Fun Food Finds – Walmart & Michaels – October 31st

I mentioned in my last post that Tuesday mornings are my errand running time, so in addition to Target I hit Walmart and Michaels (lucky for me these are all in about 1/8th of a mile of each other!).   I found some really fun stuff to share, things like Gingerbread Oreos and Eggnog Candy Melts…

WALMART – I was on the hunt for Gingerbread Oreos.  They were not in the holiday section or the cookie section or any of the places that would make sense.  They were by the freezer meals and I was thisclose to missing them.  Ah Walmart, thanks for always letting me play Hide & Seek…  But score, GINGERBREAD OREOS! They appear to have just been put out, not sure how much they will restock or how long they will last.

They also had more of the Birthday Cake Oreos.

Some other festive finds hitting the shelves…

While I am not a big coffee drinker, I am really excited about all of the holiday coffee creamer flavors because Miss Candiquik has shown us that we can make cake pops WITH COFFEE CREAMER.   People, that is huge.  The flavor combos are endless.

Eggnog.  My husband’s favorite part of the holidays.

Not holiday, but nice to see some Hodgson Mill Gluten Free mixes on the baking isles.  We know a number of people with gluten allergies, so it’s awesome to see these products more readily available and at more affordable prices than at specialty stores.

Cute Cupcake Cookie Cutter Set.

Cupcake Ornaments

Okay, now over to Michaels. 

I was looking for one things and luck had it they were literally unpacking and setting up the display.  Wilton EGGNOG Candy Melts!  Eggnog flavored chocolate coating!    Wow.

I also picked up some Christmas Candy Corn.  I had such a hard time finding it last year when I was looking for it, so I grabbed one when I had the chance.

Michaels also had a nice selection of the Babycakes Cake Pop Makers & Babycakes Product.  They also had Duncan Hines Frosting Creations.

I’d love to hear what fun finds you are seeing in stores!


  1. Cristy says

    I saw Hershey’s cinnamon chips today at WalMart. I’m hoping you find them and bake up something yummy that I can try. Love your site and use your ideas often! Thanks for being such a great blogger!

  2. Rebekah says

    Academy Sports had Peppermint Stick, GIngerbread and Pumpkin Spice CLIFF bars. That was very exciting. Love your site!

  3. says

    My Walmart had me on a hide and seek mission for those Oreos too. I really thought my store was behind the times, but then right at the very front was an entire shelf cube full of those awesome new cookies! And the eggnog melts…I found them at the back of my Michaels…I can’t wait to make something fun out of that:-)

  4. says

    I’ve been living abroad for a few years, so I’ve been watching from afar the wondrous expansion of the whole ‘seasonal special editions of foods’ thing that’s been going on back in the States (can’t wait to get back).
    This morning, I was making fun of my dog because he was making these funny little moaning noises while he was eating his breakfast kibble…then I just caught myself making THOSE SAME NOISES while scrolling through this post.

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