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There are so many amazing bakers and bloggers out there, and I love sharing them with you through my Bites From Other Blogs posts.   Today I thought I would share some of my favorite baking (and cooking) blogs with you.  I love that so many women open up their kitchens and share their recipes, creativity and ideas.   These are some of my favorite places to find great recipes that are tried, tested and true.   I also love seeing everyone’s personality come through – it’s crazy that you can feel like you know someone that you’ve never met.  Hopefully that’s not just me and doesn’t sound stalkerish.

This is by no means a complete list of my favorite blogs, just some to share today.   I’m already working on another post about some of my favorite bakers and bloggers for specific types of recipes.   :)

These are such great blogs that you are probably already reading them, but just in case you aren’t, check them out…

Picky Palate – I have to start with Jenny.  Her site was one of the first baking blogs that I came across, and continues to be one of my favorites.   She has the entire day covered, from breakfast to dessert.    And she does things like stuff brownies into cookies – who can say no to that?

Kevin & Amanda – If you are a reader of Picky Palate, you are probably also a reader of Kevin & Amanda.   Amanda not only has amazing recipes, she also has some great photography tutorials.  I overcame my fear of using Lightroom and was using it in no time after reading her post.

Love Veggies And Yoga – Averie is such a sweetie, all of her recipes look delicious and her photos are stunning – more than once I’ve seen a photo on Pinterest and immediately knew it was Averie’s.

In Katrina’s Kitchen – Katrina and I started our food blogs at the exact same times, and we have pretty similar tastes when it comes to desserts.  And the girl can make her own versions of Girl Scout Cookies like nobody’s business.

The Sweet Adventures Of Sugarbelle – Callye is one of the most amazing artists – I truly feel like cookies do not describe what she creates – edible art is more like it.   And she has great tutorials to break down how to decorate your own cookies.   If you love to decorate cookies, The Sweet Adventures Of Sugarbelle is a must.

Sweetopia – Marian is another baker that I think has to be called an artist.   While I adore everything that she does, the gingerbread houses she did at Christmas time were unbelievable.   The details are so intricate and delicate, the longer you look the more you see.  Another must read site for the cookie decorators.

Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen – The amount of insanely delicious recipes that Kristan has on her site is mind boggling.  She is so creative and if that wasn’t enough, she’s incredibly amusing.  Can you have a comedy baking blog?  I kinda think she does…

Cookies & Cups – I can always count on two things at Shelly’s blog – really FUN and delicious treats and a sense of that I can’t get enough of.   Shelly & Kristan, from Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen, also have another great site that they run together, That’s What WE Said.   I think they may also have wonder twin powers, but I’ve yet to get scientific confirmation….

My Baking Addiction – The first two things I think of when visiting Jamie’s blog are caramel (she has so many great recipes with my beloved caramel) and her photography.   To heck with a cookbook, I think she needs a coffee table book of her amazing photos.  Not only does she have photography skills that blow most professionals out of the water, but her food styling is superb – I really don’t have words to express how great her photos are.   In addition to caramel and breathtaking photos, she offers some great sections on her site including fundamentals, essentials and blogging 101.   So much great stuff on her site.

Recipe Girl – Lori’s site is a recipe goldmine.  And not just desserts, she’s got every single meal covered.   Her Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes are one of our favorite weekend breakfasts – my daughter literally squeals with delight when I make them.   And she has over a dozen more amazing recipes, for just pancakes.  I mentioned recipe goldmine, right???   She is working on her first cookbook, which I can not wait to get my hands on when it comes out.

Sprinkle Bakes – Heather makes beautiful, sophisticated and creative desserts.   Well, that and she makes a ten pound peanut butter cup chocolate cake cheesecake, and that pretty much makes you a baking rock star.   Heather also has a cookbook coming out soon, which she describes as an art-meets-baking book, and I think the art + baking is the greatest way to sum up what she does.

Sweetapolita – When I think of Rosie’s blog, I think of cakes.  Pretty, perfect, delicious, sweet and inspiring cakes.   There is something so sweet, so feminine, so delicate and just lovely about everything that Rosie does.   Being on the Sweetapolita website kind of feels like being in a beautiful upscale candy store – sweet and pretty everywhere you look.  Her Sugary Birthday Buttercream Frosting is probably one of my all time favorite frostings of all time – I highly recommend it – by the spoonful.

How Sweet It Is – You have to love a girl who proclaims her love for chocolate.  And bacon.  And Jessica does just that.   How Sweet It Is really has it all.     Mouth watering recipes.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.   Stunning photos.   I think almost anytime I head to Google to look for a recipe, How Sweet It Is comes up at the top of my search results.   It’s one of those sites where I go looking for one thing, but get distracted by all of the other amazing things I find.   Trust me, I did it just while writing this post.   I simply needed to grab a link, and now I am obsessed with making her Brown Butter Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies.

The Novice Chef – Jessica, her blog, and her recipes are all f-u-n.   The Novice Chef features both sweet and savory recipes.  How much do I love a blog that has sweet potato fries, buttermilk biscuits, churro cupcakes and brown butter ice cream?    Pure awesomeness.   And she has a duck.  Named Donald.    I told you she was fun.

I hope


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    Christi, I am honored!!! to be on this list of yours. Thank you, soooo much. Seriously.

    You are such an amazing cook, mama, blogger…you do it all. You need to be on your own list!

    The other ladies on this list…love them all. Read all of their blogs and wish I could make everything I see them make. I’d need bigger pants though :)


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    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve added quite a few new inspiring blogs to my daily pulse foodie news, and am looking forwarding to incorporating thier ideas into my weekly baking!

  3. says

    Thanks for the list. I have been checking out “How Sweet It Is,” “SweetApolita,” and thanks to you I am going to check out “Love Veggies and Yoga. Thanks


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