews says

    I LOVE Peeps.. I had to opportunity back in 2010 to visit their flagship store in National Harbor. I even have a peeps hat :):):):)

  15. Sara M. says

    These are adorable!! I really need to win these for my kids Peeps are amazing, but fancied up peeps are Super Amazing :)

  16. Shannon says

    I have been chastised my whole life for my love of Peeps!!! I can not think (off the top of my head) of anyone else that I know that loves them. But now I have a son (and another baby on the way) so I need to keep my love of Peeps alive through them (with in moderation of course 😉

  17. Michelle M says

    What a beautiful arrangement …..I would have this all over my work space. To show off what beautiful Peeps look like! 😉

  18. Linda Davison says

    Love to win Valentine’s peeps prize pack and how fun to make Make Your Own Quick & Easy Heart Pops! ♥

  19. Suzanne says

    I love PEEPS….this is such a cute idea! of course when I was little….they only existed at Easter…..so glad they have them for all the holidays now. Thanks for the chance to win……

  20. Linda says

    These are very nice! I needed some new ideas for Valentine’s treats for my daughter’s class and these are perfect!

  21. Alana F. says

    This looks like a simple, and yummy, treat to make for my daughters’ friends! Thanks for the wonderful directions and opportunity to win a kit to put the Peep Pops together!

  22. Kelly Reuter says

    The Dark Chocolate covered Raspberry Peeps are the best tasting Peeps, but you can’t beat the traditional bright pastel Easter chicks and bunnies for the Character factor….We have our 9 ft. Christmas tree in the front window all year and in the spring we decorate it with Peeps Baskets, Peeps pillows, Peeps beanbags, Peeps purses, and assorted smaller Peeps like jewelry and lip gloss – so cute and colorful!!!

  23. Grandma Debbie says

    Dark chocolate and raspberry..nothing could get better than that.
    Would love to win..until then need to go buy some. They are sweet and simple
    thanks for the chance!!!

  24. says

    Peeps are my favorite. And chocolate covered Peeps!!!! Sounds just right. I’d love to be able to make these for my son’s class for their Valentine’s party (and of course I’d need to sample a few to make sure they’re okay). :)

  25. Gina says

    I love that I came upon your blog through Pinterest and I haven’t been able to leave!!!!
    Absolutely LOVE your ideas and thanks for sharing them with folks like me who would have never thought of some of them!
    Thanks for the chance to win such am adorable prize!

  26. W. Kirkegaard says

    Adorable and glad you included sugar free and chocolate free for those that have problems with those items.

  27. Heidi Neal says

    I love peeps! I always buy the Halloween and Christmas ones, and I’m sure I’ll love these! And I’ll also probably eat the whole pack. Hidden in my closet. And not tell anyone. Love peeps!

  28. Carolyn says

    I am, and will always be, a Peep fan. I am also a chocolate fan. So, to have them both together, well, that is pure JOY!!!

  29. Sean says

    I would LOVE to enter this peeps giveaway! i have family visiting my husband and i for valentines day and this will be the perfect snack! plus i will learn a possible new hobby! Soon I’ll be making my husband’s birthday cake in March and i hope that i can find a yummy recipe for him. many thanks!

  30. Christy says

    Ooooo….how fun !!! I love the PEEPS Valentines ideas. They sound so yummy too !! I can’t wait to make the Sweetheart Smores with the free printables to make for my 3-year-old’s friends at school !!! Thanks sooo much.

  31. Meghan says

    OH MY GOD my mom has the biggest weakness for Peeps.. I am 600 miles away from her and I miss her all the time and I would love to send them to her for Valentine’s Day!!!

  32. Nicole says

    These would great to win. I had the idea to give peeps to my one year old daughter’s day care class for Valentines day. Something that is sweet the little can eat that isn’t hard. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


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