Fun Finds Friday – Home Goods, Target and Hobby Lobby

Happy Friday!   I have another Fun Finds Friday post for you today!

Fun Finds Friday at Love From The Oven

I wanted to pick up a little welcome gift for some new neighbors who just moved onto our street, so I hit up my nearby HomeGoods.  I haven’t been there in a while and I was blown away by all the great baking supplies they had.   Here are some of my fun finds from HomeGoods.   And just a little disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, just me pulling my camera out while shopping!  :)

Cute Cake Stand

I seriously have no idea how I did not buy this adorable cake stand!   So stinking cute!

Baking gift set

This little “Bake” boxed gift set was darling.  I didn’t really need the baking kit, so I passed, but darn that box is CUTE.  They had it in pink as well.

HomeGoods baking supplies

Nice little surprise with the caster, demerara and dark muscovado sugars.

Sprinkles at HomeGoods

The sprinkle selection at HomeGoods was awesome, and all in really pretty jars.

Sprinkles at HomeGoods

I seriously wanted to take home the SUCRE sprinkles.   The containers were so modern and chic for sprinkles.


Seriously, you could put together an absolutely adorable baking gift basket with these Sugar On Top sprinkles.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (15 of 28)

Great selection of extracts.  Honestly, I had no idea HomeGoods had all this!

Pink Salt

I have a thing for Himalayan Pink Salt.  Apparently, HomeGoods does as well.  Five kinds.  Oh happy happy!

Gluten Free Mixes HomeGoods

They had almost an entire isle of gluten free baking mixes, at great prices.  Wouldn’t be the first place I’d think of going to for gluten free, but their variety beat that of my local grocery stores.

Coconut Oil at HomeGoods

Coconut oil was not in short supply.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (13 of 28)

From where I’m standing, that looks like some maroon and gold pasta – Go ASU Sun Devils!  :)  We’ll call this Alma Mater Pasta.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (12 of 28)

Ridiculously cute tea container.

Cupcake Liner Sets

Super cute cupcake liner gift sets.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (23 of 28)

So I mentioned that I went in for a gift for our new neighbors, who I really didn’t know anything about.  I ended up picking up this darling glass jar of cute cupcake wrappers.   It was priced at $7.99, and SO cute.  I added a fun whisk and some sprinkles and figured that was a pretty safe gift idea for someone that I didn’t know, but strongly suspected had two little girls from what we could tell.    I needed something to wrap the gift in, and they had a lot of great gift bags for great prices.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (26 of 28)

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (27 of 28)

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (25 of 28)

After HomeGoods I ran next door to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things and snapped a few quick pics of some of the fun items they had.

Hobby Lobby Finds

Hobby Lobby Finds

Hobby Lobby Finds

Hobby Lobby Cake Stands

Lots of darling cake and cupcake stands!

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (33 of 28)

And of course my week is never complete without a stop in Target.  In my defense, we have a lot of groceries at our store.  :)    A few finds…

Heart Light at Target

I’m not sure how this light up heart did not follow me home as it would look darling in both of my daughters’ rooms.   SO cute.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds

Ha.  Had this been white (it was like a pink-ish taupe) I SO would have bought it!  I think that three hanging together would be fabulous.   Blah.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (37 of 28)

I’ll take one of everything.   Darn you Target!

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (35 of 28)

Baking goodies.

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (36 of 28)

Love From The Oven Fun Finds (34 of 28)

Target seems to keep adding more and more baking and party supplies to their shelves.

Did you find anything fun this week?  

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  1. Dirose says

    Thanks, that was fun!
    My town is so small that I have to drive 3 hours to a Home Goods and Target. I can live through you! What cute stuff you found. Looking forward to checking out your next shopping spree.
    And what you picked out for your new neighbors… is adorable. You are so thoughtful!

  2. Crystal says

    Love everything you found!! I want to go to the stores now. My Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the same things as yours. I’m totally jealous!! Love it all!!

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