Fun Food Finds At Target

I’ve received quite a few requests lately to put together one of my Fun Food Finds posts.  With fall items hitting the stores, I figure it’s time to check out what fun finds are on store shelves.   Here are some of the fun things that I found this week at my local Target.   To clarify, this post is not associated with Target or any brands, just me sharing what I find in the stores.     These were found in my Target, I can’t tell you what may or may not be available in your store.  Please forgive the cell phone photos, I don’t quite have the nerve to pull out the big camera while grocery shopping!  Okay, here we go!

Target Fall Finds

Candy Corn M&M's

 Lots of Halloween and Fall M&M’s

Pumpkin Spice M&M's
Halloween M&M's
Reese's Pumpkins

I am in love with these Halloween Snack Size Mini Marshmallow Chicks from PEEPS.  I’ve been waiting for them to hit shelves and I am happy to report they are available.  Check out the fun Halloween centerpiece I made for PEEPS using them.

Halloween PEEPS
Vanilla Tootsie Rolls
Lots of Halloween and Candy Corn  Oreos!

Candy Corn Oreos
Halloween products at Target

Candy Corn Starburst.  Hmm.  I’ve yet to try them.

Candy Corn Starburst
Halloween Snickers

Halloween Z-Bars and Z-Fruit

Halloween Z Bars

All kinds of Halloween and Fall cake mixes and frosting from a variety of brands.

Halloween Frosting

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Halloween Finds at Target

Loving the Halloween and Fall sprinkles!

Halloween Sprinkles

Halloween Reese's

Definetely need to pick up one of these Halloween gingerbread houses.  I still love the one I made a few years ago.

Halloween Gingerbread House

More cute kits.

Halloween Baking Kits

Halloween Chocolate Chips!  A bag of these came home with me.

Halloween Chocolate Chips

Halloween Push Up Pops.  I’m partial to making them like this. :)

Halloween Push Up Pops

Halloween Cupcakes

Pumpkin Shaped Candy Corn Flavor Coated Pretzels.  Why did I not bring these home?

Candy Corn Pretzels

S’mores Candy Corn.  I’ll be making something with these soon.

Smores Candy Corn

Pumpkin Spice Kisses

Pumpkin Spice Kisses

Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Creme Crunch Bars.  Not Halloween, but we won’t hold that against them.

Girl Scouts Crunch

Fall Baking Mixes

Fall Baking Mixes

Pumpkin Pop Tarts.  Might need to try a pumpkin version of these bars.

Pumpkin Pop Tarts

I came across these right before I walked out.  Salted Caramel Frosted Cookies in the fresh bakery section.

Caramel Sugar Cookies

I hope you have had fun seeing what’s in store at Target!


  1. Christina Gathright says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to hit up our Target to see about those s’more candy corns! And those gingerbread houses are too cute

  2. says

    Vanilla tootsie rolls are my favorite! I really had fun looking at this post, my husband does most of the shopping while I’m at work, but he doesn’t notice the same things I do. This was exactly the things that I would’ve noticed, too!! Thanks so much for the virtual shopping experience!

  3. says

    Saw all but about 3 of these in my local Target. I live in Salinas, Calif. Have a great Autumn season and have fun. Wish we had some Fall weather here. I really love your website and facebook page. Someone had shared your site on one of the othere blogs I follow and I am so glad they did.

  4. says

    I have looked everywhere for the pumpkin pie Poptarts and I can’t find them ANYWHERE. :( I do love all of the girl scouts crunch bars. I haven’t tried the peanut butter one because of allergies, but my boyfriend ate the whole box in a day.


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