Cone Guys Ice Cream Cone Giveaway From Fancy Flours

As if I wasn’t excited enough about finding and trying the amazing Pretzel Cones by Cone Guys from Fancy Flours

I now have something even more exciting to share…   Fancy Flours is going to give one lucky Love From The Oven reader a four pack of Cone Guys Cones!  The winner will get a container of Crispy Pretzel Cones, Chocolate Cookie Cones, Chocolate Chip Cones and Cookie Cones Baked With Mini’s Chocolate Candies.

With that line up, I think you could eat every meal for a week in a cone.  Or is that only my dream?   These are nice, thick cones – much thicker than the sugar ones you are probably familiar with.

Fancy Flours has so many great baking products and I can’t say enough for their quick shipping and fabulous packaging – when I received my order I felt like I was unwrapping a present.

Where have these been all my life???

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Cupcake Cones

Soon I will share my M&M Cones with you…

But for now, enter to win your on Cone Guys Cones!  Thanks so much to Fancy Flours for sponsoring this giveaway.

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.   In order to enter, you will want to visit Fancy Flours and pick out your favorite product in their online store, then leave me a comment telling me what it is.   You can also gain extra entries with the options listed in Rafflecopter.  Open to US Residents only.   Winner will be selected at random on April 30th.    Good luck!

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  1. Francine says

    love the cookie molds where you put a Oreo cookie in the mold, and fill with chocolate…after “painting” a flower on bottom!

  2. Teresa A says

    I don’t have a single favorite one, but I love the huge variety of Wafer Paper. So many beautiful designs!

  3. Kim Jeffrey says

    I love all of their unique packaging products, but to be honest, I just want to get my hands on those pretzel cones!!!!

  4. says

    I’m torn between the Babycakes Chocolatier Melting Pot For Cake Pops (I’ll be using my Babycakes maker for the first time tonight) and the My Little Cupcake Variety Pack Cake Pop Mini-Molds (I’ve been wanting those for a while). But now that I’ve seen the pretzel cones, that might be my favorite.

  5. Sara C. says

    There are so many great things, but I can’t stop drooling over the Cone Guys Pretzel Ice Cream Cones. Unf.

  6. JMC says

    I love the Cavallini Retro Christmas Stickers. I love sealing my cookie bags with a festive sticker at Christmas time.

  7. Ellen M. says

    I love the “Proud as a Peacock” Ultimate cookie kit. Thanks for the chance to win (pretzel cones – sweet/salty – yum!)!

  8. Kelsey says

    Ooooh I want to try those cones so bad! Fancy Flours is based out of my home state Montana and I first went there a long time ago when they actually had a retail store. Love love! :)

  9. Corie says

    I would like the Babycakes melting pot and also the candy writers to work on creating some fun decorated cake pops and cookies!

  10. Jenn E says

    OMG I think I am in love with Fancy Flours Disco Dust and Edible Gems!!! I am so excited to get some for my daughter!!! Thanks for opening my eyes to this delicious site!

  11. says

    I am sad to see, once again, that it’s only for US residents only. The rest of North America (or the world for that matter) never gets a chance.

  12. Mieke H says

    While the cones look AMAZING.. I thought that would be a bit cheap. I’ve been drooling on their website all day though, so I can definitely go with the Vintage White Cake Stands.

    The bling. The set. They’re gorgeous.

  13. Leah K. says

    These are so cool!

    Also, I love your site design right now, it’s so bright! I know you changed it a while ago now, but I always read via RSS feed.

  14. Megan H says

    I want to try out the pretzel cones so badly! But I also love all the paper straws and the amazing baking supplies! Sprinkles always make me happy!!

  15. Trudy Evans says

    There is NoWay to pick just one item…This site is amazing and a bakers dream…I can’t wait to look more at all the categories…I loved the Cupcake Stuff so fun

  16. Debbie says

    How cool are these cones?! I like your way of displaying them for their photo too. (Dug into your sprinkle stash…) Having fun following you on Pinterest too.

  17. Debbie says

    There are too many choices on Fancy Flours’ website. If I had to pick quickly probably the Baby Cakes little chocolate crock pot thingy for cake pops. But really…a full set of the cones like in this giveaway would be more instant gratification and fun.

  18. Jacqui says

    I love the crazy amount of cupcake wrappers they have!! I would have a field day with all of those amazing options :-)

  19. Jenn says

    I would love to win this set of cones!! My favorite item at fancy flours besides these cones is the crystal edible roses.

  20. Amber Schotemeyer says

    I would love to try these pretzel cones they look amazing. I love pretzel and chocolate! Yummo~

  21. Christine P. says

    i absolutely love their It’s British cupcake kit! I absolutely love the UK and that set is so adorable!!!

  22. chris says

    I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!! all the sparkly,sprinkly decorations… I gotta have the Pretzel cones!!!!! Sweet and Salty.. Filled with chocolate mousse…. Ok i know i’m strange.. but how about a savory filling like a mustardy ham salad?

  23. Cindy Silva says

    OMG I love their chocolate Kokeshi dolls! I have a friend who would adore these on her birthday cupcakes.

  24. Toni says

    I was already sold when I read “pretzel ice cream cones,” but my absolute favorite items on the Fancy Flours website has to be the monster cookie cutters. I think I must have those.

  25. PBnJFam says

    I am blown away by their sugar cake jewels… The possibilities are endless… I can see a blinged-out princess party for my daughter in the near future!!

  26. says

    OMG, I want to win so so bad! Such a unique idea! And while on their website, I fell in LOVE with their Venetian Mirrored Cake Pedestals, a set of 3. SUPER gorgeous. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  27. Merrill says

    Yum! I hope I win!!! Just think of all the tummy recipes to make with these and of course I’ll be making the caramel chocolate pretzel cone cupcake recipe!

  28. Merrill says

    The cones look the most delicious in the store but I love the mint chocolate playing cards! How cute for an Alice in Wonderland party! I’d put them on cupcakes!

  29. Jennifer Adkins says

    I love all of the edible decorations, I just can’t pick one! I am in neeeeeeed of these ice cream cones!!!!!!

  30. Tracy says

    I have to say the cone guys are my favorite products. They are unique and I can imagine kids and adults loving them!

  31. Yvonne V says

    I absolutely LOVE the Patisserie Cupcake Boxes… actually all the cupcake boxes. What a fantastic and cute way to gift just a few cupcakes to a friend or co-worker without them getting all smooshed!

  32. Lauren says

    I would definitely get the chocolatier melting pop for cake pops! IT would definitely simplify the whole dipping process and I love to make cake pops

  33. says

    Hey, these are great cones. Who would have thought, pretzel cones, chocolate. I would really like to try them. I stopped by the Fancy Flours shop would like to have some of the cookie and candy molds. I will have to go back and look into that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. Tanya K. Moyer says

    What an awesome site! I want to go back and explore more. It’s like porn for bakers!!! :) I love all their chocolate covered oreo molds. I love that they have a bunch for all the holidays – easter, shamrocks, etc. Such a good idea! Great giveaway!

  35. Sharon Sullinger says

    Boy! They all sound good. I think the pretzel has SO many possibilities, I think I’d have to go with that. Though the mini’s sounds great too….I’m just excited to find this website and Fancy Flours – I’m planning a big party in June and will now be using both sites to help!

  36. Jenn says

    My favorite items to purchase at Fancy Flours are their transfer papers. I love to use them for chocolate covered Oreos :).

  37. Sandi says

    I could go crazy on this website. I love the chocolate Christmas tree mold, the chocolate covered Oreo molds (especially the ladybugs, daisy, flip flops and all of the holidays). And of course the ice cream comes!

  38. Christina C. says

    I really like the Celtic Medallions Cookie or Cupcake Stencil! They’d look so cool on some sugar cookies!

  39. says

    Wow, there are so many wonderful things from her site. I love this Wire Baby Carriage Large! So cute. I have a few baby showers to throw and this would be a perfect center piece.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  40. sharonjo says

    I think the Miniature Playing Cards Wafer Papers at Fancy Flours are adorable. They would be fun for a poker/bridge party.

  41. Sarah L says

    These look like so much fun! I love the fancy cupcake wrappers. They would be so much fun for a party like a wedding shower. One of my favorite designs is the wicker basket cupcake wrapper. It would be perfect for a yummy Easter treat.

  42. Judy R says

    Ohhhhhhhh gotta have some of those cones. we have an ice cream cone nearly every day. Those will make it way more interesting!.

  43. Emily =D says

    Oh I would want anything from the Sugar Pearls, Beads & Baubles section!! Its all so pretty I just can’t decide!!

  44. Rachel R says

    My favorite item from the fancy flours website has to be those Cone Guys chocolate chip ice cream cones!

  45. Ramona says

    Fancy flours is one of my favorite sites to look at. I love all of thier products. My very favorite is anything cupcake. They have everything you need and more.

  46. Mary Vee says

    Cupcakes. In delicious cones? WELL, my room-mates and I have found our next baking day project! Bookmarking your site! Thanks so much!

  47. says

    Honestly those pretzel cones are the coolest thing I found on there from a quick view. Although there’s so much stuff on there I bet I could spend hours on it.

  48. Christa Erp says

    I am excited about the pretzel cones. I think they’d be good for that salty/sweet combo with the right ice cream.

  49. Stacey says

    I can not believe the cookie cutters that are out now!! I LOVE the fairy cookie cutters and the Day of the Dead ones. I totally feel a couple parties coming on!!

  50. Britta says

    I love the luster dust the gold in particular because it added a very elegant rich look to my strawberry rum truffles i made for Valentines day!

  51. Stephanie Y. says

    It would be hard to pick one thing that I like, there are tons of great stuff. One of my favorites was the Jeweled Vintage French White Cake stands

  52. Greta says

    Deer are my absolute favorite so I fell in love instantly with Fancy Flours deer family set for decorating cupcakes and cakes. What a fun store!

  53. Kathy says

    Wow, I’ve never heard of these before but they do look yummy!! I am definitely going to try the M&M cupcake cones!!

  54. Lori Galati says

    Since I’m in the midst of planning a friend’s baby shower, I am really digging the sea reef cupcake wrapper! Thank you for introducing me to this website, love it!!

  55. jennifer says

    I love the butterfly cookie cutters from the website….and I don’t have an icecream maker yet, but its my birthday soon and I think I found something to ask for! Awesome recipe!

  56. Monique marron says

    Ok that was hard but it had to be from the kids section cause we LOVE to be in the kitchen together so i am going to say Cupcake Decorating Party Kit for 8….. Awesome products…xo

  57. Jen says

    I love the oreo cookie molds from the fancy flours website! I have the christmas tree shaped ones and they were fun to use last christmas!

  58. jamie says

    omg! love love the Vintage Party Favor Baskets, Set of 6

    from fancy flowers…. it just makes the cupcakes! plus all the other goodies and tips! :)

  59. kerri says

    I want those pretzel cones! I think that is such a genius idea and I would love to win them so I could give them to my fiancés mother for one of her parties. she throws children’s parties and i think the kids and adults would love them!

  60. marilyn says

    I love the button cookie cutter. I taught Home Ec. for 30+ years and had a small chocolate business, This would have been a terrific addition.

  61. Brittany says

    I love the 3D lab chocolate mold! I was looking for a piece of chocolate to put in my moms Easter basket to look like our dog!! Hahs would have been perfect! Cone guys looks delish! I would definitely be loving the pretzel cones… Would dip them chocolate on the rim, for the m and m cone I would definitely love them with vanilla ice cream, the chocolate chip ones would be fabulous with chocolate ice cream and the chocolate cones yum with black raspberry!!!!

  62. says

    I so oooo much appreciate the Sweet Crystal Sugared edible pansies. Initially, they may seem a little pricey, but upon further inspection the detail and crafts[wo]manship is outstanding. The price is worth my time and my guests will be wowed!

  63. ChrisTea says

    I love the pretzel cone idea! I was thrilled when they started putting pretzels in candy bars, but I like this idea even better. I’d also love to have almost everything in their Halloween catalogue! Thank you for the chance to win the cones.

  64. Carmen says

    They have some great products – it’s hard to choose just one. But I like Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutter Set of 2.

  65. Beth says

    I am going to be insanely addicted to these pretzel cupcake cones you have on here, if I can get my hands on these pretzel cones! That is my favorite thing on the website and I am a HUGE fan of anything chocolate/pretzel/caramel!!! I’m drolling just looking at this picture on here!!


  1. […] I quickly found that Cone Guys are one of the main creators of these fabulous cones.  For the most part it’s easy to get your hands on some, that is if you own an ice cream shop or like to buy things by the pallet.   While buying these by the pallet does seem like a fairly reasonable option in my mind, after searching high and low, I finally found them in a more reasonable quantity at Fancy Flours (though don’t rule out that pallet option).   I ordered them as fast as my fingers could hit “buy now”.   Thankfully Fancy Flours ships quickly and within a few days the wonder that is the pretzel cone arrived in my home.    Fancy Flours has offered to give one lucky Love From The Oven reader a prize pack of four varieties of Cone Guy Cones – head here to learn more and enter to win! […]

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