How To See Your Favorite Pages In Your Facebook Feed

Does it seem like you aren’t seeing some of your favorite pages on Facebook lately?   Wondering why your favorite pages don’t seem to be posting very often?   There is a good chance that you are not seeing all of the posts of the pages you have “liked” on Facebook.  Facebook recently changed the way that pages show up in your news feed.

Facebook is now “encouraging” pages, like Love From The Oven and your favorite websites, blogs & brands, to pay for their posts to show up in news feeds with what they call promoted posts.  Here you can see with my post about this topic today, Facebook gives me the option to pay to reach more of my readers, and the price just continues to go up on the chance I actually want to reach all of my readers.

Most bloggers like myself would prefer to spend our money on things like chocolate and ingredients to create & share new recipes than to spend it on Facebook, so most pages for blogs are likely not paying to promote their posts (I think this is really more suited for large brands).   This means fewer people see the posts made by pages like Love From The Oven.

The good news is that there is a very easy way for you to make sure that all of your favorite pages do show up in your Facebook news feed.   It just takes a few seconds, and you will want to do this with any of your favorite pages.   I’m not an expert by any means, but hopefully I can explain this in a way that might be useful.  Here we go.

Look for the red arrows I have added to each graphic to help walk you through this.

To Start, visit your favorite page on Facebook and look for the “LIKE” button (which if you have already liked a page, will show up as “LIKED”).

Hover over the Like/Liked button with your mouse and a drop down menu will pop up.  One of the options will be “Show In News Feed”.

Once you click that, the page will show up in your news feed, just like it used to.

An easy fix, but a bit of a pain to have to go in and do.   Unless FB changes things again, you should only have to do this one time.

There is an additional way you can keep track of your favorite pages with “Lists”.   Here is some info direct from FB on the Lists feature.   When you are hovering over that “LIKE” button, you will also see an option of “New List”.   You can create lists of pages, like your favorite blogs.    To do this, you will want to click on the “New List” button.

Which will bring up a window like this.

After clicking next, you can name your list (I decided to name mine “Favorite Blogs”) as well as control who can see your list.

Once you click “Done” you now have a new list.   This will not automatically show up in your news feed, you will have to go into your menu and select it.  When you select it, any pages that you have on that list will show up.   I believe this is similar to how Google + works, but I’ve yet to venture there.

And now you can easily add other pages to your list.   You do not have to create a new list this time, just click the list you made (for me that was “Favorite Blogs”).   You could separate out your lists by topic, things like baking, parenting, news… whatever you like.

You can also add pages to your list when you are on your list page.   On the right there will be an option to “Add To This List”.  Just type in your favorite pages and add away.

As a reminder, pages on your list will now show up in your feed (as far as I know) just because they are on a list.   To see them in your feed, you will still need to select “Show In News Feed”.  

I hope this info has been of some help.   Please feel free to share this info with your friends as many people simply think that their favorite pages aren’t posting, when in reality they are – they just aren’t being seen.   :)   There may be some easier ways to create your lists (again I am NO expert at this), but this method has been working for me.    Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to Facebook that you’d like to share?


  1. says

    I am just dumbfounded here. I am writing this slowly, as I am not going to give in and post with expletives. But REALLY FACEBOOK? I am so tired of them changing settings around and trying to get money for ridiculous things. We love your blog and we liked it SO that we can see your posts! This is utterly ridiculous. Thanks for letting us know!

    • says

      Sarah, yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous. Given FB users pick what they want to see, they should be able to see it. Interesting is that you can also pay to have non “likers” see your posts, not sure if that shows up like an ad or in their stream, but that sucks, so you don’t see what you want to but may start seeing random stuff. Good times!

  2. Colin McDonald says

    Hi – you’ve probably been told already, but the first part of this post, whilst a good idea in itself, will not guarantee that fans see everything the page posts. The Edgerank algorithm overrides this setting and a typical page post will only reach a small percentage of its fans unless the post gets shared and commented on more than average (the average for the fan’s liked pages, not for the page’s fans if that makes sense). There is currently no way to guarantee that every post from a page appears in every fan’s newsfeed who has selected ‘show in news feed’. Lists help, but are an extra click of course so not automatic.

    Great site btw – I’m drooling here :)


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