Friday Favorites – My Favorite Healthy Food Blogs

While clearly there is liberal usage of butter and sugar on this blog, truth be told I do enjoy and try and use quite a few healthy recipes.   My daughter’s lunch box isn’t packed full of cakepops, and much to her dismay it doesn’t include any desserts, except on her birthday.  We don’t eat brownies for breakfast (though for the record, I find that completely acceptable) and there isn’t an all you can eat cupcake buffet after dinner each night.   Everything in moderation, right?

There are some GREAT websites that I love to visit to find not only recipes but tips, advice and information on using new ingredients, products, substitutions and the like.   I thought I would share some of my favorite healthy food blogs with you today.

SkinnyTaste - this is a fabulous website that I have been visiting for years.  The amount of recipes that Gina has is amazing.   Not only does she have delicious recipes but she breaks down the serving sizes, nutritional information and Weight Watchers points.   I have made many family pleasing recipes from her site.

Healthful Pursuit – I absolutely adore Leanne.   Some of you may remember her Double Down Chocolate Power Muffin recipe she shared here on Love From The Oven.   Leanne is a holistic nutritionist and her site is loaded with great recipes and fabulous advice.   I learn something new every time I visit her site and she really works hard to educate her readers in addition to providing them with recipes.

Chocolate Covered Katie – I’ll be honest here.  I’m not sure if Katie is a baker or a magician.  She makes the most unbelievable, delicious and decadent looking recipes, and she makes them healthy.  It’s sort of like walking on water or defying gravity.   If you have somehow never been to Katie’s site, you are in for a treat.

Family Fresh Cooking – Marla’s website is full of real, healthy and delicious recipes and some truly exquisite photography.   Marla’s advice, tips and ideas making focusing on real food easy.  In addition to food, Marla offers up a variety of lifestyle and travel posts.

100 Days Of Real Food – Lisa’s blog about cutting out processed foods is such a great resource.  From pantry essentials, meal planning pointers, on the go breakfasts and ways to deal with a picky eater – this site is packed full of great information.   I loved Lisa’s series “100 Days On A Budget” – an amazing challenge of feeding a family of four real, unprocessed, organic, local and whole foods on a weekly budget of $125.

Good Cheap Eats -  Jessica helps show you how you can eat delicious and healthy on a budget.    From no bake desserts to how to reduce your grocery spending to monthly meal planning – there is so much great, simple and easy to follow advice on Good Cheap Eats.

Do you have any favorite healthy food blogs to share?


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    Wow, thank you Christi :) I’m so honored to be among such fabulous bloggers, wow. Also, I love what you’ve done to the blog, looking good! Thanks again for helping me with your guest post while I was away, it went over really well with everyone. Have a fabulous weekend!

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    I think it’s funny when you have a treat/dessert business and people think that’s all you eat. I do cupcakes out of my house until I can afford a store front (and we stop moving so much with the army!) but we’re actually very health conscious people, and I’m a sports coach! A walking contradiction, I know :) Thanks for these websites! I always need more to add to my arsenal! I love Chocolate Covered Katie and follow her religiously!

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      Chaos Mommy – perceptions are a funny thing! My husband and daughter would be the first to tell everyone that no, they don’t get great desserts every day and that when they are around they are often given the “don’t touch, I haven’t photographed” order! My daughter now automatically asks if things have been photographed before eating! :) Good luck with your business!

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    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! The vibrant colors are so fun!!! Thank you so much for sharing these blogs in the post – I knew about some of them but thanks to you I’ve discovered some new favorites! Since you asked, one of my favorite healthy blogs is by Sonia over at The Healthie Foodie. She takes beautiful photos and is so creative with her ingredients that it’s really inspiring. She makes healthy food approachable and fun!

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    I LOVE this! I’m so glad you shared these healthy blogs with us! I’m a little like you; I bake A LOT so people who know me might think that all I eat are sweets, but that’s not true at all. Most of my baked goods are shared among my coworkers/neighbors, or sent to work with my boyfriend, so most of the foods we eat at home are relatively healthy. I’ll definitely be bookmarking some of these blogs. Thank you!

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    Wow, I don’t even know what to say… Thank you so so much for including me in such a sweet post.

    And I definitely laughed at your introduction… I bet your daughter would be the envy of all her friends if she ate cake pops as lunch every day. But their moms probably wouldn’t like you so much ;).

    I think your website is fantastic; truly one of the brightest, cheeriest sites on the web. I hope it brings as big a smile to everyone else’s face as it does to mine. (I’m sure it does!)

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    Soooooo, how did I miss this FABULOUS post?? I {heart} you for this wonderful list + for your super kind words about me & my ‘lil blog. I think the same greatness of you too. Gonna go share this all over the place now! xo

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    This is a great list…. I have an obsession with food blogs and can’t seem to get enough. I found your blog on Google, and I think I’ll be subscribing!

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    The presentation looks good. Nowadays people are very health conscious, therefore we have to add some more essential proteins, mainly a plant based product, so we should choose foods that are natural and have many plant-based ingredients. An example of a great company creating these types of products is Sheffa Foods – you can Google them and take a look at their product line, they taste great too!

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    Thanks for sharing these with us. There are a lot of healthy food blogs out there, but it is easy to get frustrated sorting through to find the good ones. I’ve checked a few of the blogs and all I can say is “This list looks fantastic!!”

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    Healthy meals can begin in the garden as there is nothing quite like the taste of freshly harvested food. You don’t need a large plot as even a small back yard with some pots can produce delicious salads.

    A warm summers day, a plate of boiled new potatoes on a bed of lettuce and spinach, accompanied by chopped tomatoes, all the result of my labours.

    Oh I forgot to mention the glass of chilled sauvignon blanc (No sorry not from my grapes)

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    My sister’s foodie site! She “big heart” loves food and “big heart” loves her diabetic boyfriend…so to accommodate both loves she’s amassed a repertoire of healthy goodies and is sharing them in her blog :) Please pop by!, thanks!


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