Halloween Treats Round Up & A Candiquik Giveaway

My pal Sarah (aka Miss Candiquik) thought it would be fun to share some great Halloween treats that you can whip up and dip in Candiquik for your parties, get togethers or trick or treating the next few days.   And she thought it would also be fun to giveaway Three Candiquik Surprise Packs.    I have to say, I totally agree.   So check out some of these fun sweets and treats from Miss Candiquik, some of my other favorite bloggers and a few of my own…

Oreo Mummy Pops from Miss Candiquik

Witch Hat Cake Pops By Miss Candiquik

Eyeball Cake Balls by Miss Candiquik

Pretzel Bones by Miss Candiquik

Mummy Pretzel Rods by Miss Candiquik

BOO-tiful Cake Pops by Miss Candiquik

Peanut Butter Ghosts From The Domestic Rebel

Eyeball Truffles from The Domestic Rebel

Spider Bites By The Domestic Rebel

Monster Mix Popcorn Munch From Inside BruCrew Life

Cake Ball Brains from Hungry Happening

Tricky Trash Candy From Shugary Sweets

And a few of my own, starting with Chocolate Covered Halloween Pretzels

Sparkle & Bling Pink-O-Ween Oreo Pops

Candy Corn Cake Pops

Halloween Cupcake Pops

Halloween Cakesicles

Chocolate Covered PEEPS Pops

Marshmallow Pumpkin Pops

Candy Corn Pretzel Cookie Bark

One of my very favorite chocolate coating products for dipping is Candiquik.  I find it melts easily, has a nice thin consistency (not all gooey and thick like some) and the fact that it comes in it’s own dipping tray makes clean up a breeze.

And three of you can win your own Candiquik prize packs.  These will be surprise packs as Miss Candiquik is coming up with a fun theme for them for each of you.   Want to enter to win???   Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (side note, the widget can be slow to load and doesn’t always play nice with Internet Explorer, so if you don’t see it give it a few seconds or try a different browser if you are using IE).  Open to US Residents only.   Winners will be selected at random on November 1st.   Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Mrs. Schmid says

    I think the Oreo Mummy pops are adorable and look yummy, too! And they seem simple enough that even I can handle it!

  2. says

    These ideas are fantastic, the Miss Candiquick CakePops are amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to show CakePops of that quality on my blog one day. Gutted i live in Ireland I’d love to have entered 😀 x

  3. Natasha F says

    I really love cute but simple the pretzel bones! You could literally make a skelly by connecting them and using a little skull candy mold for the head. I might try to make pretzel candy skelly’s!

  4. Gayle says

    My whole world has just changed…I found your site! I MUST make the oreo bling pops with some blingsticks and the Candiquik! OMG!!! I’m so excited! Thanks for your creativity and inspiration!

  5. christine says

    I love the chocolate covered Pretzels!! I made them using your how to video for my son’s birthday a few weeks ago!

  6. Dawn says

    I would like to try the tricky trash candy…did the oreo mummy pops for Halloween parties the last couple years, they turned out really cute,and are super easy to make!!! :)

  7. Megan D. says

    I love Candiquik! I’m a new, huge fan of dipping Oreos. After seeing the Halloween sprinkles you had, I just had to have my own, so I ran out to Target and made them mine. 😉

  8. Paula W. says

    I made brownies Mummie pos and used the white candyquick, love that white covers chocolate with just one dipping. would love to tryt he cake ball brains next.

  9. Gina Marie says

    *SO* many cute ideas, imposible to pick which to make! I did make the candy corn pretzel bark (minus the cookies) as a top layer over my rice krispy treats – BIG hit! Such a fan of anything sweet & salty. The mummy oreos and mummy pretzel rods are super-cute, although I might have to try the PB ghosts next – yum! maybe with white choc!!

  10. Jean Mowery says

    I enjoy the versatility of Candiquik! My dear friend, Mary Feaster shared a recipe she calls “White Trash” that is made with white chocolate Candiquik and I have modified it to make many tasty snack/dessert mixes! Thanks for all posting all these great ideas & recipes using Candiquik! ^_^

  11. Beverly Ramirez says

    Everything you show on here looks absolutely wonderful & makes me want to make all of them! What a fun way to celebrate a holiday with all this cool stuff!

  12. Patti Cummings says

    I love tose mummy cake pops!!

    I recently discovered candiquick melt and love it so much more than otherr brands!!

  13. says

    Ooooooo oooooo, I want to try the Candy Corn Cake Pop Cupcake – MASSIVE TREAT!…perhaps think of a version for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas!!! Can’t wait! And I agree…Candiquik is the best!

  14. Debbie says

    I like how cute and the ease of your choc covered pretzels. Amazing what a few fun sprinkles can do. Those brain cake pops by Hungry Happenings are just too cool. Hmmm…do I ‘really’ need brain molds?

  15. Brandi Davis Bryant says

    I love the pretzel bones. That is one of my favorites Candiquik and a salty pretzel. YUM! They all look fun though. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  16. Brenda says

    I love all of the great things you have on this page to look at. Hope I can win one of the three prizes you are giving away. I think I wuld make some eyeballs. Also going to make some Chocolate Cream Cheese and roll in balls and dip in Choclate for a Family get tpgether on Nov.10th.


  17. patti keil says

    My daughter loves chocolate covered pretzels so I think I have to make the mummy pretzel rods for her. But the spider bites are just too adorable! I LOVE Candiquik coatings
    …they are my first choice for all of my treat projects! : )

  18. Lisa T. says

    This would be a perfect gift for my girlfriends upcoming birthday. We both love making/baking some sweet treats!

  19. Trini says

    I have two little choco monsters at home lol and Creepy Halloween Sweets – Cake Ball Brains Oozing Cherry Blood would be super cool to make with them ……SPOOOOOOKTACULAR

  20. Maddie F. says

    I would love to make the Witch Cake Pops with the CandiQuik! I have not got to try CandiQuik, but have hear many great things about it.


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