Butterfinger Pretzel Cupcakes

Ready for an incredibly easy salty sweet cupcake to kick off the week?  How about a Butterfinger Mini Pretzel Cupcake?

I think yes.

I was wandering through the grocery section of my Walmart one day when I came across these, Utz Mini Pretzels Covered With Real Butterfinger…

And obviously I bought them, you know, for “research”.

Hello salty, sweet, crunchy, goodness – how you doin?   As is usually the case with my grocery store, they appear to have had some “heat” in transit and were kind of one big solid mass in the bag, but that’s okay, I can work with that.  Broken Butterfinger Pretzels?   How about instead of fighting that broken thing we just go with it.

Seemed like a good idea to me to chop some up and mix them with chocolate frosting to create a Chocolate Butterfinger Pretzel Frosting. Yeah, let those four words sink in for a second.  You really could just stop right here, grab a spoon and call it good.  Trust me.   But, I pushed on in hopes of turning these into cupcakes.

This is an awesome way to turn a simple chocolate cake and chocolate frosting into something that is going to be quite a crowd pleaser.   Use a recipe, use a cake mix, use whatever you like.   You are just doctoring up your cupcakes, something I love to do.

You simply add some crushed Butterfinger Pretzels to you frosting and then heap a bunch more on top.  For good measure you can also chop up a Butterfinger and add it to the mix.  I mean clearly we are operating under a “more is more” theory here.   Nobody better lay a, wait, no, sorry, too cliche.  :) Ah, look at these beauties!

If you can’t find a bag of the Butterfinger Pretzels like I did (at my Walmart grocery center – in the chip section), you could just crush up some butterfingers, dip yourself some pretzels into chocolate and make your own.    Or just crush up some Butterfingers and some pretzels and toss them together.  Remember to have fun with it and find what works for you – it’s not rocket science, it’s not creating world peace, nobody is likely to get hurt – it’s just having fun in the kitchen.   So don’t be afraid to get creative and smash stuff up and make some really delicious cupcakes.  Oh, and my cute little polka dot cups (I put them in after baking) are from Sweets & Treats Boutique.   Enjoy!


  1. Mindy Grant says

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant right now and you just blew my mind with these butterfinger covered pretzels. I just e-mailed my fiance and told him we HAVE to go get some of these on our way home tonight. I can’t even stop thinking about them right now. lol


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