Fun Fall Flavors Giveaway

One of the most popular giveaways I’ve had here on Love From The Oven was the Fun Fall Flavors Giveaway I did last year.  I bought fun fall stuff and gave it away, what’s not to like about that?   So let’s do it again this year.   I’m all about an excuse to shop for anything Halloween related.

I love, love, LOVE fall (hey, the end of summer in Arizona is a very good thing, especially since summer is 11.5 months long).  I love Halloween and pumpkins and cinnamon and all of that fun stuff.  I love seeing all the new and different products that come out for the holidays.  This giveaway is simply my way of sharing some of those fun things with you.   When I’m out shopping and I see fun fall sweets, treats, eats & baking supplies, I pick them up and add them to the giveaway.    Right now we have…

1.  Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M’s
2.  Candy Corn Limited Edition Oreos
3.  Pumpkin & Ghost Halloween PEEPS, Chocolate Mousse Cat PEEPS, Chocolate Dipped PEEPS and Chocolate Covered PEEPS.
4.   Jet-Puffed Ghost Mallows
5.  Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses
6.  Brach’s Candy Corn Mix Dipped In Milk Chocolate
7.  Wonka Spooky Nerds
8.  Cadbury Screme Egg
9.  Halloween Sixlets
10. My Favorite Halloween Sprinkles
11. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins
12. Butterfinger Pumpkins
13. Snickers Pumpkins
14.  Chips Ahoy Halloween Cookies

I will just keep adding to the big basket of goodies.  I love having an excuse to buy stuff.    And even better than buying the stuff is NOT having to find a place to put it in my completely over crowded pantry (sorry, that’s on your end).   I still need to hit my local cake decorating store and Trader Joe’s, and I’m sure they will both have some fun stuff that I won’t be able to pass up.    Yay for shopping!

Some new goodies I added to the giveaway, including Jumbo Pumpkin Mallows, Pumpkin Spice Mallows, Pumpkin Spice Pudding, Halloween Sprinkles & Eye/Mustache Cupcake toppers. 

You can enter  to win until October 1, 2012.   A winner will be selected at random on October 2nd.  Open to US Residents only.  Sorry to our friends outside of the US, but due to the complexity of giveaway laws on an international level, the different customs regulations regarding shipping food into different countries and the cost to ship a gigantic box of junk food, this one will have to stay in the US.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. Julie Haan says

    I would love the sprinkles to decorate sugar cookies, but I would also like the candy corn M&M’s to make cookies too.

  2. Jacqueline Borchert says

    Those Chips Ahoy look amazing! I don’t know what it is about a store bought cookie that I love so much. While I make home made cookies a lot, sometimes I just want that store bought cookie.

  3. Cherie Schnedler says

    It’s so hard to decide on 1 item I would enjoy the most!
    I am going to have to say the jar of decorating candies!!
    I have been watching my grandson, so his momma is able to work.
    We try to do something fun EVERY DAY & he lovers baking!!

  4. says

    What a wonderful thing – it’s like a whole box of childhood!!! I bet it has that unmistakeable smell your plastic jackolantern bucket had after trick or treating!!!! Memories!!! And thanks for thinking of us!!!

  5. Christine M says

    Butterfinger pumpkins! I have never seen that before so even if I don’t win I am going to go buy some from the store =)

  6. Debbie L says

    I LOVE Fall and Halloween, I’m like you, any excuse to buy Halloween/Fall things and what you have picked out all looks yummy!! Thanks for the contest!

  7. says

    I am absolutely dying to try the candy corn oreos and haven’t been able to find them anywhere! They are what I’m most excited about…thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. Brenda says

    I would love to win this great giveaway. It looks like you could make several Halloween items with everything in this Halloween Giveaway. Thanks for offering this and hope I can win. I am getting in the mood for fall baking and this would sure help and make them taste great.

  9. says

    I would like the PEEPS the most – they remind me of my sweet Papaw who passed away from Alzheimer’s. They and circus peanuts were his very favorite candies.

  10. says

    My fave would have to be the Candy Corn!! Although I <3 the Halloween Decor Creepy Confetti!! That would go great on top of some cupcakes for Halloween!! =) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  11. Sara Cicciu says

    There are some new flavors I’d love to try (the candy corn m&m’s and oreos, the pumpkin spice kisses) but those peanut butter pumpkins get me every year!

  12. flattsfan96 says

    Ohhhh, that all looks so fun! Where do you get the sprinkles at? Love the colors in that one. I’m going to be getting started on all the pumpkin recipes that I have found on pinterest.

  13. says

    It’s hard to say what I’d enjoy the most but I’d have to say the butterfingers snickers and the sprinkles. I’d make some yummy baked goods for my family….. Thanks again for hosting this giveaway it is so exciting just to enter

  14. melody james says

    I’ve been dying to try those Candy Corn Oreos! Those would be my favorite. But I can never turn down a Peep either, LOL!

  15. LindaSonia says

    Yum, Yum and Yum!!! This giveaway is awesome. I feel like a kid in a candy store and if I win, I will act like that kid too!!! Count me in!!

  16. says

    My goodness! Only pick one, you ask? well, if I must… I think I’m most looking forward to eating those chips-ahoy cookies. They look delectable. Although, the reeces and snickers and oreos look quite delicious also. Yummy!

    -Jessica P.

  17. Joey Sewell says

    Well I know I would live the peeps ( I am a peeps addict) but I now really want to try the Oreos and the m&m’s. Actually I see a trip to the store in my very near future

  18. Elizabeth Crabtree says

    I love chocolate covered marshmallows, so I am all about the chocolate covered PEEPS! P.S. I can’t wait for Halloween! Currently trying to decide what to dress my 19 month old as.

  19. Andrea Clatworthy says

    I can’t believe they made Cadburry Creme eggs for Halloween!! That is the best news I’ve heard all day! 😀

  20. Veronica says

    Wow!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I love everything about it…especially all the fun treats. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  21. Lacey N says

    One of my favorite times of the year! I love all the sweet stuff that comes out this time of year. Not to mention get the leftover candy from my kids. I can’t wait for the “pumpkin man”!!

    PS for those that don’t know my kids leave the candy that they don’t want (they get to pick a certain amount to keep) by the door and he trades them for toys and other goodies. A good way to get rid of all candy 😉

  22. Amber L says

    Everything I have so many grwat halloween treat ideas thand if I won the amazing gift pack I would gladly past pic of all the great treats I make with theys

  23. Veronica says

    I’d most like to try the candy corn oreos. Haven’t found them in my area and I have a feeling I won’t be able to. :(

  24. Samantha says

    Can’t live without Reese’s! Give it to me in any shape….a regular ol’ circle, in the shape of an egg or tree, and now a pumpkin…..I’ll take it! Guess it looks like my hubby is stopping by the store on his way home from work….so we can have Reese’s pumpkins for dessert tonight! Heeeeeheeeee! Thank you for all the love from your oven.

  25. Cathy Otto says

    I love all of them lol My day care kids really like the seasonal marshmellows, with the different shapes we all take turns telling stories of each figure and then they eat them lol, Thank you for doing this, it is AWESOME

  26. Celene says

    the oreo cookies look yummy! they are my weakness. I’ve never seen the peeps in the Fall colors, these are great!

    Another Great Giveaway!

  27. Kristen says

    I love all things Halloween, especially the fantastic limited edition items! I went to Target today and got some of the candy corn Oreos…they are to die for…now I am going to have to find those M&M’s!

  28. abhi says

    candy corn oreos and white chocolate M&Ms sounds yummy…creepy confetti, you will be so much fun for my little ones first Halloween….

  29. Cindy Silva says

    I’d love the Candy Corn Oreos! I’ve never tried them, but I love Candy Corn. I always stock up on Candy Corn and the Pumpkins after Halloween so I can keep eating them throughout the year :)

  30. says

    My boyfriend is OBSESSED with fall, and all of the flavors that come along with it. He’s in the process of converting me :] Not that it would take much with all of those delicious sweets!!

  31. Judes says

    My favorite of the group would be the Reese’s pumpkins closely followed by the Snickers. My husband and kids can fight over the rest…and they most definitely would, even with the abundance of choices :-)

  32. Lia says

    I would LOVE the candy corn Oreos and the candy corn M&M’s. They would make AWESOME layered cookie Brownies For Fall! ツ

  33. Amy G. says

    The Oreos!! After seeing you instragram about them my sister and I went to Target to find them. AMAZING!! We bought 2 and they are already gone. :)

  34. Erica H. says

    I think I would enjoy the Nerds…or the cadbury egg….or the chocolate pumpkins. Well I’m sure I would love it all, it is hard to pick :)

  35. kimkake says

    This is sooo cool! I love Fall also and my boys would just LOVE to receive this! Besides….I can’t find those candy corn Oreo’s anywhere and I really want to try them!! :)

  36. Andrea D. says

    I love the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Snickers Pumpkins, and the Chips Ahoy Halloween Cookies are my favorites. All of this would be eaten in my family especially since almost all of it would be someone’s favorite. Thanks for having such a cool gieaway.

  37. Robin says

    I’m going to have to go with Brach’s Candy Corn Mix Dipped In Milk Chocolate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins!!! Those are my two favorites!! YUMMMMMM

  38. says

    Sigh…. it’s begining to look like a yummy fall but without me :(. Does it count if I live outside the U.S. but have a U.S. address in Arizona!?! Must…get…box… lol. Good luck to the winner though 😀

  39. Brenda says

    I’m a Hershey’s Girl so I’d have to say that I’d enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Kisses the most. Great Giveaway! Thank you. :)

  40. Laura says

    I think this is the most fun give-away I’ve entered. You Rock!!! I’ve been looking for the pumpkin spice hershey kisses, but I haven’t found them yet. I would love to win them…and of course I would gobble up the reeses right away :)

  41. Kynzee Barton says

    What wouldn’t we love, I have 2 boys who will eat anything. And a preschool full of kids who would love these yummy treats!

  42. Linsey says

    I’m a cookie fanatic so I think Id really enjoy the new candy corn Oreo’s band the Halloween chips ahoy, I love fall and Halloween! :)

  43. Janie says

    Honestly, I would love it all! It all looks so yummy! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Candy Corn flavored Oreos!

  44. says

    Yeah! I’m doing the happy dance right now!!! Missing Arizona so much but this makes things a whole lot better. Now onto finding that rafflecopter thingymajig….. and yes! peeps, who can go wrong with peeps I ask!?!

  45. Ellen M. says

    The Chips Ahoy cookies! I thought the Peeps package said “chocolate mouse flavored cats”! Thanks for a very fun giveaway!

  46. Lauren Argenbright says

    What is it about anything fall themed and containing sugar that makes me NEED to buy it?! Oh how I love fall :)

  47. Jacqui says

    I really want to try that Cadbury Screme Egg… I never even knew such things existed! I am OBSESSED with Halloween – I would love to win this and have everything :-)

  48. Danielle Christine says

    I want all of it !! But the oreos would probably be fabulous dipped in white chocolate and decorated for halloween !

  49. Candee Jackson says

    ooooh…how on earth to pick??? Probably the sixlets. i do so love them since I was a toddler! or the sprinkles.

  50. says

    Oh Wow! Look at all those fun goodies!! I gotta open my eyes more because I haven’t seen half of the stuff you’ve managed to grab. I definitely want to try those Oreos and the snickers pumpkins.

  51. Tanya K. Moyer says

    Um…I have to pick just one???? I think I will go with the peanut butter pumpkins…but then again, maybe the Fall Mix Candy Corn!! It ALL looks wonderful!! :)

  52. Lara says

    Six children equals lots of classrooms having parties…..I could use ALL of it :) I love making Halloween treats :) I would stash the Reese’s and keep those for myself tho!!

  53. Marissa Piñon says

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to try the candy corn dipped in chocolate. So many cute and yummy things for fall!

  54. Pam says

    Definitely the Brachs candy corn. It brings back good memories of childhood, eating one color layer at a time. And my first pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes and couldn’t have sweets. But it was October and I was having a hard time pretending I didn’t see the candy corn in the stores and when the Brachs looked at me from the shelves it was hard not to look back. So I bought a great pair of handmade earrings styled after candy corn and I wear them every year AND buy my Brachs! (Already have one bag at home).

  55. Laura S. says

    I would enjoy the pumpkin spice Hershey kisses the most. I’ve never tried them, but I’m now on a quest to get my hands on a huge box of these : )

  56. Leticia A. says

    I would definitely enjoy the Peeps! Love Peeps! BUT, I think I would enjoy the sprinkles more because I would have so much fun baking cookies with my little one & using them! Thanks for this cool & fun giveaway!

  57. Tina says

    I think I need to get out more. I had no idea that half this stuff even existed. I love Sixlets. They remind me of being a kid.

  58. Katherine says

    At 14 weeks pregnant, this ALL looks good! But I’m thinking the Cadbury Screme eggs would be my pick. They’re my favorite part of Easter and I squirrel them away in the freezer as part of my chocolate stash. I was craving them early on in this pregnancy and sooooo sad that my son loved them as much as me and had the last one! Those alone would make me a happy momma :)

  59. Karla says

    I would love the Chocolate Mousse peeps. I would open them and let them get a little chewier. Look those. They are good from the freezer too!!

  60. says

    I have never seen candy corn oreos before. I think that would be the first thing that I would try. I love candy corn and peanuts together. A friend of mine introduced me to that combo about 6 years ago and I start as soon as they are put out. YUM!

  61. says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I actually came across the candy corn M&Ms for the first time yesterday. I love white chocolate, so I picked up a few bags but was very surprised to find that they were actually too sweet for me! Got a chuckle out of just the thought of “spooky nerds.” :)

  62. Jamie says

    I can NEVER find the rafflecopter widget on your site, am i blind?!?! Maybe i just don’t know what I am looking for…but I want to find it because I love your site and this give a way looks so fun!

    • says

      Jamie, are you using IE as your browser? I’ve heard people having issues with it and have also noticed on Rafflecopter’s FB page they’ve said they’ve been experiencing issues. Hopefully they will be fixed ASAP.

  63. Keala says

    I would love to try the Candy Corn Oreos…I love Oreos and have tried just about all of them…but I haven’t seen those here in Hawaii yet…

  64. Jessica Wirth says

    *I* will personally enjoy the Reese’s myself. I would love to make fall ka-bobs with the peeps and other marshmallos for my 3 year old son’s pre-school class! They would get a kick out of those!

  65. DonnaJ says

    Love those little sixlets ! This would come in so handy. My daughters b-day is right around halloween so we have always thrown her a halloween themed birthday party. This would make such a fun candy table ! I think I’ll have to do the whole candy table idea even if I don’t win it ! :)

  66. Sallie says

    I’m most excited about the candy corn – it’s one of those things that’s only available this time of year and always makes it feel like fall, even here in Florida!

  67. Janice Basley says

    I’d live to share this with my daughter, who is away at college,y son and great nieces and nephew’s !! Even if I don’t win, you’ve given me some great idea’s!! Thanks!!

  68. Lisa says

    I can’t wait to try the Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms. I have such a sweet tooth I have to buy all of my Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids right before Halloween or else I’ll eat it all!

  69. says

    I get the customs and the shipping problems – I know; I live in Belgium; I deal with them all the time. But what are the international giveaway laws that get in the way?

  70. Pam says

    I think this is really great! You have found some really interesting stuff. Now if I don’t win, I’ll have to go shopping to see what I can find!

  71. Courtney says

    candy corn white chocolate m&ms my two favorite things in the world! pumpkin spice hershey kisses sound pretty amazing too!

  72. sharonjo says

    The M&M White Chocolate Candy Corn sounds yummy. I’d love to win so I can try all the goodies. Thanks so much for the chance!

  73. Charise says

    I would have to say I’m most interested in the M&Ms because I have not tried that flavor yet and could be good in cookies or bars. I love fall! :)

  74. Aminah C. R. says

    My boys and I love the Marshmallows… we buy all the different holiday marshmallows that come out… then we will sit in the living room and have fun trying to toss them into each others mouths. It’s just some of the crazy fun we like to have!

  75. Kelly says

    I am always a fan of the cadbury eggs, but the pumpkin spice kisses could be yummy! And you never can go wrong with oreos!

  76. Renee Villanueva says

    Your giveaways are always so cute! I’m looking forward to fall for the cooler temperatures so I can break out the comfort food.

  77. Meghan Van Cleave says

    Oh my goodness, there are so many options and delicious looking treats,l I would be tickled to win anything, I have spooky ideas for it all. :o)

  78. ashley says

    Reese pumpkins!!! Or if you pick up goodies from trader joes that would top my list because we don’t have one where I live!!

  79. Robin says

    What an amazing collection of Halloween goodies!! I would love to put the white chocolate candy corn M & M’s in some cookies!!

  80. Christine says

    All the treats look great, but I think the candy corn Oreos would be my first choice and also the one thing I’d hide from the Grandkids–LOL

  81. says

    fall is my favorite time of year too! i’d love to try the white chocolate candy corn m&ms!! i think they only had them last year at walmart, and i don’t typically shop there!

  82. Melissa K says

    I would enjoy all of it because Fall is my favorite season. If i have to pick just one then it would be the ghost marshmallows. They’re adorable!!

  83. Chloe says

    Having just moved to the US a month ago all of this is new to me so I’m very curious! If I had to try one, it’d be first and foremost the candy corn. Traditional Autumn treat right? (Sorry, I mean Fall!)

  84. Sue says

    They all Look Amazing .. I love this time of year .. I can’t pick which one would be the best .. I guess them Oreo’s !!!

  85. Tracy Clouse says

    My 4 kids would love these & so would my self & my Hubby. They all look fabulous. Someone is going to be very lucky. Thank you for having a wonderful website!!!

  86. Lauren B says

    Ohhh, I didn’t know Cadbury Screme eggs existed, I want some, LOL!! Love the snickers pumpkins, got some the other day at super Target. Sooo happy to see Fall/Halloween stuff out now.. its my favorite! Our kids love the marshmallow stuff! :)

  87. Heather Nicole says

    I LOVE the chocolate cat peeps but would love to try the pumpkin Kisses!
    I can’t find them anywhere!
    You’re so sweet to do these giveaways!

  88. Darcy Novak says

    Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses would be a great one to make different recipes out of.. I love Halloween. It’s fun baking for my family and friends.

  89. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    oh, my, I don’t think I could name just one! I’d love to try those M&Ms because I haven’t yet. I love Sixlets and the Reese’s & Butterfinger Pumpkins! There is something here that everyone in my family would enjoy–thanks for the giveaway!

  90. says

    peanut butter cups are the number one hit with my grandson!!! he doesnt est a lot of candy {except those} we are trying to break him into other things but he thinks at 6 thats the only thing there is, lol!!

  91. Patricia Engle says

    Peeps are my favorite but I would love to see a bag of the ghost marshmellows haven’t never seen them. Love your great baking giveaway

  92. Carly says

    I can smell all that delicious Halloween candy over here in New England! I would love to try the chocolate covered candy corn, yes please! :-)

  93. Darci Wills says

    What a fun giveaway! You rock! I would love it all but the candy corn oreos and M&M’s have piqued my curiousity. Have a wonderful day!

  94. Myrian R says

    Oh my! There all look very good. I would like anything that’s pumpkin. I have never tried Hershey’s pumpkin spice kisses, so that would be a good one.

  95. Joey says

    Fall is just the most wonderful time of the year… and kicking off this fall season with these Fall goodies would be amazing! I’m dying to try the candy corn M&M’s and Oreos!

  96. says

    I lOVE your site. I happen to find you on facebook, now I have joined every page of yours. I LOVE marshmallows, this is why I need to win!!

  97. says

    Oh my gosh, I don’t need any of this but I WANT it! Fall has the best flavors and it’s definitely one of the things that make it one of my favorite seasons.

  98. Kim says

    I LOVE anything Halloween! I’m sooo excited about this contest! The Chips Ahoy look super yummy, but my all time favorite is the Reese’s Pumpkins! Good Luck everyone and thank you “Love From The Oven!”

  99. Jilian says

    I would love the peeps, they are so addicting, and to see that they FINALLY did what I do to them all the time, dip them in chocolate…Oh my! :-)~

  100. Vanessa Padilla says

    These candies would make a wonderful way to make Halloween a sweet holiday (: I can come up with many yummy desserts with these candies and entertain the kids (:

  101. Vanessa Padilla says

    I would enjoy the Candy Corn Oreo’s (: I’ve never had a Halloween oreo before so these might be good to try out (:

  102. Julie says

    Oh fall is my favorite season! The weather is great, there are tons of pumpkin flavored things, and candy that only comes out around Halloween. What’s not to love? :)

  103. Brandi says

    Fall is my favorite, so this giveaway looks amazing to me! Candy corn Oreos, Pumpkin spice kisses, snickers pumpkins… how could I choose just one thing?!?

  104. says

    Oh how I Love Fall. It really is a magical season. What a great idea for a giveaway & very generous! I would enjoy the Butterfingers/Snickers/Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins but my husband would go nuts over the PEEPS!

  105. Jan says

    Can never find the pumpkin spice kisses around here! I’ve noticed the mounds and different kind of kisses go fast around here! Lol.

  106. Carol says

    This would be the ultimate goody pack to get to make some spooky treats for my kids! I may have to keep the chocolate covered candy corn for myself though!:)

  107. Brenda says

    I love anything to do with the fall. I would love to wint this great giveaway. Hope it is my name so I can make some great desserts for the reunion. Thanks

  108. Donna Jahnke says

    LOVE the peeps. I really need to get some of those for my daycare kiddos. I make treat bags to hand out on Halloween…1 type for big kids & 1 type for the little ones. Peeps would be a great addition to the little ones’ bags!! <3

  109. Abby says

    I would love everything, but particularly the Oreos and Halloween sprinkles to bake with and I think I would eat the whole bag of chocolate dipped candy corn in one sitting!!

  110. says

    Love all the treats but would really like to try Candy Corn White Chocolate M&M’s!!! My mouth is watering and am off to find out what I already have that is as close to your pantries’ yumminess!!

  111. Jackie says

    There is some really cute stuff out there. I have to prepare the sweets for a Halloween party and have been searching for ideas.

  112. Suzanne says

    So happy I found this site on Pinterest I have spent hours reading thru the blogs and pinnning! I love Holidays and it would be a thrill to win the Halloween Fall Basket! Can’t wait for new blogs!

  113. Deb says

    How can you pick just one product?? If I have to pick just one product~~it would be the white chocolate candy corn M&M’s or the sprinkles.. I am sooooooo addicted to sprinkles!

  114. PBnJFam says

    What!?!?! A Cadbury Screme egg!?!? How have I never heard of this?? Creme Eggs are my ultimate favorite candy in the whole WORLD!!! (If I had to ever pick one) – but ALL of it looks amazing!!