Simple & Sweet Easy Christmas Chevron Cake

Today’s recipe isn’t really a recipe.  But a cake. From a box.  Keeping it simple.   And because I lack even the most basic of actual cake decorating ability, it’s just decorated with M&M’s.  But hey, M&M’s are pretty fun, right?

I originally was picturing this cake being very chevron.  I think that might have worked better with M&M Minis, but I think this still has some of the chevron style I just can’t get enough of.

Box cake + frosting + M&M’s.  It’s a busy time of year, not everything has to be complex.

I’ve used M&M’s a number of times on cakes, they are an easy way to add color and pattern without a piping bag or star tip or any mad piping skills (which maybe Santa will bring me this year, but thus far, not so much).

And truth be told, look who ended up putting on the M&M’s.   :)   My inability to draw (or candy coat) a straight line bothered my much “let me get my level” type-A when it comes to these things husband.  So I was more than happy to hand over the cake and say have fun (which I moved on to baking you something with caramel and cinnamon that I will share tomorrow!).

I think he did a nice job.     So I guess the moral of this post is, even a husband can stick M&M’s on a cake.   That really is keeping it simple.

A simple easy Chevron Cake.

Happy Monday!


  1. Tasha says

    I love that your husband did that for you–look at the concentration on his face! He takes his job seriously! (nicely done by the way!)

    • says

      Sarah, those sound DELISH – but do you know that I’ve never made (or even eaten!) a macaron?? I know, that’s kind of crazy, isn’t it. I need to see if I can find a recipe that doesn’t use almond flour or powder – my daughter is severely allergic, and while I do bake with nuts (well, not for her!) the idea of the powder or flour in my kitchen scares me a bit from a cross contamination standpoint (an almond itself is pretty obvious, but flour on the other hand). Let me look around and see if there are any non-almond options, because that does sound yummy!


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