Sugar & Vine Cupcake Necklace Review & Giveaway

I have a sweet giveaway for you today that combines two of my favorite things.  Cupcakes & Jewelry!

Recently I came across a super cute necklace and bracelet on Zulily that I ordered for both my daughter and her BFF.  It was from a company called Sugar & Vine, and I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect and hoped for the best.   I was beyond thrilled when they showed up and were super cute.   I LOVED them (as did the girls who now have official BFF jewels).

Up until 2011, I ran my own jewelry design business called Sentimental Silver.  For almost seven years I made personalized jewelry by hand and had a great time with it.  I had some celeb clients, an awesome amount of fun press coverage and I obviously always had all the personalized jewelry I could want.   But when precious metal prices went through the roof right about the time we realized our youngest had quite a few special needs that would require an intensive therapy schedule, I knew it was time to close up shop.   It was hard, I loved my job, but it was the right choice.  Since that time I haven’t bought any new jewelry, made any or really even worn any – jewelry felt a bit bittersweet after closing up shop.   I share this with you, because it probably gives me a little different opinion on jewelry, especially on a baking blog!

And then here comes Sugar & Vine.  All I was looking for was a cute Hanukkah gift for my daughter’s BFF, and ended up in love with what I found.   I was so crazy about these darling necklaces that I finally felt like it was time to put some jewelry back on.   When I realized that Sugar & Vine even had a super sweet cupcake charm, that was it,  I was done, I had to have it.   I was in love!  And the prices?  Fabulous.   I love that much like I always did with my jewelry, they encourage their customers to mix and match charms and make their necklaces unique and special.   I still get emails almost daily from people asking me if I am going back into the jewelry business, which I am not.  I am however super excited to have come across a line of jewelry that I love enough to recommend, which is something I don’t do lightly.

I contacted Sugar & Vine to let them know how much I loved their jewelry and they were so wonderful as to offer to send me a necklace for review as well as to sponsor a giveaway for my readers!    They sent me out a cupcake charm necklace with two extra charms, a B & a G – for my girls.  I absolutely adore it!      They also sent me some of their super fun Boot Straps (which I had to stop a certain tween from wearing to school this morning – um, hello, just because you can now fit in my size seven shoes doesn’t mean you just get to take any of them, especially with my sparkly new Boot Straps!).

Sugar & Vine is all about expressing your own individual style and personality.   They give you a versatile assortment of customizable products that are trendy, yet affordable.   Sugar & Vine identifies with every women and there is something for everyone.  My nine year old loves her necklace, I love mine and I have a feeling the Grandma that I am buying one for will love hers as well.   From tween to retiree, they really have something for ladies of all ages.  And they have a slew of great gift ideas under both $20 and under $30.   And they have 25% off right now (discount code LASTMIN25) as well and if you order by December 2oth, they will arrive in time for Christmas.    How cute are some of these???

They have so many fun items, I’ve spent so much time exploring all of the options on their site and putting together some gifts for some of my “hard to buy for” recipients.  The options are endless.


And right now you can save 25% off your purchase and have it shipped in time for Christmas if you order by December 24th and use discount code lastmin25.   Head over to the site and do some shopping!

I am so excited to give one of you your own Sugar & Vine Necklace!   And wait, there’s more (said in my best radio voice) not only is Sugar & Vine going to give you a necklace, they are going to let you pick one out for a friend as a gift.  Um, AWESOME!    So here’s the deal.  One lucky reader will win the same base necklace I did – the Cupcake Charm necklace, with your choice of two additional pendants.  Mine has my the initials for my girls, but you can go with any of the charm pendants.    And you will also get to pick out a necklace for a friend as a gift (Cupcake Necklace plus two charm pendants).   Love this!

To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter Widget below – follow the directions for the required comment, and then there are many extra entry options (make sure to let Sugar & Vine know that Love From The Oven sent you!) Remember it can be slow to load (and doesn’t always get along with Internet Explorer).  Open to US Residents only.  Void where prohibited.   This giveaway is a sweepstakes.  No purchase necessary, a purchase will not increase your chances of winning.   Winners will be selected at random on December 20th.    HERE IS THE RAFFLECOPTER WIDGET.  GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
DISCLAIMER: I received compensation in the form of my own Necklace & Boot Straps from The Sugar & Vine, though I purchased my daughter’s necklace and a gift necklace on my own.  As always, all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  (Accordance with FTC’s 16 CFR Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”).  This giveaway is a sweepstakes.  No purchase necessary, winner will be selected at random and must a resident of the US who is of legal age.


  1. Deanna Tan says

    I would get the letters R and L for my kids and I would give the other one away to one of my closest friends with her two kids initials as well :)

  2. larissa pavei says

    i love that combination of cupcake and the initial charms. i would of course get the initials of my girls too.

  3. zumbee bunnee says

    For myself:
    Silver A pendant
    Silver live laugh love pendent

    Additonal charms for a gift:
    (I would send it to my mom)
    Silver A pendent
    Silver i love you pendent

  4. Morgan Smith says

    For myself I love the two toned heart and the live, laugh love. I really like the intials too though! For my mom I like believe and I love you. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  5. says

    1. I would do a J pendant for my initial and the bff pendant
    2. I would give the gift to my bff and the 2 I would choose would be her initial and the bff pendant so we would match!

  6. Andrea M says

    I would choose an N and a C for my two kiddos. The other necklace I would give to my friend Kelly and get her an S and and H for her two boys.

  7. Adriane says

    I would pick the S charm for my daughters name and the cute little white flip flop! And as for the gift necklace I would have to give it my best friend, she has been going through some hard times and i think it would cheer her up a little. I would pick L charm for her sons name and the pink flip flop. :) thank you for the giveaway.

  8. Kelleysue Majcen says

    Love your website!! Thank you for this opportunity. God bless. I love the cupcake charm & would pair it with a ‘N’ initial charm & a ‘M’ initial for my daughter (Nikita) who is serving in the Army in Japan (she just finished her tour in Iraq). She is stationed in Japan for 3 years & I miss her more than words can say. And if I chose another for a gift, it would be for my sweet best friend, Joyce Lynn, who moved to Arizona 1 yr ago. God Bless.

  9. Shanna Uptergrove says

    If I won these- they would probably both have BFF and Dream for my daughter and her best friend. They are adorable!

  10. Susan Willard says

    Love your site. I would get the cupcake charm and on both of the necklaces I would get an S and a W. both of my granddaughters initials are S and W and they both love, love ,love cupcakes. The oldest is interested in entering the culinary field when she graduates from high school .

    Susan Willard

  11. debbie jackson says

    I would get 2 of the two toned tiaras and the initials b and e debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  12. Robin says

    I absolutely LOVE these! I would choose the cupcake with an I & P for my children’s initials! I am a stay at home mom & bake cakes for some extra income so this is perfect for me! For the second one I would love a bff & an S & R to give to my best friend! Thanks so much! Hope I win! :)

  13. Heather says

    I like the full heart multicolored and the pink daisy for myself. I would choose the little boys for my mom for a grandson necklace.

  14. Danielle N. says

    I’m thinking I would get the m and s charms for my kiddos. For the friend…I’ll have to think about it. I guess it all depends who has been naughty or nice!!

  15. says

    I so need this!! This is my first year owning a cupcake shop and I need this badly!! It’s the perfect Christmas gift to myself and I already have a friend in mind!! I absolutely adore personalized jewelry and even more when there is a cupcake on it!!

  16. Tiffany A says

    For some reason I am just now seeing the specifics about making a blog comment. :p So… #1. I would definitely get a cupcake with initial charms. #2. The same for my sister…cupcake with her initials. :)

  17. Eva says

    These are awesome! I would do the cupcake charm with the initials C and L for my two kids. I would also want to give my good friend Elizabeth the other one. I would want to get her sons initials T and T.

  18. Judith says

    I would pick the Ballerina and Cupcake charm for me and the Eiffel Tower and Dream charm for my daughter. Thank you.

  19. Holly Moser says

    I would choose an H and a C for my husband and my initials. I would choose the “believe” and the cross necklace for my friend. Her favorite saying is Believe and it would be a perfect gift.

  20. Marianne Jay says

    I would want one for myself and one for my wonderful niece who inspires me every day. We would both have the cupcake, ice cream cone and lollipop. Love these – so super cute

  21. Jody says

    I love these! So cute! I would get the letters S and N for my kids, and give the additional necklace to my mother who has been my baking guru through the years.

  22. Sandi O says

    I would choose the winged heart dangler and the fleur de lis. For the other I would give it to my little sis and give her the cheer charms. They are all so cute!

  23. Tiffany says

    Oh My these are so cute I would want LC for LaLaLovely Cakes
    and LL for my mother
    and The first thing I learned to bake was a cupcake So this would be perfect

  24. says

    I’d get the the clovers (to represent my 5 years living in Ireland) and an “N” for my name, Nick! I’d also pick a clover and a F for my best friend, Frances (because we met at university and I love the idea of matching!)

  25. Lisa Smits says

    I’d want the one like you have (for ME) and probably the clover and the initials of B’s birth mom’s kids to give to her for her bday in Feb., she would love it!! So cute, I showed my hubby,and he really studied it! :)

  26. Merrill says

    I love these!
    I would get my husband and son’s initials. M and K.
    I would give my mum the other one with the silver shamrock and a K, her initial.

  27. Nicole says

    B&N and a cupcake
    My husband, me, and we love sweets

    For my sister:
    A, S and I love you charm
    Her son (my nephew), her initial …. she’s been going through a lot recently, it would be a good reminder of what she has. :)

  28. Melinda Hall says

    I would pick out an A and a T for my 2 children on the Autism Spectrum and I would have to but a P for our youngest daughter. My sister and I are almost 5 yrs. apart and to be honest I have never really bought her anything personal. )O: She has one child so I would get 2 J’s for her husband~ Josh and her son~ Joel!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! P.S. We love to lick the beater and make cupcakes at our house!! (O;

  29. Rachel says

    Initial charms – S and L – for me, representing my daughters’ names. I’d send the other necklace to my sister. I’d probably do her initial and either the “live, laugh, love” or “believe” charm.

  30. says

    Hi! I would love the necklace for me to have the same style initials as shown in the photo but with the initials of my business- C and S. (we sell cupcake kits so how appropriate!) :)

    The second gift necklace I would give to my niece, Jolisha. She is so sweet and a straight A student, so she would deserve it. The charms I would pick for her are her initails- J and P – also in the same style as the above photo.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  31. Lauren says

    For myself, I’d choose the silver “L” and “BFF” pendants. For my sister, I’d choose the silver “M” and “BFF” pendants.

  32. Susan Broughton says

    I would probably get an initial and the live laugh love. then give my daughter one with an initial and i love you. But then I like so many combinations!

  33. Carla H. says

    1. For my necklace, I would choose my initial C and the cupid charm.
    2. For my gift necklace, I would choose the initials Z and C which are my parents initials and I would give it to my mom for her 50th wedding anniversary on December 26th.

  34. Krista says

    I would get a K and an A for my husband and myself. Hard when you have 3 kids to only get two initials! THe second necklace I would get for my Mom and get a K and a J. Super cute!

  35. lynette blakesley says

    Love these! and love Love from the Oven! For mine I would choose the intials L and J for my daughters. For a friend I would give it to my mom with the I love you charm and the Live love laugh charm

  36. Kim Thomas says

    I would choose a T and K for my and my husband’s initials, and I would get a necklace for my sister with her children’s initials.

  37. Karen W. says

    I would probably go with my kiddos initials too for me :) I would give the other to my sister-in-law, who dreamed of having her own cupcake business once upon a time, with her and her daughter’s initials. So cute!

  38. says

    Ooohhhh I can’t decide which I’d get!!! Too many cute things to choose from! I think I might get a M and E for my kids for mine.

    And I’d send one to my BFF and I’d put a cross and the letter E for her daughter on it!

  39. Denise says

    I would get a cupcake, heart and my first initial for myselfn and probably a heart and both initials for my granddaughter.
    So cute.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  40. Casey Fair says

    Such an adorable necklace!!! I would love one with the letters A and B for my two precious babies. I would give one to best friend with the letters S and E for her two kiddos. :) Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!

  41. Alana F. says

    These necklaces are so cute! (I saw the items on Zulily, too.) I would choose my girls’ initials for my own necklace. For the other, I would give it to a friend that just started her own cupcake business…she would need the “Believe” & “Live, Laugh, Love” charms. Thanks for this chance!

  42. Ashley says

    If I won, the charms I’d add would be an A and E for my initials. For a gift necklace I’d add a T and W, and I’d give it to my best friend =)

  43. Kim Catapano says

    The two additional charms that I would pick for my necklace would be “K” & “C” initial pendants. The second gift necklace would be for my sister and the two additional charms that I would pick for her would be the “J” initial pendant and the silver “Love” pendant.

  44. Leah K. says

    “Love” and a J for my Love, perhaps.
    For the gift, maybe “believe” and the dove pendants for my sister who is my best friend.

  45. Mirtha says

    “live, laugh, love” and “believe”… or my son’s initial, because he is my everything and no one loves cupcakes more than he does. for my BFF, I’d get her two daughters’ initials.

  46. Marilyn Mexas Burrell says

    I would get a D and C for mine to represent my babies and for the gift for my friend and M for her daughter and breast cancer awareness bc she’s a survivor

  47. Danya says

    For me: a gold “love” symbol pendant + a silver “forever”
    For a friend: a silver L (for the her first name initial) + a 2-toned golden sun
    The website is so cute, a good thing to have under my bookmarks.

  48. Melanie says

    I’d pick out an S and Love for me (my husband and daughter’s names both start with S. And then the pink ribbon and a K for my mom…

  49. Jessica says

    I’d pick the G charm for my last name ( i have 4 kiddos, would be too heavy even if i ordered 2 more charms) & star charm, for my friend Megan I’d give her one with a star & bff…thanks for this opportunity!

  50. Terry O says

    These are so adorable! I would choose an “R” – my son’s initial & a two-toned heart. For my sister-in-law I would choose an “E” & “L” , my nieces’ initials.

  51. Lucinda Larson says

    I would love to ohave the Fleur De Lir and the Golden Sun wiht my cupcake. My gift would have to go to my granddaughter with the dream and live, laugh and love ones.

  52. Toni says

    For me: an initial and a heart charm.

    And an initial and a “believe” charm, for my “friend.” I’d give this one to my mom, so she can give it as a gift to her granddaughter.

  53. Tanya says

    I would pick silver “believe” and “dream” for myself, and for my bff, I would pick probably her kids’ initials, These are really so adorable. Love these!

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