Cures For Cabin Fever

Between news reports and posts on my Facebook feed, it’s clear that families all around the country are stuck at home with snow day (after snow day) and from the looks of it, lots of kids, and parents, are going a bit stir crazy and could use some cures for snow day cabin fever!   Today I’m going to share a few Cures For Cabin Fever from Team Kellogg’s as part of their #GreatStarts campaign, as well as share a few tips of my own.   While we don’t get snowed in here in Phoenix, this time of year can certainly bring colds and flus keeping us home for days on end.

One of my favorite things to do with the kids when we are stuck inside is to whip out the craft supplies. Sometimes this means getting very creative in what we use as our supplies, but that is half the fun. My oldest daughter can be kept busy for quite a while looking for materials that can be re-purposed into some sort of arts and crafts project. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, Valentine’s Boxes are a great craft project right now, and you can use almost anything to create them.

Cures For Cabin Fever

We created this fun little Robot Valentine Box using a Kellogg’s Cereal box, aluminum foil and random items we found around the house.

Robot Valentine Box

When it comes to crafts (much like baking) I am a big believer in using what you have on hand and getting creative.   While my daughter found a small metal pail for our robot, a tin can would work just as well.  Candy cups were used for legs, but disposable drinking cups or even recycled yogurt containers would also work!  Having the kids help hunt for materials can almost take up more time than the project itself, and when you are dealing with cabin fever, that can be a good thing!

DIY Valentine Box

To make our robot, we simply cut an opening in our cereal box, covered it with foil, and then glued on feet, a head and some arms (made from pipe cleaners).  Our embellishments were simply, just some stickers, paper hearts, mini clothes pins and a bit of string.  Easy peasy!

Valentine Box using cereal box

You certainly aren’t limited to making robots!   Use craft paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, crepe paper, streamers or even cut up magazines to cover your box, and when it comes to embellishing it, the sky is the limit!   This is a fun craft activity that can help keep the kids busy for a while.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you can also keep the kids busy for a while making some homemade Valentine’s to give to their friends.  You could even make mini robots using the individual serving size boxes of Kellogg’s Cereals and aluminum foil.

A few other things that I like to do with the girls to help cure cabin fever include…

  • Indoor Dance Party or Freeze Dance.  Sometime we play the dance along video games and other times it’s just a matter of turning on music, stopping it quickly and freezing in place.
  • Letting the kids make yogurt parfaits, a lot of the fun elements of an ice cream sundae, but in a healthier package!  Top yogurt with items like fruits, nuts and Kellogg’s Cereals.

Love From The Oven-18

  • Build indoor forts.  This is a favorite of my kids, and they like to turn their forts into stores or restaurants, where I am their main customer.    We pull out sheet and blankets and build a whole village!

Cures For Cabin Fever

  • We always enjoy baking together, and cookie decorating can take up quite a bit of time.
  • With two girls in my house, dress up and beauty salon are always fun activities.
  • Both my kiddos love play dough, and sometimes we whip up a homemade batch, adding in not just coloring but also flavor extracts such as peppermint, raspberry or lemon for a fun scent.
  • Puzzle and board games are often nice options for some quiet time.

I hope one of these ideas might help you cure your cabin fever!   Looking for more fun tips like these?   Want more ways to keep breakfast healthy, fun and simple?  Make sure to check out more Great Start Tips from Team Kellogg’s!

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