Old Fashioned Favorites With The Chew

All summer-long, ABC’s The Chew is your one-stop shop for everything food. From grilling and outdoor entertaining to road trips and picnics, The Chew is dishing out the most sizzling, mouth-watering meals to satisfy your summer cravings!

Did you know that you can even catch full episodes of The Chew on their Hulu page?    How great is that?   So often my days are packed full of so many activities between work and the kids that I don’t get a few moments to myself until the kids are down for the night.  I love that I can go online and catch up and watch episodes of The Chew.

Check out this episode featuring Old Fashioned Favorites including Gina Torres’ Old Fashioned Egg Cream, Clinton Kelly’s Old Fashioned Cocktail, Carla Hall’s Meatloaf Sandwich (one I must make for my hubby) and Michael Symon’s Creamy Peanut Butter Cookies (one I must make for myself!).

How good does The Dish Of The Day, Clinton’s Oven-Fried Chicken look?  And it uses one of my favorite ingredients, Greek yogurt!   I’m such a fan of oven-friend chicken.  While I love fried chicken, the whole frying in oil part, I don’t really love, so oven-fried is the way to go.   I can’t wait to try Clinton’s recipe using Greek yogurt.   I’m thinking the chicken, some fresh corn on the cob and a baked potato would be a fantastic meal this weekend.

Need a great dessert to with your chicken?   Carla’s Summer Berry Pudding would be perfect, check it out…

If you don’t want to miss a single episode, make sure to turn into The Chew, weekdays 1e & 12p/c on ABC.  All summer-long, ABC’s The Chew is your one-stop shop for everything food. From grilling and outdoor entertaining to road trips and picnics, The Chew is dishing out the most sizzling, mouth-watering meals to satisfy your summer cravings!

If you want to keep up with The Chew on social media, here are some of the places that you can find and follow along…

Remember to tune in Fresh Daily!  1e|12p|c on ABC.

The Chew celebrates and explores life through food – from cooking to food trends, restaurants, holidays and more all aimed at making life better, fuller and more fun. Featuring celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Michael Symon, and Carla Hall, lifestyle expert Clinton Kelly and fresh face of healthy living Daphne Oz, “The Chew” is a leap forward into a delicious new kind of talk show.

 Watch The Chew Weekdays at 1e|12p|c on ABC!

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  1. Lindsey Wegner says

    I work at a place in called Conrad’s Confectionery that was just featured on the chew this past March! Great experience and a great show! Love your blog as always. Xoxo

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