Oreo Play Up Dessert – Fall Recipe Challenge

I am super excited to share the second Oreo Play Up Dessert Recipe Challenge with you today.   Truth be told, I get quite a few packages delivered to my door, but Oreo manages to always wow me with what they put together.   Check out this awesome fall baking kit from Oreo that five lucky Love From The Oven readers will win

Check out the great goodies in this fabulous kit.  First of all, even the box it comes in is awesome.

Shall we look inside?

Not one but two kinds of Oreos.  Triple Double?   AWESOME!

The recipe book that comes in the kit features all kinds of great ideas and recipes using Oreos.

Add in a scoop (for ice cream or giant cookies), a cake & pie server, an adorable little cake stand (oh how I love cake stands!), fall napkins and a fall placement.   It’s a whole lot of fall fun all in one place.

Now here is how the Oreo Play Up Dessert Challenge works here on Love From The Oven.   Five lucky readers will be selected at random to receive the Oreo Play Up Dessert Kit.  Those five winners will each make an Oreo recipe – one of their own or one in the Play Up Dessert recipe book and send a photo of their creation to me.   I will then share them here on the website and on Facebook, and everyone will be able to vote for their favorite.   The grand prize winner will win another prize (valued at approx $100) from Oreo.  Winners will be selected at random on Friday, November 16th so hurry and enter now!

Unfortunately for our first Oreo Play Up Dessert Challenge, Hurricane Sandy left so many people without power and internet, that we did not have the voting and the winner was selected at random.   But this time, we are voting!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below (reminder, sometimes it can be slow to load and I hear that certain versions of Internet Explorer don’t always play nicely with it, so if you do not see it the widget and are using IE, you might want to try another browser).   Open to U.S. Residents only.


Now here is the widget (right below this sentence) – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Angela says

    Omg, How Fun! The kids would love to make the Turkeys. I think the tree looks fun!!! Hope we win, and even if we don’t-we have a project on our hands:)

  2. Misty Impallari says

    I have a great recipe for oreos… Very versatile and always asked for. I don’t need a reason to make it, but it would be nice to make it to share with everyone if I win!!

  3. Heather says

    O! I would so love to win this!!! :) the turkeys are cute or oreo pop turkeys…. leaning more to cake pops into turkeys :) nothing better than cake pops and oreo!

  4. Lorynn R. says

    Oh dear God I would be in Oreo heaven!!!! one of my favorite (easy) things to make & bring to parties are Oreo truffles so this would give me so many new ideas!! the turkeys are so freaking cute!!!!!

  5. Melody says

    We LOVE Oreos! I have my go-to Oreo recipes, but I’d love to see what ideas come in the pack. Plus a pretty cake plate? So pretty!

  6. Jodi says

    First I would make turkeys & pumpkin oreo truffles with a few added surprise touches 😉 than of course with my favorite holiday being Christmas I would make snowman & reindeer oreo truffles! Perhaps something a lil different for the holidays too with my own twist. 😉

  7. says

    Gosh, do we have to pick just one thing to make? I am planning a milk and cookies party here soon so I’d love to play around and come up with something really fun. Of course Oreo truffles, dipped Oreo pops and worms in dirt are always fun options. I’m sure there are great ideas in the book too! And triple double?! Genius.

  8. Colleen Occhiogrosso says

    Oh wow!! This looks so much fun!! I missed the last one. Super excited for a chance this time!! Great blog. I’m a regular reader :). You’re my go to blog for sweet treats!!

  9. Amy Johnson says

    Ooh I love to bake and oreos are my all time favorite! i would have to make my raspberry oreo cheesecake or those cut little turkeys! Great giveaway….

  10. Karla G says

    The little turkey cookies are adorable, or the oreo pops. I’d have to look through the booklet to see what inspired me!

  11. Kelsey Bailey says

    If I were to to win the oreo play up package I would make these trukey cookies I made last year, that I first saw in a Taste of home magazine. My son and my nieces and nephews just love and enjoy plus who doesn’t enjoy oreos! I just went and bought the Christmas edition ones :) Truffles and other things from the recipe book look like so much fun as well I may have to start a new Thanksgiving tradition with one of these.

  12. Erica Flores says

    I would love this! Me and my daughter would spend hours making oreo cookie pops. Mmmm… the possibilities are endless!

  13. Dinah says

    I would LOOVEE to have this! My family loves Oreos and I love using Oreos in recipes! In October I did my daughter’s birthday treats in various forms of Oreo desserts. Huge hit! I’d LOVE to do this!

  14. Danielle N. says

    As much as I love those oreo truffles, I think I would do something more traditional like an oreo brownie with some sort of cookies and creme frosting, or maybe just a cupcake. Seriously…who doesn’t love a cupcake??

  15. Monica Smith says

    Hi Ya’ll,
    I have a little something up my sleeve for oreos! And its dedicated to the soldiers past and present, who have fought for our freedom, who we sometimes forget about on these special holidays who would give anything to sit down and have a hot meal with thier families, but instead are fighting for our freedom to do just that! I hope I win so I can show you how patriotic an oreo can be! lol!!! :) God Bless our Troops, God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving :)
    Monica Smith :)

  16. Misty OBrien says

    I honestly don’t know WHICH recipe I’d make first! I have so many in my recipe folder to choose from . We are an Oreo household. There is always a bag in our pantry :)

  17. says

    I would make the turkey cookies.But I would like to try and make a Turkey Cake.I love making animal cakes and also colorful cakes.Please pick me ,you won’t be disappointed .I will truly do my best to make something amazing.Thanks for the opportunity.Check out my pics I make some cool cakes.

  18. jennifer says

    omg I would love to win this kit and would love even more to make an Oreos dessert!my wheels are spinning already to come up with an awesome treat! Pick me ! Pick me! I’m giddy like a kid on Christmas morning !

  19. says

    Last year for Christmas I made snowman hats out of an oreo, large marshmallow and dipped the whole thing in chocolate. Then I using icing to pipe a ribbon around the base of the hat and dusted powdered sugar on top to look like it had just snowed on the hat. They looked super cute and were absolutely delicious, too! (Or, I would love to make Oreo chocolate chip cookies where you surround an oreo with cookie dough and bake…so yummy!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Kristy says

    Yum! Who doesn’t love Oreos! If I can’t think of something super creative to make then I will just try one of their recipes.

  21. Alexandria Napier says

    If i won one of the kits I think I would try and make something that include the oreos and ice cream. Probably little oreo chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches. :)

  22. Tanya K. Moyer says

    I would like to make the oreo cookie truffles. I think they are yummy!! I’d like to try some variations on them…switch ’em up a little!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  23. JM says

    Oooooh I would LOVE to make my Oreo white chocolate cheesecake bars and top them with fun Oreo shapes like the turkeys shown in your pictures or decorated as autumn leaves and flowers. This would be so cool!

  24. Neiddy Ruiz says

    This project seems perfect for a mommy/daughter date night. I would like to make some type of cake pops and Incorporate the oreos somehow , since right now I am in love with my babycakes I wanna use it as much as I can.

  25. Kim Barrett says

    I love this Oreo desert kit, how clever. Most enjoy having everything put together for them, and this is especially cute packaging. Excited to create with Oreo! Thx. Kim

  26. says

    I sense I’d have an opportunity to make Triple Double Cookies N Cream fudge. Unless there was something neater in the recipe booklet… =) Love me some Oreos!

  27. Melissa says

    Just tried to use the widget to register and it disappeared?? We found these Oreos last night at the store and my kids can’t wait to make something with them!! We would love to be chosen :-)

  28. Karla says

    Oreos are my favorite. I have 4 pkgs of gingerbread oreos just dying to be eaten or made in to something delicious. I always stock up on Oreos, very flavor! I would love to do the contest. I would probably try to create my own – Christmasy recipe.

  29. Evelyn says

    i would make my famous cookies and cream cake/cupcakes. They are my go-to for any baking event and everyone always loooveess them! :)

  30. Kamisha says

    This would be great! Since becoming a stay at home mom, after having worked in a office for years, I have taken to baking a lot more for my 3 boys, to create memories. This would come in handy!

  31. Armindy says

    I’d probably make some fall flavored Oreo brownies with the kit. Or see what awesome ideas are in the recipe book. :)

  32. Morgan Smith says

    I”m not sure what I would make because I would want to look at the book of ideas, but I love to make oreo truffles!

  33. says

    For Halloween I made Halloween Oreo Cookies and Cream cupcakes, but if I won this contest I think would like to bake an Oreo INSIDE the cupcake, make an Oreo frosting from scratch, and then make an Oreo truffle to put on top. I loved the candy corn truffle cupcakes you made and so I’m pulling inspiration from that. :)

  34. Amelia says

    I would def make those Oreo turkey cookies. Everyone always makes a pumpkin pie or other classic dessert but I know these would be a hit because they’re so creative and of course, sure to delicious! Everyone says everything is better with bacon, but me and my boyfriend always agree everything is better with some Oreos :)

  35. Cassandra says

    My comment above is giving a wierd message but just wanted to be sure my email was associated with my name and entry! Still hoping I win!!

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