Holiday Printables For Parties & Baking With HP Ink

When baking and packing up holiday treats to give out, one of the things I love to incorporate into my packaging are printables.   There are so many awesome printables available for download, some for purchase and many for free, and they really can make a big difference on the presentation of your sweets and treats.   With some super cute free holiday printables from Catch My Party, my HP printer & ink, scissors, tape, thread and a bit of ribbon, I was able to turn this plain brown craft box into a gift ready holiday cookie box.

I love how printables can totally transform something simple into something special.  I also love that I can find, download them and use them at the last minute (often when I’m getting things done!).     You can really create something fancy with ribbon and other accessories, but as I did, you can also put something together that is pretty darn cute by simply using items that you probably already have around your house.

HP teamed up with Catch My Party, Hostess With The Mostess & The Party Dress to create three awesome free printable kits to be used with your holiday baking and parties.  These kits are fabulous and you can do so much with them.   I decided to use mine with some cookies I wanted to give out.  To keep it simple, I used store bought ginger spice cookie dough, baked the cookies and then dipped them in chocolate coating and added sprinkles.   I think of printables like I think of sprinkles.  They really are that finishing touch that takes things from simple to special.

I started by printing out the cute little bunting flag printable page from the Cookies & Cocoa Christmas Party printable at Catch My Party.    I used a thumbtack to make small holes in each flag, for my thread, prior to cutting them out.   I also used a trick from my jewelry making days and folded a piece of tape over the end of my thread to make sure that my paper wouldn’t slip off the end.

Then I worked my thread through the little flags.

And finished it off with another printable, little banners, that I taped the ends of my thread to and attached to my box.

Then I added my cookies to the box (I always put wax paper in first – since most cookies are made with butter, they can leave the box a bit greasy, which can really ruin your look – wax paper totally takes care of that).

I also added the cute little snowflake circles onto the sides as well as the To/From gift tag.

Such a fun way to share cookies – easier to carry and give than on a plate, and certainly cuter!

Make sure to head over to Catch My Party to download your free copy of the Cookies & Cocoa Christmas Party Printable.  And don’t forget your HP Ink to make sure you can print out you printables in all the beautiful colors that they were created in.  There are so many ways to use your printer and HP ink to personalize your holiday gifts, crafts and creations…

“This holiday season, let loved ones know how much you care.  Use your favorite photos to create something personalized and unique for everyone on your list.  Make it memorable.  Make it meaningful.  Make it matter.  Go to for inspiration and ideas.”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by HP via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of HP.


  1. says

    I’m so thrilled to see what you did with the printables that I designed for Catch My Party! I love how you used the mini banner to decorate the box, very fun! Plus, I appreciate the wax paper tip, I’ve never known how to handle that with cookies. Thanks so much!

  2. Kathy says

    That Is An Awesome Idea For The Annual Cookie Trade Party, Will Be Using it Next Christmas, But I Think it Will be good For All the Holidays, Cant wait To tweek it for easter

  3. Quintina says

    I love this. This is pretty neat. I am feeling sweet and want to bake cakes and cookies and decorate them really pretty like this.

  4. Raine Bryant says

    I like the idea but honestly It’s something that is quickly forgotten about I prefer to buy this not make it. Cute though!


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