April Fool’s Food & Recipe Ideas – Bites From Other Blogs

I’m not sure how, but April is just days away.  I think I’d like a recount, because I am certain that it can not be April yet.   If it was, then clearly I’d be prepared for things like Easter and my little one’s second birthday (both arriving in the first week).    Putting my issues with the calendar aside, April seems to think that it’s going to arrive on Sunday.

Which brings us to April Fool’s Day.  A day to mess with people.  While I kind of think it’s fun to mess people all year long, we always try to do a little something fun for kids on April Fool’s.   I think the year that my husband completely covered the bathroom in tin foil was probably the biggest hit.  Last year I filled my daughter’s bed with glow sticks before she went to bed (a last minute, whoops – I forgot it’s April 1st, find something fast type of thing).   Yeah, not terribly creative, I know.   But one thing that is always fun for April Fool’s is FOOD!   There are SO many clever ways to create fun, faux and misleading treats.

As mentioned, I might be a bit unprepared for April, so I have yet to whip up any deceptive desserts or not so truthful treats.  There are SO many great ones out there that I figured I’d put together an April Fool’s Food Ideas Bites From Other Blogs.   Let’s take a look at what other bloggers, bakers and food deception makers have been cooking up…

April Fool’s Lasagna Banana Bread Pudding Cake From Food Network

Corn On The Cob Cupcakes From Martha Stewart – I made these for a BBQ a few years ago and they are super fun, quite easy once you find the candy and they were a huge hit.  If I was remotely organized, I could share the photo I took, but I’m not.  So here’s Martha’s!

Wacky Mashed Potato Cones From My Recipes

Spaghetti And Meatballs Cupcakes From Our Best Bites

Peas And Carrots And Mashed Potatoes Cupcakes From Our Best Bites

Sunny Side Up Cupcakes From That’s So Michelle (I MUST do this one this year!!!)

Cupcake Hamburgers And Sugar Cookie Fries From Glorious Treats

Faux Toast From Dash

Chicken Nuggets & Fries From Hoosier Homemade

April Fools Macaron Sliders From One Vanilla Bean

Fried Chicken Bucket And Sides From Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Ice Cream Baked Potato From Meet The Swans

April Fool’s Bagel Doughnut Sandwich From Food Network

April Fool’s Grilled Cheese From Family Fun

April Fool’s Pizza Cupcakes From Hello Cupcake

April Fool’s Pizza Cake From Molly Bee’s Attic

April Fool’s Pizza Cookie From Crazy For Crust

Rice Cereal Meat Loaf From Family Fun

Birthday Meatloaf Cake From Martha Stewart

Ice Cream Tacos From My Recipes

Cornbread Cupcakes With Garlic Mashed Potatoes From Mrs. Fox’s Sweets

Now go out there and totally mislead someone with food!   :)


  1. says

    Every year, I say I will make something like these for my kids. Every year, I don’t.
    I wish this would be the year… but I doubt it.
    Thanks for the collection. I do love the compilations you do!
    – Beki


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