Fun Food Finds – Target – November 9th

I hit Target last night and quickly snapped some pics of the Fun Food Finds.

I loved these sprinkles – I adore adding the more limey green in with the traditional Christmas colors…

Here are some of the other things on the shelves.    First, they are apparently still restocking the cheap plastic cake stands, so do not give up hope yet if you are looking (sorry for the blurry photo, I always feel like some secret spy trying to snap these pics, and the cake stands are out on a main isle, so my attempts to be all secretive result in a complete lack of focus).

Holiday baking finds…

And some fun non food holiday finds…

Happy Shopping!


  1. says

    I too am a frequent Target shopper, and I have seen many of the items you listed. I have just recently noticed how reasonably priced they are on their baking supplies. What a find!

  2. Nadya Rivera says

    Drooling with all those baking/decorating supplies…. Cant wait for a store opening down here in PR….Dont know what they are waiting for!

  3. Maggie says

    I agree! Target is great for food bargains. Ever since I discovered the Ghiradelli baking chocolate bars for $1.99, compared to over $4 at the grocery store, as well as the Target brand of chocolate/mini/white/ chips for $1.60, I am hooked. I get all my baking supplies there. Haven’t seen those cake stands though, they look adorable, going to have to take a look come Tuesday morning!!

  4. Jennifer Meyer says

    I loved your pics. I’m at work now but can’t wait to head out to Target and pick me up a lot of those items.

    Thanks for the heads-up!!

  5. Sonia says

    I just came across your website this morning & am loving it! I am sooooo jealous that I don’t live in the US. I’m in Ireland & we don’t have half as many supplies in our stores as you seem to have!! x

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