Canon Powershot Camera Giveaway

I’m excited to share a great giveaway with you today!   The best parts about summer time are all of the fun opportunities to make memories with your family. Whether your camping out and making s’mores, relaxing by the pool, or just goofing off in the back yard, your family time is precious. It’s worth capturing and remembering forever.

That’s why I’m teaming up with Something Swanky (you can read her post about here) to giveaway Amazon’s #1 Bestselling point & shoot camera, the Canon PowerShot SX510 with 1080 Full-HD Video! It’s super slick and perfect for catching all of those memorable family moments, whether you’re on the go or staying put!

Simply use the rafflecopter form below to enter to win!

Win Amazon's #1 Bestselling P&S Camera!

This giveaway is sponsored by Something Swanky in coordination with helps you tell your story, big or small, one day at a time.

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  1. says

    I checked out and I’m not sure what I think, I didn’t want to log in my personal information right away without browsing around first.

  2. Erin Ellis says

    I love it! I signed up and can’t wait to start using the site. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  3. Lydia B. says

    This is a really neat idea. Great for families that aren’t able to constantly share memories, but want to let their kin in.

  4. Shanna says

    I think the concept of is so cool! It’s a great way to document life and keep everything in one place.

  5. Christy Spurlock says

    I love the idea and look forward to uploading and adding more. Already signed up for an account.

  6. Lindsay L says

    I love this idea! I’ve always wanted to have a website like this where my kids will be able to see all of our stories and pictures! Such a neat idea!!!

  7. Sheryl says

    I signed up on OneDay because it’s exactly what I need. I haven’t really gotten around to organizing our family photos but thankfully, my husband uploads almost everything to facebook and I love that OneDay can import all FB photos.

  8. Katie s. says

    The timeline idea is genius, as is the ability to organize photos! Thanks for introducing this site to me!

  9. says

    Took a look at – it looks great. it pulls pix easily from fb – but Im not sure how the function is different from simply viewing the timeline provided on Facebook yet. but i did find some more intriguing options tho – vaults for time capsules and secret future videos. I hope the site lasts so long. it has a very trendy, clean look and functions so smoothly. i hope it keeps up with trends and has a long life, as i just created time caspsules for my little ones and hope they can view their digital messages one day. I hope to stumble across some more functions – like a publish to html slideshow, or publish to an inexpensive book like Mosaic.

  10. Jim says

    I like the idea but I don’t like being presented with little to no information and asked for information up front. I suppose it is a personal thing but too many websites want you to play fast and loose with your details these days.

    The website was good looking and I liked the timelines.

  11. Sabrina says

    I signed up on, I think it’s super. I have just a question about this giveaway. Is it international?! I will try my luck. Thanks for the chance! 😉

  12. Mandy says

    I have never even heard of OneDay before and I love it! This takes timeline photo albums to a whole new level and I love it!

  13. Aliyah Arunasalam says

    I like the timeline and instant uploading to share, and I love your blog, it got me into all online blogs and I always make it a priority, even if other things don’t get done ;P

  14. Sarah VM says

    I really like I can see myself using it and sharing it with my family. I love the idea!

  15. June Lisle says

    I would like the website more if the link I clicked on let me explore the site more without giving them my personal information.

  16. A.Y says

    I really liked the concept of OneDay! and I am planning to join in as soon as I begin my college this fall. I think it would be cool to preserve my college days as memories for future :)

  17. Erin Ellis says

    I just love it! I think this is just the coolest idea. Thanks again for the fabulous giveaway, and Happy Friday!

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