Halloween Giveaway Time!

Giveaway time!  Today I have a great Halloween giveaway for you, packed full of fun Halloween foods and baking tools from Kraft!

Halloween Goodies Giveaway at Love From The Oven

This giveaway is packed full of great goodies from #KraftRecipes including…

 Next week I’ll be sharing some of the fun treats that you could make using items included in this great prize pack…

Cookie Bones

Halloween Jello Jigglers

Marshmallow Pumpkin Pops

You can also check out these fun pumpkin pops that I made earlier with the Jet-Puffed JUMBO Pumpkin Mallows – they are so easy!

Easy Pumpkin Pops

And don’t miss all of the great Halloween recipes and ideas on the Kraft website!  So many ways to have some Halloween fun!

Halloween Giveaway at Love From The Oven

To enter, use the Rafflecopter Widget below.  Open to US Residents of legal age only.   This giveaway is a sweepstakes.   No purchase necessary and a purchase will not increase your chances of winning.   Void where prohibited.   Odds of winning depend on number of entries received.  Approximate value of prize is $100 USD.  Winner will be selected at random.  Entry period runs from October 11th-16th.  Prizes provided directly from Kraft Foods.    Okay, here’s the widget to enter (sometimes it’s slow to load).   GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to double your chances of winning?  Head over and visit my friend The Marshmallow Studio, she’s giving away the same great prize pack!

Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me and has provided me with a gift of equal value for review.  This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by Love From The Oven


  1. Donna Becker says

    I would use these items to help my granddaughters have a wonderful Halloween, they are finally getting old enough to understand and enjoy Halloween.

  2. Amy brown says

    My daughter’s birthday is Halloween and she’ll turn 4! She would love to be able to win this giveaway to make things and share and bring to school!

  3. Heather Stanley says

    Halloween is huge around here because my son’s birthday is 11/1 so we always go all out for his party

    • Theresa Westover says

      we have a pumpkin carving contest w/ friends and family every year and this would be great to have for the party

  4. Donna Jahnke says

    These items would make for a great Halloween party with my little daycare sweeties!! We love to cook & bake together as well as have great playtime. :)

  5. Roe Clark says

    OMG! we will have so much fun, baking, making, and creating some wonderful things this Halloween :-) thank you for the chance :-)

  6. Mai Drummond says

    We are having a Halloween party this year, so all of the fun Kraft products would really come in handy for party snacks! I especially love the variety of marshmallows and the bone mold.

  7. Jennifer says

    Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate. Spooky food and drinks, costumes, decorations, parties. Good times! This package would be an excellent addition to help out this year.

  8. Brandi Bryant says

    My family would have a Kraft Halloween celebration. We would make some food, and crafts and of course several spooky fun treats at our Kraftacular Halloween party. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Patty says

    My family and I would have a day of pure fun enjoying and spending quality time with some Halloween treats and activities! Yummy in our Tummy!

  10. Jo-Ann Jacobs says

    My grandchildren would have a ball with this. They range from 2 to 11 yrs old. What a great time we would have making treats from these.

  11. Lorynn R. says

    I love making easy cake pops! Those are too cute! And the bone mold could be used for so many different things to make bone shaped.. What an amazing giveaway! This would keep us entertained for hours & we could get many uses out of it year after year!

  12. Saadhana Parthiban says

    will surprise the kids who come knocking for trick or treat with the help of this lovely bundle :) Cool giveaway..

  13. Kathie says

    We have 3 boys and I know they would find all kinds of creative things to do with these products from Kraft. I see marshmallows and you can find a million things to do with marshmallows on Pinterest! Thanks so much!

  14. Dawn Gardner says

    We will be celebrating my nephew’s 5th birthday-he was a Halloween Baby so we will eat cake and then go trick or treating. This package would be a great way to celebrate his big day :)

  15. Carrie says

    This looks great – mac & cheese for dinner followed by jello jigglers for dessert. Bone shaped cookies to give to all of our friends and Some super cute marshmallow pops too! That’s just the beginning of all the fun things we could do with this prize pack

  16. Laura R. says

    What a great prize pack! I want to make bone cookies for my Girls…which are dogs but they are still my girls all the same.

  17. LauriM says

    I’m planning a Halloween party for my young cousins that are coming to see my family. I would love to use all these great prizes for the party!

  18. Maggie says

    i’d use the set for bringing in party favors to my mom’s daycare where all the 4 month olds up to preschool dress-up with their teachers

  19. Rachel says

    We’ll definitely love using this stuff to make treats for our friends in the neighborhood. I also have to bring a treat for my 1st grader and her classmates. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m the parent coming in to be “mystery reader” (one comes in every Thursday to read to the class) on Halloween!

  20. says

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! And, it’s my husband’s birthday, too. All the goodies look like so much fun! Pumpkin Spice Mallows … ok, now I’m on a mission to find some.

  21. Vicki Garrett says

    We will be making lots and lots of treats!! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we love to make crafts and lots of yummy goodies to celebrate!

  22. Jennifer says

    I bake for other people during the holidays and I have been getting a LOT of Halloween requests this year. This package would help me make other peoples parties a huge success!!

  23. Jennifer says

    I bake for other people during the holidays and I have been getting a LOT of requests for Halloween this year. This package would allow me to make other peoples parties a sweet success!!!

  24. KrySTAL says

    I would LOVE to let my kiddos make a MESS in our kitchen. My step-daughter is especially fond of baking! What fun we would have….

  25. Elain Ponce De leon says

    We go to my mother-in-law’s every year for Halloween so these will be an awesome family activity to make yummy treats and goodies that night!

  26. Lauren Granger says

    Halloween has always been a favorite holiday. I actually love it even more as an adult because of all the fun treats we can make and I can really appreciate the costumes.

  27. Rachael G says

    I would spend some quality time in the kitchen with my almost 5-yr-old making these goodies. He loves to help out and these treats seem like they would be right up his alley!

  28. Melissa vAlenzuela says

    We spend the entire month of October celebrating Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. But one day we visit the pumpkin farm, build a spooky gingerbread house and other treats. We would use these goodies to make treats together.

  29. Gayle J says

    I would make these with my nieces for our family Halloween party . these are so cute and they love to help and make things

  30. Marilyn Lesniak says

    I haven’t even started thinking about Holloween! It is both my son and granddaughters birthday. Winning this would go a long way to kick start me!

  31. selina says

    My kids would love making Halloween Jigglers and marshmallow pops. And I’m not going tpo lie, I’m more excited than an adult should be about Halloween shaped mac and Cheese!

  32. valerie bent says

    Love Halloween, making, and baking all kinds of goodies.
    It’s been a big thing ever since my kids were small.

  33. Kelly says

    This looks like it would make alot of yummy goodies!! Can’t wait to see your ideas! I am a new follower of your site and I love all your ideas!

  34. says

    We would love to make mac & cheese and jigglers for our Halloween night dinner! The marshmallows would be perfect for rice kripsie treats and in hot chocolate after we trick-or-treat.

  35. Candy Cain Severson says

    This all looks amazing, would give me a boost to get off my butt and start piddling around in the kitchen again!!

  36. Brigid OHara Koshko says

    Our family is all out of town and with no kids in the neighborhood there isn’t much trick or treat activities. I think we will spend the evening at home eating mac and cheese and making treats.

  37. CAtalina says

    This is great! you get to share family time with this, grown ups get to have fun too, with the pumpkin flavor coffee! and all the goodies for the kids to have fun, awesome…

  38. Marsha Anderson Corns says

    My kids would love to win this! We are in a transitional apartment and our Halloween stuff is in storage. They are used to having lots of decorations & it stinks!!!

  39. barb says

    i would love to share this with my nieces and nephews, they would love this, we get together to watch them all trick or treat.

  40. Sara Ritter says

    lots of really cute things in this give away, they would all be great to do with my Granddaughters , I love it! :)

  41. Debra Cochran says

    I would have a special Halloween party with my 3 grand-daughters, rather than taking them out to trick or treat. They would love it;. Deb

  42. Meaghan Grealish says

    I plan on making the mac & cheese after going out with my college friends ~ !!! I will make jello and cookies and it will be awesome ~ I will also share with my whole floor in the dorm I am living in :)

    Thanks for doing this ~ !!

  43. Alexandra Aguilar says

    We love Halloween!!! These would make a greaf addition to our festivities & let us experience some new treats!

  44. stacy w says

    My son is 4 and my husband is deployed so this is the first year that he can really do a lot of the fun treat making WITH me. We already have our costume and started shopping this week for creeeeeepy ideas!

  45. Kathy says

    I would make all these yummy goodies with my daughters, who are getting to the point that they don’t want to trick or treat anymore. I love cooking with my kids, we have a great time laughing and being creative!

  46. Lisa Watfield says

    We have pumpkin carving party. we make a big pot of chili and corn bread and green salad. We also make chips and salsa and gualmole. have dinner then every picks out pattern for there pumpkin we carve and have carmel apples and candy apples and other fun snacks.

  47. Kimberly Miller says

    I would love to make a bunch of Halloween themed treats with my oldest daughter and send them to work with my husband. :)

  48. Donna B says

    What a nice giveaway! I don’t have any kids of my own but would share with a friend. I love to bake and make goodies! Keep up the good work!!

  49. says

    I would love to win this so I can have a great halloween party with my grandkids who are 4, 3,2,and 2 years old they love to help mamaw do things in the kitchen and basically anything to create a mess or just to have fun!

  50. Ashley Addison says

    My kids have already been asking about halloween treats, so we would definitely put these to use by having a family halloween treat-n-eat day. Makebthe treats then eat them while watching a movie or playing board games. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  51. Leslie W says

    I host a Halloween party every year so this would definitely come in handy and I would be able to add all these awesome ideas in to the party menu I have!

  52. Susan Christy says

    I would like to win this for my niece and she and her little boy would have a ton of fun decorating and cooking some great treats for their Halloween party.

  53. CHristy spurlock says

    I would give this to my grandson so he and his mother can have a great time together, in their new home.

  54. Chrissy R says

    I’m a teacher and not a mom yet, so I want to do all these cute things with my little Kindergartners! They are way too cute!!

  55. Jess says

    I love being in the kitchen so I think I’d get my niece and nephew and make some cookie bones, marshmallow pops, and jello jigglers!

  56. Natalie says

    My family loves Halloween – we always bake and cook Halloween themed dishes for Halloween night, as well as the weekends leading up to it! We would put all of these things to good use! Very fun assortment!

  57. Tracey Capps says

    We will make treats for the neighborhood kids that trick or treat at our house. This will help make those fun little treat bags EXTRA special!

  58. Laura says

    My grandson has recently decided he is a baker. This is his job. His birthday is on the 30th I’m thinking this is a great birthday pay fun idea. Making and decorating and encouraging a soon to be 5 year old to grow in what her likes to do!

  59. JodiB says

    Oh, this all looks so fun!!! I love all the great ideas you come up with and have made tons of your recipes – my co-workers have a love/hate relationship with you and I!! LOL

  60. Heather says

    I’m hosting a Halloween Playdate Party for my son. He and his friends would love the Kool-Aid, Jell-o Jigglers and Marshmallow pops! Even if I don’t win, I might have to make them!

  61. Nykole Lizotte says

    I’m always making halloween treats ! I’ve made hello kitty halloween cupcakes, and pumpkin cupcakes already !

  62. Steph M. says

    I’d make some fun treats with my kids! They’d have a blast with all those goodies! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  63. Ellen M. says

    We’d have fun in the afternoon making some sweet treats, then the Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner before heading out to trick or treat. Thanks for the chance!

  64. Tonya M says

    My kid’s are having a Halloween party this year. We would use the prize package to make treats for their friends.

  65. Sally Miner says

    I love these! They would be the perfect set up for dinner on the 30th as we celebrate our Halloween wedding anniversary.

  66. Kylie Lachappelle says

    we LOVE baking in our house and that’s exactly what we would do with all these goodies, bake all day then bring some to family!

  67. Theresa Rothweiler says

    I would “BOO” my neighbor children with this! No children at home so I get to have fun with the ones across the street.

  68. Catherine S. says

    My little one is into all things spooky this year so we would have a lot of fun baking & decorating with all these goodies!!

  69. jo says

    Loving ur recipes! Wanna win that giveaway, thanks for the chance! looking forward to ur Halloween recipes to use in my classroom!

  70. Rebecca says

    My kids have been asking for all kinds of Halloween treats to share with their friends. This basket would come in handy to do that.

  71. Cassandra Eastman says

    My 4 year old is so excited for halloween this year, i’d have him and my 2 year old help me bake so we could throw a party and invite there grandparents and aunt & uncle. So much fun!

  72. jennifer says

    I’m class mom for my kindergartener, will be baking for my 5th grader’s Halloween party and we love to make all things Halloween!

  73. Janelle says

    I would love to win the Halloween Prize Pack to create new memories & traditions with my three children. Being in the kitchen together is such fun & a great way to bond

  74. Andrea D. says

    I would absolutely love to win this to make Halloween themed meals all day for my kids. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  75. Mrs. Schmid says

    Every year our neighborhood has a costume parade, followed by a pot luck. My family would use this prize pack to make some fun treats for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy!!!

  76. Sarah Neher says

    After trick-or-treating, we will have a blast creating bone cookies, marshmallow pumpkins, and jello jigglers!

  77. Laura B says

    we are planning on having our friends come over for Halloween night for dinner and then out for trick or treating!

  78. Khandra Henderson says

    my family will celebrate with this package if I win by making some tasty treats for my daughters Halloween party

  79. Kortney says

    I am off for 11 days, including Halloween and I will definitely be having amazing family time baking, cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc. with everything in this set. Though, I will never win, it is worth a shot to see my family ecstatic!

  80. judy gardner says

    we always have a party for the kids so most of these things would be enjoyed then. the coffee though will be mine! lol!

  81. Brandie says

    We are hosting our neighborhood Halloween party. We would love to use these fun things to make it the best party ever!

  82. Paula S says

    With October being my Birthday Month this would make the most DIVINEST present of all time. I love Halloween, and all the Halloween Goodies that are being made. I love your goodies and will have to copy them although I know they won’t last long especially if they come out looking anything like yours :)

  83. Kelly D says

    I will throw a Halloween Party/Anniversary party for my parents and invite friends and family and serve Kraft treats.


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