S’mores On A Stick

Summertime is S’mores time.   Okay, any time is s’mores time, but summer is a great excuse to make some.   While these s’mores don’t have the flame roasted thing going on, they are quick, easy to transport to those summer get togethers and they taste great.

S'mores On A Stick

You need the usual s’mores stuff – chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.  I used the JUMBO StarMallows, which not only give you the s’mores taste, but also make for festive and easy decorating.

I started by adding chocolate to the graham crackers, attaching the stick and letting them set up in the fridge.  This makes them easy to cover in chocolate.

These s’mores are made with one graham cracker, but you can double them up and go with more of the traditional sandwich style s’mores.

Because the JUMBO StarMallows are truly jumbo, I cut my stars in half.

You can keep these simple – just dip in chocolate and top with your marshmallows.

Or you can dress them up a bit with sprinkles and StarMallows.

Fun and festive, a great treat for the kids while watching those fireworks.


  1. Judy Harrison-Gordon says

    These Smores Pops looked so cute that I was inspired to experiment, and I wanted to share. My family LOVES peanut butter and marshmallows, so I actually used Wilton Marshmallow candy melts to adhere the sticks. I smeared the marshmallow flavored candy melts on the entire one side of a graham cracker, placed the stick and put another graham cracker on top so the stick was sandwiched in between and let it harden. Then, I dipped the graham “sandwich” into Wilton Peanut Butter candy melts and let them dry or harden. Lastly, I dipped them in Wilton Dark Chocolate candy melts, and before they could dry or harden, I sprinkled on crushed roasted peanuts. I used the star marshmallows like you did, stuck them to the outside and spoon drizzled Marshmallow, PB and Dark Chocolate candy melts across the top of the marshmallow and cracker, front and back, in a zig-zag pattern. My friends and family LOVED them!
    Next time, I will try dipping the first layer and the inside in dark chocolate candy melts and double dipping in dark chocolate mint candy melts with the marshmallow on the outside.

    Thank you for this GREAT idea..!

    • says

      Judy, those sound amazing! I have not been able to find the darn marshmallow melts. I bet they are fabulous with peanut butter. You could even use the chocolate graham crackers in that combo – wow that would be all kinds of yummy!


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