Birthday Cake Oreo Brownies – Happy Birthday Oreo!

I couldn’t help but notice this special package of Birthday Cake Oreos popping up all over the internet the past week or so…

Well if Oreo wants to celebrate a birthday, who am I to not accept the invitation to join them?  I mean they added SPRINKLES and we all know I love sprinkles.   So let’s take a look…

The first thing I noticed was a sweet smell – a different smell from regular Oreos.   Someone mentioned it being similar to cotton candy, and I can kind of agree.

Love the candle and 100!


I tasted one.  For you.  I liked them, I didn’t find them to be too different, but a bit sweeter.  Both my daughter and I gave them a thumbs up.  Did I mention sprinkles?   I decided to make one of my favorite recipes with them, Cookies & Cream Brownies With Buttercream Frosting.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you have never topped a brownie with buttercream frosting, I order you (yeah, strong words, I know) to do so.   I don’t know why chocolate frosting has the corner on the brownie market.  Buttercream + Brownie = BFF in my book.

This isn’t really a specific recipe, but more of a general recipe idea (which tends to be how I roll).    I’ve made it using a box mix and I’ve made it from scratch.   Basically you just want to bring brownies, buttercream frosting and Oreos together.    For my Birthday Cake Oreo Brownies, I used this recipe, but swapped the Birthday Cake Oreos (1 cup)  for the Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, and instead of adding Andes Peppermint Crunch Baking Chips, I added sprinkles (1/4 cup).

If you look hard (or not so hard) you’ll spy my Chick Fil A cup.  I’m addicted to Chick Fil A Diet Cokes.  Every. single. morning.  In my defense it’s half the price of something from Starbucks, I don’t drink Starbucks and my one year old only takes one 1.5 hour nap a day – mama needs something to get her through the day.   Okay, back to brownies.

I am really bad at measuring things like this, but I’m trying to get better so that I can give you actual directions instead of “just throw some in”.  But feel free to just throw some in!  :)

For frosting, I really don’t use a recipe – I just throw together butter, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla and some salt.  It is based off of the recipe on the back of the C&H Powdered Sugar box.    I figured since the Oreos had sprinkles in the filling, we needed sprinkles in the frosting.

I could eat that like a bowl of ice cream.

I have the fanciest tools.   Ziploc Freezer Bag + Scissors = Piping Bag.

Happy Birthday Oreo!

Yummy!   Remember, you can whip these up using a box brownie mix or try my favorite homemade brownie recipe.  Enjoy!


  1. says

    Great minds think alike b/c I bought a pkg of these Oreos yesterday and am going to make brownies with them later today for an event! I wish I could just come over and eat yours :)

    Love the bloggie tweaks and changes. Comment box has bigger font…I like that.

  2. says

    Count me in, where ever sprinkles are involved!! These birthday cake oreo’s are a win in my books too – – lol, im positive it has a lot to do with the new addition of colour.
    I’m hoping that they keep these out on the market for a while :)

  3. says

    Woowwwww!!! I have not seen these Oreos yet but I need to search them out now, just to try your brownies! They sound amazing and I’m yet to try a brownie with buttercream frosting but I can’t argue with you, I bet its fantastic!

  4. says

    These look like so much fun; I’m having to forcibly stop myself from going out to the store right now to buy oreos and make these brownies! I love the heavy-hand with the sprinkles, definitely helps to spread the happiness :)

  5. Kristin says

    These are such a great idea for parties! They’re easy to make and the kids love them! The sprinkles were a big hit. :)


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