Behind The Blog – A Day In The Life

Ever wonder just what a blogger does all day?  I’m always curious about what other bloggers do!   Today I’m going to share what a “day in the life” looks like for me.  About once a year I try to document an entire day.   We often focus on taking pictures of the special moments and celebrations, yet sometimes I think it’s the day to day life photos that really tell stories.   So today I’m inviting you to come behind the blog if you are so inclined and see what it is I do all day.   Unfortunately it doesn’t involve bon bons or soap operas.

Behind The Blog

Like some other bloggers, I actually do a lot of my baking on the weekends.   Weekdays include a lot of running around for me, so I try to do most of my baking on Saturdays (this week that meant making five recipes).    During the week I do things like write posts, edit photos, respond to emails, work on long term projects, interact on social media sites, catch up on paperwork and plan ahead for the coming week.

So here we go, a day in the life of Love From The Oven.  6am.  Let’s do this thing.   Bad cell phone pics and all!   Mornings are easier when there is chocolate bread involved.  I haven’t done a formal study, but I’m pretty certain this is a fact.  I’ll be giving you this recipe soon.

A Day In The Life-3

Oh, yeah, hey there dishes needing to be put away…

A Day In The Life-2

Time to pack bags for the girls.  For my oldest that means lunch.  For my youngest that means her speech therapy items, including her augmentative communication device, iPad and rewarding snacks, which at this point pretty much means yogurt melts.  They are completely addictive on the toddler scene apparently.

A Day In The Life-4

Little G is already hitting the crayons.  And yes, she’s always wearing a hat.

A Day In The Life-5

Time to check a few emails, the website and Facebook, then grab a shower.

A Day In The Life-6

Time to get out the door.

A Day In The Life-7

Required items – glasses, keys, lip gloss and my phone, which is usually in my hand or “lost”.  That always adds to the morning fun – everyone hunt for mommy’s phone!

A Day In The Life-8

Drop the oldest at school.

A Day In The Life-9

Then head to our first round of speech and occupational therapy for the day with the little one.  It’s 8am and truth be told, I’m already tired.

A Day In The Life-10

A Day In The Life-11

An hour in speech therapy followed by an hour in occupational therapy.    Apraxia is a lot of work, and I’m fairly certain it will be for many years to come, but we are doing everything we can to help this sweet, sassy, spunky kid of ours find her voice.

A Day In The Life-12

11am.  Back home, and back to coloring.

A Day In The Life-13

Time to start a recipe while she’s content, which never lasts long.

A Day In The Life-15

Whoops, no buttermilk.  Time for some DIY buttermilk making.

A Day In The Life-14

Time for lunch for G.

A Day In The Life-16
With the bread baking in the oven, and G eating her lunch, it’s time check emails while I hang out at the table with her.

A Day In The Life-17

Oh, hi dishes, feel free to wash yourselves.

A Day In The Life-18

Time to put the little one down for an attempted nap and get a bit of work done.

A Day In The Life-19

Thinking ahead to dinner, I toss some chicken into the slow cooker.  This garlic sauce from Trader Joe’s is great in the slow cooker, and I manage get about three meals out of it (with a meal being two large chicken breasts).   I usually just shred my chicken in my KitchenAid Mixer when it’s done then combine it with some pasta, add a veggie and call it an easy dinner.

A Day In The Life-20

This peanut butter banana bread smells amazing.  Can’t wait to share it!

A Day In The Life-21

Oh look, someone is back up, that nap thing didn’t work out.  About 33% of the time she takes one, the rest of the time, no dice.   That big smile, it was an attempt to distract me from the fact that she was coloring in a book.  And not a coloring book.  Stinker.

A Day In The Life-26

Time to get some pictures of that yummy bread.   This is my fancy photo set up.  Complete with old Ikea box.

A Day In The Life-22

Figure out what plates/props to use.

A Day In The Life-23

Naturally I then decide to just shoot it on the kitchen table.  Figures.   Since a buttered piece of hot peanut butter banana bread doesn’t really last, it becomes lunch.  It’s rare that I have a “real” lunch, instead it’s either something like this, leftovers from G or a protein shake (I love the Jay Robb shakes).

A Day In The Life-24

And while everyone else is drinking their Starbucks in red cups, I’m over here with my fountain Diet Coke.  It’s my version of Starbucks.  Though it’s not quite as festive during the holiday season.

A Day In The Life-25

Around 2:30 now.  It’s time to go pick the oldest up from school, then head to our second round of speech and occupational therapy for the day.  Four therapy appointments – at the end she still has energy. Me?  Not so much.

A Day In The Life-28

A Day In The Life-29

We are so fortunate to have four amazing therapists.  They really are my village helping raise my kiddo.   Time to head home, but first I need to get stuck in construction.  This is a daily event, but each and every day exactly where it’s at, and what will be blocked, is changed, and try as I might, I always predict it wrong and end up stuck for what seems like for-ev-er.   This light took 20 minutes to get through.  TWENTY.  That was fun.  NOT.

A Day In The Life-30

Back home.  Back to the table.  While it may look like she is there all day, in reality she’s there for about 90 seconds at a time, it’s just the only place I can actually get a photo of her.  My oldest looking shocked to see clouds moving in.   In her defense, we live in the desert.

A Day In The Life-31

Time to check some emails, reply to comments on the blog, make the social media rounds and get dinner going.   After dinner I get to work on writing a post, my oldest works on homework and G and my husband play.  With a box.  G in the box.  G out of the box.  G crawling under the box like a turtle.  Whatever works, that’s my motto.

G In The Box

While I usually continue to work while my husband takes care of the girls in the evening, tonight I’m indulging in some Bravo TV.  I mean it is the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It’s about as close to “entertainment” as I get these days.


Don’t you hate it when you pile the laundry on your bed, forget about it and then are painfully reminded right as you are ready to collapse for the night.  Yeah, that.  While I love fall, it somehow always means that my kids wear at least two outfits a day thanks to the wide spread in temps.  Yay, laundry.   Laundry put away then time for some reading and off to sleep around 11pm.

A Day In The Life

So that’s a look at my day.   Most days are like this, a lot of running around, fitting baking, photos and other work in throughout the day.  Want to see what other bloggers do each day?   Take a look behind the scenes and see what a day in the life is like with these bloggers…

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  1. says

    I had to laugh, as a business owner (party supplies I have some unusual picture taking locations, too. I also have a “box” of props.

    We had the EXACT same cloud freak-out from the kids yesterday….here in Tucson. All desert kids must just think alike when it comes to weather. Hahaha!

    I enjoyed your behind the scenes.

  2. Daniella says

    Hello Christi,
    I was reading your blog today and I fell in love for your watch lol Could you please tell me where did you purchased it or what’s the brand. Thank You so much :) Daniella

    • says

      Dorothy, I’m not going to lie, there are many nights that pile just gets moved to the dresser. :) Yeah, blogging will be a lot easier when we get to school age – I try to not cry over the fact we pushed that back a year, it’s an eternity!

  3. Crystal says

    Thanks for sharing a typical day. I’m almost an empty nester so your day made me exhausted. It brought me back to years gone by :) Thanks so much!!

    • says

      Crystal, on the days I am totally exhausted I always try and think about that – that one day the days will be really quiet and to embrace the chaos now. :)

    • says

      David – ha, it was still a huge hit yesterday. I’m thinking for Christmas I’ll buy one kid gifts and give the other the empty boxes. Win win!

    • says

      Beth, I actually shred it in my KitchenAid stand mixer – I literally just put it in straight from the slow cooker and turn it on with the paddle attachment. It’s like the greatest thing EVER. Perfectly shredded chicken. I’m such a dork that I get a thrill from it every time. Try it, it’s awesome. :) Thanks for the kind words about my little one, I feel bad that so much of her life is spent in therapy offices, but I guess she really doesn’t know differently and she is a pretty darn happy little lady.

  4. says

    I saw your link over at Dorthys page Crazy for Crust. I understand your exhaustion from the therapy appointments I’m going to about 7 appointments a week for myself and it’s completely exhausting. Thankful my youngest is 8 now and is more help then needy but appointments are exhausting! I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week!


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