Rainbow Cupcake Pop On The Top Cupcakes

Someone just had a baby!  And that someone would be the amazingly talented & endlessly creative Meaghan Mountford, author of “Sugarlicious” and the blogger behind The Decorated Cookie and Edible Crafts at Craft Gossip.    It’s mind boggling how much Meaghan does, and how she does it all so very well.  I am so excited to be sharing a treat today in the virtual baby shower for Meaghan and the arrival of her second daughter, Violet Lake, who was born earlier this week.  Since Meaghan loves rainbows, rainbows it is!  And besides, every little girl (and her mama) deserves a warm welcome full of rainbows and sweet treats.

While I usually try to stick to simple and quick recipes with only a few steps, this is the author of Sugarlicious we are celebrating here, so I had to step it up and get out of my comfort zone a bit.   I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make cake pops or cupcakes, so I said why not make both?   I think yes!   I’ve made cake pop stuffed and topped cupcakes before, so this was a very fun and colorful variation of that idea.

To make these, I started with a box white cake mix and a lot of food coloring.   I separated the cake batter into seven bowls, and each bowl held approx a very full half cup of cake batter.   To that batter I added my food coloring.  Because I wanted to make both cupcakes and cake pops, I decided to make six rainbow cupcakes, and use the rest of the batter to make solid color cupcakes that I would use for the cake pops.   Taste the rainbow!

The rainbow cupcakes were created by simply spooning a bit of the different color batter into the liners, one on top of the next.   I started with the purple at the bottom and ended with the red at the top.    I had enough batter to also make two solid cupcakes of each color.

Once my cupcakes were baked and co0led, it was time to create the cake pops.  Each color cupcake was mixed in a bowl with a spoonful of frosting, creating seven balls of cake pop dough.    I love using the cupcake mold from My Little Cupcake, so I decided to go with cupcake shaped cake pops instead of round.   I took a pinch of each color of the cake pop mixture, put them together and then squeezed them into the mold to create the cupcake pops (check out this post for more on how I make cupcake pops).

After my cupcake pops were done, I simply frosted my cupcakes with vanilla frosting, added some sprinkles and topped each with a cupcake pop.  Rainbows, cupcakes & cakepops..  sugar and spice and everything nice.  :)   And to add to the fun, I even used a rainbow colored variety of chevron print cupcake liners from Sweets & Treats Boutique.  I really love all the rainbows.  I may have had a slight obsession with rainbows growing up.  Rainbows on my walls, rainbows on my knee socks, rainbow patches on my jeans, rainbow ribbons in my permed hair and rainbow stickers on my roller skates (these were the days of Xanadu!).   Even now my daughter goes to sleep under a rainbow every single night.

I am so happy for Meaghan and her family that Violet has arrived.  I hope she will be enjoying the holidays snuggling with little Violet, and a very proud big sister Maeve as well!.  A big thank you to Michelle of Sugar Swings and Kathia of Pink Little Cake for working hard to put this virtual shower together and inviting me to join in.  Make sure to check out all of the other colorful treats created for Meaghan’s baby shower at the following websites.  There is a virtual rainbow of new baby joy out there for baby Violet!

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  1. says

    I’m so beyond overwhelmed!! And thrilled! And crying! This rainbow sweet awesomeness is so perfectly me, I can’t believe that you all pulled this together so beautifully and wonderfully and–above all–VIRTUALLY? I need to hug you all for REALS! :) Thank you thank you!!!

  2. says

    Double the rainbows and double the good fortune! What a fun idea to make both cupcakes and cupcake pops! Your colours are brilliant and all the work you put into this really paid off. Very fun and very lovely.

  3. Rabia says

    I love them!!! Can I ask where you got the food coloring? And if it was liquid or paste? I haven’t used food coloring much :/


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