Oreo Play Up Dessert Winner Creations

I’m excited to share the treats that some of our winners from the Oreo Play Up Dessert Halloween Recipe Challenge created.     They did an amazing job.  Check out their sweet Halloween Treats…

1.  Lauren shared her Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza with us and on her blog.

2 .  Karla shared her creations with us and on her own blog.  She did a little modifying and came up with these darling sweets…

3.  Heather sent over some photos of the Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza she cooked up with her kids.

They all did an awesome job!   It’s so fun to see their delicious creations and I hope they really enjoyed making them.   Now one of them gets to be the grand prize winner for this contest.  I decided to go with a random drawing.  I was thinking it would be fun to let readers vote, but given that so many are still without power and many with power are without internet, random luck it is for this one.   Drumroll please…

Congrats to #1 – Lauren!   Stay tuned for another Oreo Play Up Dessert Contest coming in the next few days for your chance to win as well!


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