Green Velvet Cake Pops – St. Patrick’s Day Treats & Sweets

Now that it’s time to put away all the pink (boo!), it’s time to pull out the green.   Last year I did a series of posts using a green velvet cake recipe.  One of my favorite treats from that cake was the green velvet cake pops

The green is so bright and just POPS.   The cute shamrock sprinkles can be ordered here and the green sprinkles here.   And of course you can get both, and more, from ABC Cake Decorating.  For a complete tutorial check out the post


  1. Christina says

    I love cake pops! I grew up making cake pops with my friends during sleepovers. I am hoping to share this love for cake pops with my kid when he/she comes out in a few months. I am so attracted with the green colors. Looks so refreshing! This is a real treat for me. 0_0

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