My Favorite Recipes of 2012 – January Through March

How To Make Cake Pops - Tips And Tricks at Love From The Oven

I thought I would look back and share some of my very favorite recipes from 2012.    Here are the ones I loved the most from January, February and March.  Starting off is a lighter one, my More Fudge Less Pudge brownie recipe (like the box, but homemade!). I shared a video tutorial about how to […]

Hot Chocolate Donuts With Marshmallow Frosting And Chocolate Glaze

Hot Chocolate Donuts by Love From The Oven-7040

I’ve been experimenting the past few months with putting hot cocoa mix in recipes in place of cocoa or other forms of chocolate.   I have to say, the results have been extremely tasty.   There were Hot Cocoa Cookies, Hot Cocoa Cupcakes and Hot Cocoa Brownie Bowls With Hot Cocoa Mousse. And today I want to […]

Valentine’s Day Baked Chocolate Donuts

Baked Chocolate Donuts

All of my pretty Valentine’s Day sprinkles were just calling out to be used with donuts.   Every time I make homemade donuts, I can’t believe that I don’t make them more often, because they are SO easy and so quick. And because they are baked, and not fried, they are a bit less sinful than […]

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker For Donut Holes

donut holes and dipping sauce

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED.  THANK YOU!!! So I think I made it clear just how much I LOVE the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker.   I am so excited that the wonderful folks at Select Brands are going to give one to one of my readers!    Before I tell you how you can win, I have […]

Donut Pops – Chocolate Covered Doughnuts On A Stick

make donut pops

Donuts = Good.  Chocolate = Good.  Food On A Stick = Good.   Basically you can’t go wrong when you put those all together.  I’ve always wondered why I have never seen donut pops.  I’ve seen donut hole pops, but never an actual donut pop.   I think I figured out why – they aren’t the […]