Sprinkle School – How To Store Sprinkles

So on one hand, it’s totally rainbow colored awesomeness to have a collection of sprinkles.   On another hand, it can be a challenge to find a place to store all of those sweet little things.   You need to have a way to store all those pretty sprinkles.

A few years ago I realized that I used my sprinkles FAR more often than I ever used the fancy glasses and bowls that were taking up space in one of my cupboards, and thus the fancy glasses and bowls went to Goodwill and in their place went my sprinkles.   It’s not fancy or cute, but it works for me.

There are however so many fun and creative ways to store sprinkles though, much more interesting than my shoved in a cabinet method.  Let’s check out some of the great ways people around the web have been storing their sprinkle collections…

Made With Pink

Sprinkle Spice Rack

One of my all time favorite ideas from Bean Town Baker.

Of course Bakerella has some great sprinkle storage.

Bakerella's Sprinkle Storage

Super pretty sprinkle storage from Everyday Beauty.

A super cute spice rack makeover from Design Eat Repeat.

Spice Rack For Sprinkles
Looks like that one could be recreated with this spice rack.

Beneath The Roawn Tree – these look like the Rajtan jars from Ikea

Sprinkle Storage Rack

Katie The Scrapbook Lady

The Simple Craft Diaries

Sprinkle Storage Ideas

 The Crumbs & Dollies Spice Cabinet at Cupcakes Take The Cake is a sight to behold!

A cute idea from cindy58 at Cake Central – using bead storage containers.
Looks like it’s similar to this container.

Dusti’s Cupcakes has a cute little spice rack storage.

If only I had a spare wall.  LOVE this sprinkle storage from Death By Cupcake.

Cute little jars over at The Extraordinary Art Of Cake.

And while not shown for sprinkles, here are a few
spice rack options that look like they could work well…

How cool would this one be on the end of a cabinet???

A nice little stair step organizer for use in your cabinets.

This cool down rack is pretty cool.


If you haven’t already, make sure to enter to win a goodie bag full of great sprinkles from ABC Cake Decorating Supplies, my main sprinkle source…


  1. says

    I’m embarrassed to say I am a sprinkle hoarder…or at least I’m on the cusp. I NEED something…thanks for showing all the great ideas. Mine are not easy to get to, so I tend to not use all I have…which is ridiculous! OR, even worse…I buy more of something I already have plenty of because they are not in plain view. BIG SIGH. Doesn’t help that they last forever!. To make it worse, I am using up my bits of extra royal icing…making little dollops/flowers/etc…which then have to be packaged up and stored. Thankfully, my granddaughters thought the red Christmas flowers were delicious and ate an entire container as they were “decorating” Christmas cookies.

  2. LindaSonia says

    I have a dedicated shelf where I store my sprinkles in glass jars. They make me happy to look at them so they are out in plain sight!!

  3. Novell says

    My sprinkles are stored in a rubber container with a lid, but I’ve far surpassed it so the rest are just stored here and there and everywhere! I need help!

  4. jennifer says

    looking at this post gives me all kinds of ideas to display my pretty sprinkle collection.why not literally decorate your kitchen with sprinkles?makes everyday more colorful and happy !

  5. Lia says

    I love the rajtan jars and the ones from Extra Ordinary Art of Cake. I think I need to go to the Container Store for a little sprinkle holder shopping…

  6. Tracy says

    Love these ideas. I need to find some way to organize my ever growing collection! I should also join “Sprinkles Anonamous”!


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