Valentine PEEPS S’mores On A Stick

 Another super easy sweet for you – Valentine’s PEEPS S’mores!  

 Or, you can forgo the stick and just make yourself some sweet s’mores…

To make these…

1. I dipped graham crackers into chocolate coating.

2. I dipped my straws/sticks into chocolate, and then put them into my PEEPS hearts.

3. I sat the PEEPS hearts onto the graham crackers while the chocolate coating was still wet.

That’s all there is to it.  If you are skipping the sticks, you just set the PEEPS on the chocolate before it dries.   For the Sweetheart S’mores, I used a candy writer to write LOVE on my pink hearts, and then added a few sprinkles to the writing.   All my supplies are listed at the bottom of this post.

These would be really cute with a cellophane bag over them and some cute Valentine’s ribbon.
A perfect sweet treat to hand out.

 Supplies used include…

Graham Crackers

PEEPS Marshmallow Valentine Hearts

Sweets & Treats Boutique Paper Straws

Chocolate Coating

Candy Writer


Smores Pops

Valentine Smores


  1. Lia says

    Dearest Christi,
    Thank you so much for your cute ideas. I made these last night. I used Hershey’s chocolate bars to melt and the white Peep hearts. Then I sprinkled the chocolate with the cute heart sprinkles you posted that are in pinks and blue from Target. They are adorable and … as I was driving back to work today from work errands, I ate one. To make sure that they are good and all. And they are divine. You are a genius. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Lia


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