Transporting Baked Goods

This time of year, probably more than any, I find myself transporting baked goods.  Baking for the holidays for me means taking my cookies, pretzels, fudge and other treats out of my house and delivering them to friends and family.  This is one of those things that sometimes is easier said than done.  Many a holiday I’ve driven with a car full of plates, covered with foil, and taken turns and corners very carefully in hopes of not spreading holiday cheer all over my car’s floorboards!

Today I’m teaming up with Alamo Rent A Car to share some Snacks n’ Hacks that make traveling with food a little easier, and I’m sharing two great giveaways from Alamo Rent A Car for you if you want to share your favorite Snacks n’ Hacks for traveling.

Transporting Baked Goods Snacks N Hacks

A few years ago I gave up on the “one big platter” method of taking my trays full of goodies to the homes of my friends and family members.  It just never worked well, everything shifted all over the place, and some holiday treats really don’t play well sitting next to each other on a holiday treat tray (peppermint bark and peanut butter cookies – I’m talking to you two!).   I’ve found some ways to make transporting baked goods easier, and I’m going to share some of those ideas with you.   I also have two great giveaways from Alamo Rental Car for you if you want to share your favorite Snacks N’ Hacks! #AlamoHolidayHacks

Transporting Baked Goods

One of my favorite way to transport my baked goods is in take out containers.  If they work for take out, they certainly work for cookies, cupcakes and other creations.   I really love to use cups with domed lids, which quite conveniently, fit in cup holders (and if you drive an oh so cool minivan like I do, you probably have more cup holders than passengers).

Transporting Cookies

You can actually get quite a few cookies into these types of cups, and drop cookies or cookies such as these spritz cookies work wonderfully.  This cup isn’t decorated, but you can easily add bows, ribbon, stickers or holiday printables to dress it up.  This is a great way to take cookies (or fudge or certain candies) to someone when traveling.   If you are bringing one kind of treat to one person or place, this is a great way to go.   I’ve found these containers in my local grocery store, on Etsy and on Amazon.  They sometimes come in larger quantities, but this means you can often buy once and be good for a year, or even two.

Containers For Cookies

Other types of take out containers work wonderfully as well.  These clam shell style containers are always great.   If I’m taking a variety of goodies somewhere, these containers stack nicely into a box or bag, allowing my goodies to travel safely and not get all mixed up.  If you are setting up a treat tray, you can always unpack them when you reach your destination.   When that’s the case, I usually clean out the containers so that I can re-use them later.

Cookies In Mason Jars

Mason jars are a really cute way to transport your goodies when traveling.  I love the plastic mason jars for this as they are lighter and safer than glass.   Pop a cute cupcake wrapper on the top, tie a bow on, and your treats are ready not only to travel but to be given as edible gifts.

Packaging CookiesGable boxes are great for traveling with your treats.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be dressed up with gifts tags, stickers or printables.   And talk about easy transport – I mean they come with a built in handle!   Given their nice shape, they also fit nicely packed into a larger box.  I often save those big tray like boxes that they use at Costco, and pack my goodies into them for transport, and that works really well with gable style boxes.

Cute Cookie PackagingDisposable drink cups, without lids, can work wonderfully for transporting individual cupcakes.  I just pick up cups at the grocery store, drop my cupcakes in, slip them into cellophane bags and tie closed with ribbon.

Cupcake PackagingAnother fun option is reusing containers, such as Pringles cans, to transport your cookies.  Pringles cans are the perfect size for many cookies, and with a little wrapping paper and some ribbon, they are super cute as well.   You can even add inexpensive holiday ornaments to your packaging for fun.

Pringles Can For CookiesThink creatively and look around your house to see what you might have that would be perfect for transporting your treats.  So many containers can be re-purposed to work perfectly with a little imagination.

Baked Goods That Travel Well

Certain baked goods simply work better for transporting than others do.  I like drop cookies and cookies such as spritz cookies.  They do not have any icing to get messed up and hold their shapes fairly well.   Bar cookies and brownies can work well, especially if you transport them in the same pan you baked them in, and you cut and distribute them when you reach your destination.   Fudge often travels well, as do things like peppermint bark, crispy treats, quick breads (uncut) and chocolate covered pretzels.     Here are some of my favorite Christmas Cookie recipes that will travel well…

Spritz Cookies (use sprinkles and candies such as SweetWorks Sixlets to dress them up)

Spritz CookiesDark Chocolate Almond Cookies

Chocolate Cookie RecipeChocolate Christmas Cookies

Chocolate Cookie RecipeHot Cocoa Cookies

Hot Cocoa CookiesIf you are in a pinch, you can even package up store bought cookies to look adorable.

Free Christmas PrintablesNow that I’ve shared some of my favorite Snacks N’ Hacks for getting your baked goodies to your friends and family in tip top shape, I’d love to hear more about your favorite ways to do the same!    To say thank you for sharing your ideas, Alamo Rent A Car is going to give two lucky Love From The Oven readers some great prize packs to make your holiday traveling a little easier!   If you are traveling this holiday season, make sure to sign up for Alamo Insiders to get a guaranteed 10% off of your rental and use the Alamo Deal Retriever to find all of the best Alamo deals.

Ideas for packaging baked goods


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  1. Mandy Bennett Rawlik says

    Favorite Hack- Never let anyone in the car hold whatever you make. Put it flat on the floor on a towel and it will stay put by itself.

  2. Dawna says

    I’ve started downsizing all of my portions so they’re easier to package and you can stretch them farther. For example, I don’t give out a whole pumpkin cheesecake. I cut mini-cheesecakes with my biscuit cutter and package them with cute wrappers.

  3. Jane Downes says

    Caramel Corn travels well in a Re-used plastic container.

    Pop 8 quarts popcorn.

    In a large pan add:
    1 cup light karo syrup
    2 cups brown sugar

    Boil karo syrup and brown sugar for 3 minutes.

    Pull off heat and add:
    1 cup butter
    2 teaspoons vanilla
    1 can sweetened condensed milk

    Bring back to a boil stirring constantly. Pour over popcorn, fluff and mix well until all popcorn is coated. Pour onto wax paper and spread out to cool.

  4. Sarah W. says

    My best food travel-hack is to add my individual cakes to a cardboard box lid with lots of towels for protection.

  5. Jane Downes says

    For packibng treats, go to the Dollar Store and look for various containers — gift boxes, plates, foil cake pans,etc

  6. Michelle Thayer says

    It’s definitely all about the packaging. I try to keep everything in dishes with tight fitting lids and then pack them stacked into a smaller soft sided cooler that fits on the floor of the backseat.

  7. Michelle Thayer says

    My favorite travel friendly recipe is cookies. You don’t have to keep them warm or cold, they don’t break easily, and they’re small enough transport.

  8. Sandy Headtke says

    I made lasagna to take and wrap it in foil and a towel. I use the travel time as the resting time if I can. It still taste good if it is not bubbling hot.

  9. cristina says

    When traveling back to school from home, to bring baked goods back to my dorm I love to use mason jars too! Besides cookies, it is really easy to bring blondies and brownies back. Plus, it’s easy to make festive chocolate-covered pretzel rods and put them in to-go cups. Bark is great for travel, and so easy to make different varieties for the holidays!

  10. Janae says

    The best way to pack your goodies to go is to have a soda case tray handy. If not, plenty of newspaper to protect you car floors.

  11. D SCHMIDT says

    My Travel Friendly Recipe is sausage rolls, easy to make, tasty and something every member of my family loves!

  12. D SCHMIDT says

    My Best Food Travel Hack is use Ziploc bags! They are fantastic for the kids because they can grab food out of them and zip them closed to store items.

  13. Renee Villegas says

    I like to bake cupcakes and package them in a gift box or any box that is tall enough so the frosting doesnt get smashed. I wrap the box with wrapping paper and use tissue paper to help get a secure fit. I took about 48 cupcakes and 96 mini cupcakes to the park like this for my babys 1st birthday party.

  14. Lisa Brown says

    lasagna is so easy to transport or travel with. just put it into a thermal tote that will keep it hot until you get to your destination.

  15. says

    For main meals either camping or visiting friends stews and meat ready to grill are great travelers. You can assemble ahead, and bag them for travel. Safe and easy. Otherwise cookies make great travelers with Tupperware.

  16. Kat F. says

    We have transported individual cupcakes in plastic cups with lids. The cupcake sits in the inside of the lid & the cup covers the cupcake and protects it. The lid & cup snap together and voila!

  17. Tiffany Aaron says

    I put together individual goodie bags for each of my kids when we travel. Then there is no fighting over who has more, etc.

  18. Terri says

    My favorite idea for traveling with food is to use disposable containers. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up!

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