Epiphanie Camera Bag Review And Giveaway

Oh, I have something fun for you today!  My favorite thing to talk about aside from sweets, treats, sprinkles and eats?   Bags.  I. Love. Bags.   A lot.   I am super excited today to review Epiphanie Camera Bags and GIVE ONE AWAY!  To you!

I am a BIG fan of, well, BIG bags.   There is just something about a pretty purse that makes me smile.   With a big (and somewhat painful) birthday coming up next month, I was thinking of what gift I might like (my husband supports the “order it, ship it and let me put my name on it” gift buying program).   The first thing that came to mind was an Epiphanie Camera Bag.  I’ve been longing for one for years.  I carry a lot of stuff every day, from cameras to laptops to iPads – you name it.  And a beautiful bag to carry it all in, well, as I said, it makes me happy.

But I thought the only thing better than a new Epiphanie Camera Bag would be if I could also give a bag to one of my fabulous readers.   Luck have it, the fine folks at Epiphanie were totally on board with this plan and offered to send me one to review and one to give away to you!   WOOHOO!!!    So let’s do this!

First, a little about Epiphanie.  Epiphanie was started by professional photographer Maile Wilson, at a time when there were no cute camera bags for women.  She hated carrying a separate bag for her camera so she’d often either leave it at home or shove it in her purse, never the best idea from a protecting your camera standpoint.   Maile decided to create her own line of camera bags that was both stylish and protective.   And I’m oh so happy she did.

Epiphane sent me their Clover bag in Fuchsia.   This bag brings together my two favorite things in any bag – it’s big and it’s pink.  A perfect bright and cheery pink – not too purple, not too red, just a lovely bright pink.

I was in such a hurry to get this back out of the box and onto my shoulder, that I didn’t even grab a photo of the wonderful dust cover that comes with it, as long as the removable shoulder strap.    I don’t consider myself a bag snob, but my holy grail of bags is the Marc Jacobs Stella bag.   I have a collection of them, and for materials, craftsmanship and style, they set the bar high.   That’s great, but it leaves me a bit disappointed with most other bags, which probably isn’t fair given how much the Stella costs.   But here’s the good news, when I opened up my Epiphanie box, I was not disappointed, I was thrilled.    :)    The “high quality synthetic leather”, actually is, high quality.   Gorgeous and buttery and soft and wonderful.  Love, love, love.

This is a BIG bag, and that is coming from someone who never, ever carries a small bag.   This is a perfect bag for traveling, and for people like me, who carry a lot of stuff.    Let’s take a look and see what exactly I am able to carry in this bag…

Doesn’t really look like that much from the top, but let me empty it out…

Whoa.  That is a lot.  Let’s break this down…

Macbook & Charger
Canon DSLR With 50mm Lens
(a larger lens would fit fine, but I was using it!)
Two Cell Phones & A Spare Cell Battery
Epi-Pen Kit With Benadryl
Point & Shoot Camera
Business Card Holder
Coin Purse

and a partridge in a pear tree.

That is a LOT of stuff.   While I don’t always need to carry a laptop with me (and by the way, I have an 11″ Macbook, but it would hold the 13″ just fine), I do usually carry an iPad.  I have a little one with a neurological disorder that impacts speech, so she uses special apps on the iPad to communicate with us.  It’s not easy to just toss a full size iPad into most bags, so being able to get a bag I love that is large enough to accommodate the iPad, or other aug comm device for my daughter,  is awesome.

How darling is the little camera tag?  Love it, so fun!  The interior dividers can be taken out or moved around whichever way works best for you.     To give you a bit of perspective on size, my daughter, who’s just a few good nights sleep from being five feet tall, is holding it here.  Don’t go getting too comfy with mama’s brand new bag kid!

This is just one of the awesome Epiphanie bags.   Check out some of the other styles, I’ll start with the Lyric in Mustard.  Because I have a crush on her.

Or the yummy Stella in Olive

Or lovely Lola in Teal.

Oh my word, I’ll take one of each please!    Would YOU like to have one of these gorgeous Epiphanie Camera Bags, one of your choice?  Um, of course you would!!!

Well lucky you, you can enter to win one!      To enter, use the Rafflecopter Widget below.  Open to US Residents of legal age only.   This giveaway is a sweepstakes.   No purchase necessary and a purchase will not increase your chances of winning.   Void where prohibited.   Odds of winning depend on number of entries received.  Winner will be selected at random.  Entry period runs from May 30th, 2013 through 12AM PST June 15th.    And don’t miss out on my favorite entry option through the Rafflecopter widget, (worth FIVE entries!) – take a photo of what you’d put in your Epiphanie Bag and share it on Instagram.  Don’t forget to tag it with @lovefromtheoven and hashtag #putinmybag (you can see my example here!)  

Okay, here’s the widget to enter (sometimes it’s slow to load).   GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Epiphanie Bags provided me with a bag at no charge.   My opinions however are mine and mine alone.   Epiphanie Bags will be providing the bag for the contest winner as well.


  1. Jessica says

    I would love the Charlotte in metallic chevron! but theyre all so pretty and fit so much in them. theyre a great size! oh I could use one :)

  2. Carol Clark Huck says

    I am wild about the bag you chose. I carry a tablet most of the time as well as cosmetics, tissues, a nail clipper, a wallet, a mirror, a pen and notepad, hair clips, gloves (i ring hand bells), keys, a smart phone,
    Advil, water and coupons. Sometimes there’s more!… BTW, I love your site and Facebook posts.God Bless you.

  3. Mary Zelli says

    Would love to have one of these bags. So stylish and carries so much. Would be great to take to work each day.

  4. susan coffey says

    i LOOOOOOOOOOVE PINK, and the pink bag is soooo awesome, it would b absolutely perfect for me <3

  5. Karen Smithson says

    The colors that are used for these bags are wonderful. I would love to own one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Shannon M says

    They are all so fun, but I love Belle…and not just because that’s what I call my car! The Fuchsia is gorgeous!

  7. Shelby says

    So I have no idea how I’m supposed to pick ONE that I’d select…I love too many of them! Probably though Belle in Fuchsia (wish tangerine wasn’t sold out…LOVE THAT COLOR!!) or Clover in Fuchsia or Teal. I think…HA :)

  8. Alyce Anne says

    It’s too hard to pick just one. These are my favorites…
    Brooklyn – turquoise or blush
    Belle – fuschia
    Stella – pink
    Lola – pink

  9. Stacey B. says

    Adorable! Not only can you use this bag for everything you mentioned above but you could also put diapers and wipes in it. Love it!

  10. Starlia says

    Holy mother of bags. First off, I love you for sharing this bag. I took half an hour out of research paper writing to just drool at the website when you posted yours on Facebook. And I also LOVE pink, so I kinda just want to drive over a state and come steal yours =P But I won’t do that, so instead I really really really want a Clover in Fuchsia. My husband isn’t part of the “buy it and I’ll put my name on it” club, so I’ve had to accidentally leave the website open several times until he asked me about it. P.S. How do I get to sign up for awesomely cute bags sent to me for review? That was not an option at career day.

  11. Christina says

    Not only do I LOVE your cooking recipes and follow you on Pinterest – but you have so many fun great contests! I am a Posh consultant, so I would definitely pick the Epiphanie Pink Lola bag because I love pink! I would fill it with all my posh supplies and samples. :)

  12. Amanda Cook says

    I would love the Clover bag too, only in grey. They’re beatiful and I love how much they hold. I carry A LOT of stuff too.

  13. Mallory says

    I LOVE the Lola bag in PINK! I cant take a photo at the moment since I’ve just moved and am incapable of finsing anything it seems, but I can certainly tell you what I would put in my bag! I just had a baby boy :) May 21st. So I would most certainly have diapers, wipes and binkies. I would also carry my wallet, keys, iPod/earbuds, my nook, cell phone, meds and of course my camera! I don’t have an expensive “professional” one, but at least my poor man’s camera would have a cool bag to call home :)

  14. Kimi says

    Oh goodness. Love the Lola bag. I’m not sure if I would rather have the pink or teal though! Tough choice! LOVE both colors!

  15. sharonjo says

    So many gorgeous bags–it would be a hard choice to make! I think I would choose either the Slate Blue Ginger or maybe the Cobalt Charlotte. Thanks!!

  16. says

    Loving all of them. But what would really work for me is the Clover style!! Love them all, but Gray color is my fav for practicality! Thanks so much for the chance!

  17. Amanda Caldwell says

    Oh man! I always have a hard time deciding, but id love the Clover in Fushia! Big and beautiful!

  18. Gina Marie Coughlin says

    I am so drooling over these bags – they are just what I need – I cannot tell you how many purses I have damaged by weighing them down with my camera and lenses!!! I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to deal and tote the ugly & bulky camera bag and maybe squeeze my wallet & phone in there. Thank you THANK YOU for introducing me to Epiphanie! I am so having a moment over this!!! After looking them all over I think I would go for the Clover in practical black – but the red is oh-so-yummy looking! I know what has just skyrocketed to the top of my wishlist!

  19. Kim C. says

    I really do love them all so it’s hard to choose just one, but the one I’m drawn to the most is the GINGER Bag in Bisque.

  20. Charlene Glover says

    So hard to pick one bag, would love to have several :)
    Love these, Ginger Caramel and Grey and the Belle Teal

  21. says

    Oh my…I’m in love with their bags! I’ve been carrying my camera in it’s original bag for the longest time and probably looked like a nerd! hahaha….the Epiphanie Bags are so chic and gorgeous. I love the Stella style a lot. Both Plum and Slate Blue colors are pretty….oh…and the pick one is just as nice. :) At least I settled down with the style. hahaah…thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  22. Amanda J says

    I have never heard of Epiphanie bags before. But I’m someone who is always toting my Nikon around and I hate to carry my camera bag in addition to the diaper bag and my huge handbag. So I’m in LOVE with these bags!!! It’s like they are made for me! I’m torn!! I don’t know if I would pick the Clover in Grey or the Stella in Grey. Yes! I’m a sucker for grey bags!

  23. Becca H says

    What an amazing giveaway! I’ve had my eye on these bags for so long! I love the Chevron Charlotte!

  24. Paula Brown says

    Stella in Olive, that is the one my camera chose. She is very picky. Her sister was stolen in a regular camera bag in a airport so she will not go near one. I promised her I would try and wine her one of these. My camera’s name is Lulu.

  25. caroline says

    I love the london in navy, but I dont have a camera so if I win id let my mom pick one out for herself!!

  26. Jeanette Link says

    Having a hard time choosing between Clover and Belle! Love them both in Fuchsia! <3 If I had to choose I guess I'd go with Clover after seeing all of your great photos. :)

  27. Erin Gasior says

    They are all beautiful and unique in their own way. I would probably choose the Lola in teal as it makes me smile. :)

  28. Melanie says

    OMGoodness GRACIOUS…. eeek I LOVE these bags SO darn much! Since starting my own photog biz that leaves no mula for pretty fabulous bags, this would be amaze!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! xx

  29. Michelelynne says

    I have loved these bags for years! Just never been able to afford one. My favorite is the Stella — In Slate Blue!

  30. Carli says

    I don’t know if I could pick just one… I like the Charlotte Metallic Chevron, the Lola black and the stella grey, the lyric black is nice too! Oh I can’t decide….I’ll go with the stella grey =)

  31. says

    DEFINITELY the same exact bag you picked out!! I literally just got my brand spankin new camera (eeek!) in the mail yesterday (can’t wait to up my blogging game!) and I desperately need a bag. I’ll be flying quite a bit this summer for work and that size bag is ideal for my gadgets and to protect my new baby (yes, I might have just referred to my camera as a baby– can you tell I’m excited?!)

    Also, love your blog- it’s one of my daily reads :)

  32. Kelly G says

    Love the Clover in the pink. I carry at least that much, including similar things like rescue meds, iPad and camera!

  33. Stephanie says

    These bags are awesome! What a great giveaway! I think I’d choose the Ginger bag in Caramel!

  34. Jessica L. says

    I LOVE the Lyric in that mustard color, or the Stella in either the pink you have or the gray. Ahh, I’d say don’t make me choose, but I’d love to win and have to pick :)

  35. Annie says

    the amount that these bags can carry is fantastic, I always have a ton of stuff on me and end up trying to cram it into my bag an hope it fits, this would be great!

  36. says

    I’ve had my Epiphane bag for two years and love it. I’m entering for a friend who has admired mine, but will recommend one that has space for a laptop too.

  37. says

    Awesome giveaway! I love big bags but they are not always padded enough to carry my DSLR in addition to everything else.

    I really love the Charlotte in Metallic Chevron and the Brooklyn Backpack in Turquoise <3

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  38. Margilyne Williamson says

    It’s a hard choice, really like Lyric in plum or Lola in pink. All are very beautiful. thanks for a chance to win

  39. Julianne Johnson says

    I would pick CLOVER – Black because after 7 years, I am finally getting a laptop. Your fuchsia clover is making me reconsider!

  40. Jody Hicks says

    Gah! Wish one to choose? I have coveted these bags forever! My poor old Canon Rebel doesn’t fit into anything, and I so need a beautiful bag to help keep her stylishly safe! I would have to pick the Ginger in Carmel though. A classic beauty. :)

  41. Jennifer Lozano says

    Excellent review! I’m in the process of finding my perfect camera bag match and I think I just found it. Would love them all, choose only one is definitely a hard decision.

  42. Candice says

    First off, thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!! Both, the Charlotte and the Lyric, were on my Christmas list this past year and I got the Charlotte- woohoo!! But of course, I would still LOVE to have the Lyric too! And I love it in mustard!

  43. Janelle Jensen says

    I have the Clover and love it, I’ve gotten so many compliments from it. And it fits my MacBook 15″, perfect. I would love the Lola for a smaller bag to carry around.

  44. Julie A. Shearer says

    OMG ….they are all beautiful !! I really love the Lola in Pink or Tell . Thank you for a chance to win.

  45. Janet morrison says

    Awesome bags. Would love to win one. The turquoise bag, the clover fuchsia bag…very nice. Any of them would do…would hold all my stuff, and look nice doing it!

  46. Rachel Schemm says

    Oh my, it is hard to choose! It is between the Ginger in Grey or the Clover in Teal. If I had to choose, I would probably go with the Clover in Teal :) Great review!

  47. Kristen says

    Loke you Iove big bags and it’s a necessity around here with small kids and taking my camera with me! I can’t decide between the clover or the London because of the extra pockets! And the color! Oh man can I just have 1 of each :)

  48. Katreona G says

    I’m in LOVE with the Lola mustard. I’m working on branding for the photography business I want to start and I’m stuck choosing between coral and grey or yellow and grey. And the mustard lola would be perfect!

  49. Sarah says

    I seriously would be thrilled to have any of their amazing bags, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be the Ginger bag in caramel.

  50. Kristie says

    Great post! You’re full of energy that is contagious. I’ve had an epiphanie for a few years now and I must admit it’s time for a new one in a super fun color. I love the teal!!!

  51. says

    It would be a difficult decision… but I think if I won it would have to be either the teal Lola or maybe the gray Ginger. They’re all so awesome! :)

  52. Carol says

    Amazing how many things can fit the gorgeous Epiphanie Bags I could really use one for my camera equipment! Love how feminine they are ad functional

  53. Valerie Osborne says

    I own a Ginger in blue and love it!! I love all Epiphanie bags but if I win I’d like to have BELLE in fuchsia color!!! Great for summer shooting! :)

  54. says

    WOW! I LOVE these bags! What a great idea. I literally just got a new DSLR camera to take pictures for my blog yesterday and this would really come in handy! I am in love with the Ginger in grey :)

  55. ~kim says

    Sweet mercy~! I’m sitting here looking at these bags as I have a new camera and lenses and no suitable bag and find your giveaway~! BELLE in Teal = epic swoon for me~!

  56. Kelly Brewer says

    I’ve been dreaming of a cute camera bag for so long! This is perfect! I love the Charlotte in Cobalt!

  57. ileana says

    All the styles are very cute but I would love to sport around one of the Gingers… preferably in Grey or Caramel.

  58. Brooke says

    Right now I think I would choose the Ginger bag in grey. That may change … It is so hard to pick. Great bags and great colors!

  59. Michelle B says

    WOW! I’d take any one that comes in pink. But if I had to use right now, I’d say the Stella.

  60. says

    I have a Ginger in slate blue, and I have been totally in love with it for a long time now!!

    However… I’m getting more and more gear and want to travel more, so I really need a London in black!

  61. Janaki says

    Thank you soo much for sharing this bag and website. I have been longing for a bag like this for ages. Now I know they exist because I am tired of carrying my regular bag and my camera bag….just makes me feel bulky. I would get CLOVER in CARAMEL! might have to save up for one if I don’t win!

  62. Carissa says

    I’m torn between the CHARLOTTE- Metallic Chevron, BELLE – Teal, and CLOVER – Grey. I’ll just keep looking at the website :)

  63. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    What a tough decision! I love so many of the bags. I always thought that if I won, I’d want a bag in Fuschia or Teal. but, today I am thinking that I would like the Ginger–in CARAMEL. Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. Melissa Alexander says

    Come home to Mama, Brooklyn Backpack Turquoise. I shall call her Turquoise for short.
    Love, Love big bags and I just got a Nikon CoolPix 110.

  65. Jenn Ellefsen says

    Oh My Gosh!! I would love the CLover in fuschia!!! I call myself the Mama-razzi…lol I love taking pictures of my kids and their class… I am in awe of this bag!!!

  66. Mickenzie Mills says

    I’ve had my heart set on Ginger in slate blue. She is out of stock until August! Whhaaaahhh!!!! :”'(

  67. Justin Z says

    Am I the only guy who thinks Epiphanie bags (men’s and women’s) are epic? Cuz I’m OK with that! I would definitely get the most use out of the Austin in grey.

  68. Rachel McC says

    Lola in teal or Charlotte in…oh man…do i actually have to choose between cobalt or metallic??

  69. Allyson says

    Amazing bags!! But I want to win for my friend… she takes amazing pictures for our family and many of our friends’ families. I would love this to be a thank you for her!!

  70. Taylor Johnson says

    The BROOKLYN Backpack – Turquoise would be perfect for toting all my stuff around campus next year! Such cute bags :)

  71. says

    I am so torn between the Lola and the Stella…love the pink and the teal colors in both!!!! Besides having room in both for plenty of camera equipment, even has a room left over for Legos and My Little Ponies…essential for every photog momma! 😀

  72. Karen W. says

    I would pick by color (grey or teal) and would use it to carry around my Canon (the “nice” camera of the household) and it’s accessories, and my purse stuff (wallet, phone, etc.)

  73. says

    Wow, such a tough choice! The Lyric in Slate Blue looks like it would go with just about anything… but the Clover in Fuchsia is super cute! Normally I would go for a more traditional color bag, but I could be persuaded to go pink.

  74. Jenny says

    OMG – that looks like exactly what I am looking for so I don’t have to carry my purse and my camera bag!!!

  75. Emily B says

    Ohhh boy!!! So many wonderful options to choose from… it’s a hard one. I think Clover in Fuchsia or Grey…

  76. Keara B. says

    I’d be seriously happy with any Epiphanie Bag, but I really love the Ginger in Grey. I’ve been drooling over it for a while now….

  77. Mary T says

    Taking our son on his 1st cruise for 4 days and then off to LegoLand for 3. It’s a surprise for his birthday. This bag would be perfert for our trip! I could capture the amazement in his eyes when he finds out where we are going. Would love the Lola in any color!

  78. Deb Weaver says

    wow.. it’s a toss up! I would either choose Lola in teal or Cloverbag in fuchsia! They are all awesome :)

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