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House&HomeSo as I do each morning, I hit Zulily’s website to see what sort of treasures I’d find.  It’s like the lottery, you never quite know what to expect.   Well I came across the cutest prints and just had to share them.  They are by Ellen Crimi-Trent and not only are they darling, but really affordable for wall art.

You Are My Sunshine Wall Art

Cute and affordable art for kids rooms

Love!!!   I’m not half bad with Photoshop so I often just make prints myself, but for the price, these were too cute to pass up.  Not only do they have these darling prints for sale, but they also have some amazing deals on frames for them.   The 16×20 is perfect for the great free subway art printables the Girls at Eighteen 25 make.

                            Great prices on white wall framesBPINDUSTRIES_10154_60M_05_1358199218

My almost three year old daughter’s bedroom still lacks any sort of artwork or anything on her walls, it’s on that to do list that never gets done.   It basically still looks like this – which was a few weeks before she was born.  Though in my defense, I have added some cute pink curtains since that.  But not a whole lot else.  :(

Nursery to Toddler Room

If you’ve seen any recent pictures of my oldest, she’s only like two feet taller now.  No biggie, it’s only like three darn years!   I’m not sure if it’s because G is our second child or because we are kept so busy with her intense therapy schedule, but all of those things I was on top of with my oldest, well, this time, not so much.  But I totally just hooked her up today!   I can’t wait!   I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to display the prints, but here’s a mock up I came up with…

Wall Gallery Ideas
I’d need to add a 16×20 to the center, three 5×7’s to the bottom and then either “LOVE” or her name in letters.   I’d probably do a black and white 16×20 portrait of one of my favorite “sister” photos (by my dear friend, the super talented Meggan Jacks Photography)

Meggan Jacks Photography

Or another option was this…

Gallery Wall Ideas For Kids

Maybe I’ll break out the hot pink spray paint and even paint two of the frames pink.   Either way super cute and such great prices, especially for the frames.   There are so many other cute prints available too.   I love the bathroom ones!

ELLEN CRIMI TRENTI also picked up this one to put somewhere else in the house, I just LOVE the saying on it…

Today A Reader Tomorrow A Leader

Maybe somehow over time I can create something like this (from HGTV) in her room.  LOVE.  And it helps that her walls, and curtains, are already those colors.  :)   So cute!

Kids Gallery Wall

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the artist in any way, just love her work!   I do get a small referral
credit from Zulily, but any products I purchase from them, are ones I pay for myself.  :)


  1. Shelby says

    Christi, i saw the bags and the cups with the cup cake cones in them, and i need to know what size both things are please! i really like the idea.

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